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Vertical gardening garden with his own hands: the wisdom of the designers

Vertical gardening garden with his own hands: the wisdom of the designers

Vertical gardening - one of the most populartrends in contemporary landscape design. In our climate grows enough of trudging, climbing and ample plants, capable of giving, and the garden and house an unusual and attractive appearance, and the use of different designs and other accessories in order to make a really original stuff, easily planted any vertical surface.

Vertical gardening is a relativelya new trend in landscape design in our country, but abroad this kind of garden decor and infield long been popular, from there come to us new and interesting ideas that it is quite possible to apply in his garden.


Methods of Use vertical gardening

Option # 1 - The greening of buildings

Vertical gardening is especially popular housesin the UK, where the already cozy cottages become even more attractive when one of the walls, and often the whole house covered by a cascade of green ivy and wild grape. These varieties of vines are best suited for vertical gardening buildings and in our climate. Plus this type of green decoration of houses in the fact that a green building can hide flaws.

Option # 2 - Create a climate

If you use vertical gardeningscale, not only as a decorative element, using it is indeed possible to regulate the microclimate in the area during the warmer months. Arches, galleries, pavilions, terraces, entwined with plants twine to form a shady corners where you can hide from the summer heat and the scorching sun. Thus, it is not only beautiful decorative elements, but also functional design.

Ampelio Basket

Decorative wall on which there are many in pots and fuchsia petunias hang-downing can be part of the zoning of the garden and a beautiful decorative element

The thick green curtain also reduces the noise level,so it is nice to be in her cozy shade. Soil Land for vertical green designs are always more moisturized, with the moisture of the earth sheltered shadow evaporates slowly into the air up on the site in summer heat will be more humid, with less dust.

Option # 3 - Zoning

Vertical gardening garden can be successfullyused to separate the garden into zones. For example, the recreation area can be separated from the economic section of the picturesque hedges, which can have many guises, if the show imagination.

To help growers now have the structurevertical gardening, which are created specifically as a decorative elements for climbing plants. Metal and plastic mesh, gratings of wood, elegant pergolas, screens - using one or two elements in the garden, you will already be able to create vivid, expressive images. This picturesque wall of flowers and greenery will give a special beauty to the garden and create a cozy and comfortable environment for the hosts.

What tools can I use?

Arched design

Arch - a familiar element in landscape design,but the use of arches has become especially popular in the last few years. If the site is not full, you can not make the gazebo, which is no surprise, and a gallery of several arches. Lovely gallery will of climbing roses can also be used honeysuckle, clematis, morning glory.


Several arches, set in a row one after another, visually expand the space. One of the best plants for the decoration of this design - climbing roses

Gallery Tunnel

Gallery-tunnel of rectangular structuresIt gives the impression of a wild corner where rampaging colors of nature. In a small area would be enough to place 3-4 of arches to create space for recreation

Hanging boxes, pots and containers

Now there are many interesting optionscontainer gardening. The vertically arranged containers or boxes can be original decoration of the walls of any buildings in the yard. Vases are better suited for the decoration of terraces, patio. They look good flowering basket plant - petunias, pelargonium, begonia, and others.

Gardening & Horticulture suspended

Interesting idea for a small garden - plantsplanted in a plastic tube, sawn in half. Such a device can be hung to the porch beams or branches of a large tree. At the bottom you need to make holes for the outflow of water


Such improvisation with shelves will be interesting to look at the wall of the house or other buildings

Decorative pergolas

Pergola - a decorative lattice of wood,specially designed for the decoration of green plants, which look beautiful on her background. Pergola is well combined with an arch, a variety of designs, which are a combination of pergolas and arches, are widely used in landscape garden design.


Climbing roses on the background of wooden lattice already become a classic composition. Its creation is no big deal, and a place for recreation will adorn any garden


This is a classic element of the decor. Living fence can be an ordinary fence, if it is decorated with wild vines, ornamental beans, morning glory and other vines and creepers. The role of the hedge can play as trellis or screen. This light beautiful design, well lets the sun's rays. Screens and trellises have sufficient strength and are specifically designed to support climbing plants. Installed in a certain place of the garden screen will be an excellent decorative element that can be used for zoning, create a shadow for the rest.


The easiest way to create a hedge - to use the fence as a support for climbing plants

Vertical bed

We have a vertical flowerbed is a rarity, so,doing so in their area, you will attach the original look of the garden, as it looks quite unusual vertical beds. They are good by the fact that they take up very little space. You can use a special tank for garden plants in order to create several layers beds (typically three).

Form vertical beds

This form of vertical beds can be purchased in the store, the ideal plant for it - hang-downing petunia with luxury bright colors

For vertical flower beds, you can use different plants: Ampelio, ferns, even vegetables, herbs and greens. In the latter case, you'll have a vertical garden.

Vertical gardening Wall

For vertical landscaping walls used containers with soil, the plants are planted in rows to form an interesting combination of different shapes and colors

Also, you can make a bed-tower, usingboxes of various sizes without a bottom. Below is the largest and wide drawer, put it on a smaller box, etc. The boxes are filled with earth and plants should be planted in a place free of boxes. It is not necessary to use Ampelio and climbing plants, asters, Majors, dahlias, marigolds and many other wonderful colors suited for the decoration of flower beds tower.

But if you place a small garden at the cottage, you cangrow greens and herbs in suspension with pockets located directly on the wall of a house or other building. It can make or buy in the store suspension for shoes, hung it on a piece of tubing attached to the wall or ledge. The fabric must pass water, if the water is bad passes through the fabric, make a small hole from the bottom. At the bottom of the pallet must be placed where will drain moisture after watering. Pockets fill with compost and then planted seedlings in them, and you can sow seeds.

Garden Wall

The original solution for vertical gardening - garden on the wall created by using a shoe suspension

For vertical gardening is not your own handsIt requires special tools, effort and knowledge. And business is very nice for those who like to tinker in the garden, in contact with nature. You can make a section to your taste, choose plants that you like, learn to take care of them and their efforts to turn your garden into a pleasant, beautiful and original place to stay.

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