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The most beautiful flower beds in the country, made their own hands: the photo collection

The most beautiful flower beds in the country, made their own hands: the photo collection

Elegant flower beds, decorated with bright colors,fascinate and captivate, leaving no one indifferent. They attract us dazzling beauty and wonderful fragrance of flowers, extending to several tens of meters around. Beautiful flower bed at the cottage transform plot, making it more festive. In fact, to construct the original beautiful flower bed with his hands, there is nothing difficult. For the arrangement of spectacular flower garden, you can use any items. Make sure this will help you a selection of photos of unusual beds made hands of creative artisans.


Miniature flower beds of the old interior

Make a beautiful flower beds with their own hands can be of any old thing.

Flower beds of old dishes

In the hands of a creative master can find a second life leaky kitchen utensils and old farm implements

The material for the manufacture of unusual flower beds can even serve overage plumbing.

A flower bed of old plumbing

The old baths, cisterns and toilet seats in themselves are an excellent option for container planter

For everything you need to make a flowerbeda minimum of effort. Paint the outer surface of the plumbing paint for the exterior, choosing to design two or three bright color. Just a few strokes and colorful composition will gain a new look, when you look at that immediately lifted the mood.

Theme song from the old shell

If you turn fantasy, the idea can be developed by creating a thematic composition that will amaze everyone around originality and humor

To create colorful compositions suitable anyavailable material: the old shoes and clothes, leather bags and suitcases, baskets and baskets, buckets of paints for, barrels, tubs ... Painted in bright colors, and planted the plants, they will look very organic in the suburban area.

Cozy patio, decorated in old things

In preparing the composition of the miniature flower beds should be guided by the harmonious combination of its components to the result is a holistic Scenic Area

Original flower bed of rubber tires

One of the most accessible materialsmanufacturing roomy outdoor vases are the tires. To make a beautiful flower bed can simply be cut off by a knife shoe-side portion of the tire so as to obtain an improvised container, which poured fertile soil and planted seedlings of flowers.

Options vases of tires

Just connect a little imagination, putting a little more effort, and ordinary car tire turns into a wonderful flower, elegant vase or even a fairy-tale carriage

tires suitable for the work of the differentdiameter. Yet craftsmen often use R12-R17 tires, choosing for products with a maximum tread wear. Convenient for business and creative material you can always get hold of any tire shop.

Multi-storey bed of tires

Of the old wheels can even create multilevel compositions with which successfully decorated unsightly outbuildings walls and solid fences around the perimeter

Incorporating their ideas into practice, do not be afraid to experiment. Then these pots will be worthy of framing, emphasizes the beauty and grandeur, planted flowers in it.

Decorative wooden frame

After the rejuvenation of the garden in addition to the young shoots are often not in the lot and thick branches. Prudent owner will always find a use for them.

The vertical beds of tree trunks

Cut the thick trunks of trees can become a reliable basis for making beautiful flower beds that will fit harmoniously into the landscape design of the site

These beds will perform in the role of the original elements of vertical gardening. Taking up minimal space on the site, they successfully zadekoriruyut unsightly corners in the garden.

When planning to build a flower bed of wood neededJust select the appropriate trunk that can withstand the load, which will create a fixed pots on it with flowers. To improve the structural strength, trunk or thick branch truncated tree bury about half a meter and concreted if necessary. To extend the life of a wooden frame, the stem surface is treated with waste oil or coated with any compound that prevents rotting wood.

Flower of an old tree

It is interesting looks and a flower garden, located directly in the tree trunk

To create a beautiful flower bed of logs is only necessary to remove the bark from the tree trunk and make "pockets", which will serve as containers for the fertile soil under the planter.

Spectacular flower beds of old furniture

Do not rush to throw out old furniture, it still serve you, playing the role of an unusual flower bed. The old benches will be a great support for a variety of multi-colored pots with flowers.

Beautiful stand for a pot of old carved chairs

The most beautiful flower beds are obtained because of old furniture with carved legs and curly trim

To an old chair looked more like aa piece of art, not rubbish, have to work hard. But thanks to your efforts dramatic composition will appear on the site, which will be a bright garden decoration. A pot of flowers is placed instead of the chair seat. Using climbing plants for landscaping, you can achieve the effect of a "living" structure, in which all support blooming beautifully twined whips, creating a colorful carpet.

Scenic Floral headsets

you can create from old furniture, even a flower set in shades of blue, which in combination with green carpet and colorful flowers will create a stunning effect

Old chest of drawers, gathering dust in the corner of the barn, justtwo or three days, easily converted into an unusual flower bed, which will adorn the front portion of the zone. The fascinating process of transformation like not only adults but also children, for which he will be one of the best creative games.

The main advantage of such a flower gardeneconomy of space, which is especially important when you make a small garden plots. For the arrangement of the cascade flower bed drawers chest needs to be fixed in the open position to inadvertently in the future as not to spoil the plants planted. The bottom of the boxes littered with plastic film and covered with a layer of fertile soil. To accommodate the higher landings in the tabletop chest cut holes the size of tanks with flowers.

Multi-storey bed of an old chest

This will give the dresser touches the original garden decor and will cause admiration of visitors the site and the pride of its owners

New life for an old piano

Making a flower garden, it is safe to experiment, giving free rein to imagination and showing their creativity

Improvised beds on wheels

The use of wooden wheelbarrows and trolleysdecorating the area has long been a classic. They are harmoniously combined with wicker fence, giving the area a special flavor. For garden decoration in contemporary style will suit the bike better.

Impressive floral arrangement on bicycles

Furnished our flower garden, a bicycle can be painted in any desired color or leave it, especially while maintaining distinct imprints of past years

Planters for fresh flowers is conveniently placed on thethe front and rear trunk, as well as the bicycle frame or hang to the steering wheel. Bike-bed can act as self-exposure, and perform the role of the house.

Option decoration wall

Leaning against the wall and decorated with ornate flower pots bike serves as a fence, wall decorating little priglyadnuyu

According to this principle will not be difficult to equip a makeshift flower from your obsolete term moped or motorcycle.

Transformation of the old moped

Old rusty moped, decorated with colorful flower arrangements, looks attractive and unusual

Ideas create endless flower beds. Try, show imagination and create masterpieces of the same on the plot.

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