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Selection of plants and flowers for vertical gardening

Selection of plants and flowers for vertical gardening

In creating the original design of a garden sitevertical gardening as one of the types of plant and flower decoration, occupies one of the leading roles. Competent selection of plants for vertical gardening will form a green mass, which not only serve as a decoration of the facade, but also create the illusion of a green environment. This method of gardening is widely used in landscape design to architectural design small garden forms: arbors, pergolas, espalier, terraces, slopes, fences, stone walls, canopies ...


The good vertical gardening?

The wide variety of colors, shapes and climbingscansorial plants, colors and textures of the leaves, as well as the ability to easily resist cutting and forming possible embodiment of a wide variety of design projects.

Plants for vertical gardening: the benefits of choosing

The main advantage of this method of gardening - an opportunity rather quickly and easily arrange live plants large in height and width of the space

Plants for vertical gardening: the beauty and benefits

Dense foliage increases moisture and creates a coolness, which is especially valuable in the hottest months

For a number of the major advantages of this type of landscaping include:

  • Lots of decoration in a small area. Vertical gardening - an affordable waydecoration of buildings, structures and other unsightly outbuildings, as well as create a unique image of the storage structures. Through the use of climbing plants and scansorial possible while maintaining a portion of the scale to increase green areas.
  • Easy to clean. Plants for vertical gardening easy to care for: eliminates the need for weeding and mulching the soil, controlling weeds.
  • Control of the heat mode. Plants are the veil of the building: Heat reflecting the sun's rays, they protect the walls from excessive heat. Curly and scansorial plants reduce penetration of polluted air and dust-free room.

This allows the use of plants for vertical gardening in the creation of cozy corners in the garden area, sheltered from the sun, wind and noise.

Selection of plants depending on the cardinal

The main determinant of the optimal choice of plants for decorating the facade design is a side light, which turns gardening object.

For the northern walls of the building are ideal: a girl's grape, chaenomeles, ivy, camellia, mock orange, Forsythia, Harry elliptical, Capuchin beautiful, horizontal cotoneaster.

Easy-care plants for vertical gardening

Root easily and picky in care girlish grapes able to braid in 1-2 years rather large surface area

On the southern wall in all its glory manifest themselves: honeysuckle, clematis, wisteria, rhododendron, tseanotus, broom, Trumpet, Callistemon, rose climber, shizandra Chinese, Actinidia Kolomikta.

Feels comfortable on the east sidebuildings: nasturtium, Pyracantha, Japanese Kerry, a tree hydrangea, macrophylla celastrus, as well as favorites such as the sun, girlish grapes, clematis, ivy, chaenomeles.

The western part of the wall can decorate: nightshade, hops, passion flower blue, Kanatnikov vinogradnolistny, magnolia grandiflora, Carpenter California, as well as varieties of camellias, wisteria, hionantusa.

Flowering plants for vertical gardening

Scourge clematis with lush greenery give any delicacy design and elegant flowers are the most incredible shades will entertain throughout the summer

If we take the basis of the design,which originally planned to issue the live plants, then to decorate the arches and Pregel ideal: honeysuckle, clematis, nightshade Kinky, as well as various types of clematis, wisteria, roses and beautiful women.

Flowering plants for vertical gardening

Roses are favorites of popularity among gardeners: curly varieties spectacularly decorated with all kinds of arches and pergolas

For registration of the trees will be very successful use of: Kuan grapes, clematis (tagunskogo and mining), honeysuckle, hydrangeas scaly.

For a good development and an abundant flowering as a winding and scansorial plants require slightly acidic soil fertile.

Features Selection of plants for vertical gardening

When making a design is desirable to use a small area of ​​only similar species, in order to avoid excessive diversity of undergrowth and chaotic picture, devoid of harmony

Some Flowering varieties

Flowers for vertical gardening is widelyIt applies in all European countries. All kinds of hanging baskets and planters, flower beds and vertical towers are very popular in the big cities, dominated by glass and concrete and so little room for living plants. As the decorative facades of buildings particularly spectacular melkotsvetkovye basket plant, pleasing lush abundant flowering.

The main decoration of hanging baskets, pots andpots annuals are traditionally characterized by a duration of flowering and luxury. Adorn the flower garden can be the following: hybrid forms of petunias, lobelia, nasturtiums, marigolds, begonias and pelargoniums plyuschelistnye.

Proper selection of plants for vertical gardening

When selecting and creating compositions of livingplants for decorating architectural structures should take into account the peculiarities of building structures: the plant must first emphasize the dignity of the building, rather than close them

Using the method tiered placement of flowering plants, creating many variations of composition, you can get the effect of continuous violent flowering.

Design ideas from across the world

Vertical gardening - the universal variant of registration of any part of it does not require large expenditures and special care, but it gives a stunning decorative effect.

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