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Tapestry for climbing plants: examples of the construction of their own hands

Tapestry for climbing plants: examples of the construction of their own hands

To garden and orchard plants pleasedharvest, we need watering, fertilizer, and the conditions for their proper development. Climbing plants, for example, are in need of support: for it will cling to the stem when the crawl upward. For this purpose, it's best to use a trellis - a special design that will help garden vines grow without sagging, and will be a great decorative ornament of any plot. Overgrown with greenery, it forms a kind of openwork barrier: creating a shadow where there is a need, hiding from the eyes outbuildings. As a simple trellis is constructed with his own hands, and that it needs, and we'll tell you.


The simplest design of branches

Spring - a time of crop plants. The branches with a diameter of about 1 cm, often go to waste, and because of them it is possible to build a uncomplicated but lovely trellis for a variety of climbing plants. Pea, Honeysuckle or hop - not too onerous a plant for lightweight construction of the branches. For it is important to use flexible twigs, so they did not break and does not split. To form the tapestry we need secateurs and wire.

Construction of a simple trellis of twigs

Do not rush to throw out the rest after the spring pruning branches: of them can turn a simple but functional trellis for loach, peas, hops

The number of branches that are used in the work dependsthe scale of the upcoming construction. In any case they can not be less than two dozen. The branches should be sorted by size, so that later do not waste time looking for the right rod. If the branches have shoots, remove them.

The first branch stuck into the ground at a depth of about10-15 cm. The next rod is placed in the first 10 cm, but at an angle of 60 degrees thereto. The bars connect to each other on a diagonal wire. Repeat this action as many times as needed to get the desired size of the trellis. The resulting diamonds, try to do the correct form, then the whole structure will be accurate and will last longer.

The process of construction of a trellis of twigs

Make a trellis of twigs can each: it does not require special skills, just be patient and do not take on the job two hours

Easy to use trellis

The minimum cost of tangible results. Look how impressive and attractive look different kinds of creepers on this openwork design

Speakers branches cut off the ends. I should get a rectangle.

More sophisticated and reliable construction

If we decide to make a universal tapestry that can withstand heavy vine and will last several seasons, will have to spend more time and use other materials.
Here's what you need to prepare:

  • planed sticks of wood the size of 30h3 mm;
  • round tight timber or a fragment of the cutting shovel or rake;
  • screws for wood;
  • antiseptic solution for impregnation;
  • dowels 8-10 mm in diameter;
  • waterproof glue;
  • chisel;
  • hacksaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • electric drill;
  • brush and paint.

Once you have everything ready, you can begin to perform work.

For making a rectangular frame trellispieces of wood must be used: two horizontal (1.8 m) and two vertical (of 2.2 m) carrying strap. The width of the finished lattice - 42 cm, so the cross-rungs will be in length of 35 cm Cut them in advance..

Sturdy trellis

In the manufacture of such structures is important not to rush and do everything carefully, then the result would be not only functional, but beautiful and durable

Bars mark up, making incisions in the tree toyou can insert the cross bar. The distance between cuts - 35 cm. With a chisel is taken out of the timber into the notches. Fasten the crossbar to the wooden bars will help moisture resistant glue. If such a fixing method seems secure enough, you can use the self-tapping screws. Vertical and horizontal portion of the lattice fastened by screws.

Tapestry at the wall

It looks like a trellis, which is already attached to the wall, and braided plants: its presence allows loach decorate the building, not destroying it

The design is ready, it is necessary to fix it,for example, on the wall of the house. For drilling in the wall of the house dowel holes using a drill. Between the wall and trellis need to keep a little distance. For this a fragment of the cutting cylinders are cut into 30 mm length. To grille standing for a long time, it is necessary to impregnate antiseptic and, if desired, cover the paint. The dried structure fixed to the wall.

Two types of structures under the vine

Right to build and install a trellis forgrapes is very important. Its long branches is necessary to make such provision, so that light and air for the development of plants and fruit ripening was enough. Time for preparation of design is: it will be of the third year. In the first two years of the time enough support, the role of which perform perfectly stakes.

Option # 1 - a vertical trellis odnoploskostnaya

Non-irrigated vineyard, growing along the tracksor walls, it is best to place on a vertical trellis. The basis of the design constitute pillars (diameter 10.8 cm, height -2,5-3,5 m) of metal, concrete or wood. Wood is better to choose a hardwood (beech, chestnut, oak or white acacia). The lower end of the column (60-70 cm) can be burned, or resin cover to hold the week 6% solution of copper sulfate. This will prolong the battery life.

Odnoploskostnaya vertical trellis

Odnoploskostnaya vertical trellis allows the grapes to grow properly and get enough sun, air and heat, so it is best bunches were poured juice

Place the poles along the planted plantsa minimum distance of 3 m from each other. Mark up the pillars of the place of installation and the first dig in the extreme. Perpetuating their anchors or abutments, which will be in the trellis taut. That's what it is:

  • Anchor. Big Stone tied with wire and attached to the upper end of the column, and then dug into the ground three feet from its base. With this mounting pillars set obliquely.
  • The emphasis. Vertical mounting requires extreme polesFitting spacers in their lower part by a number. The upper end of the spacer included in the notch on the surface of the column, and is a stone under the lower end, buried half a meter into the ground.

Landmarks trellis in the direction from south to north. The wire should be used galvanized. Place it in three or four rows, for fixing the outer poles is thorough, and at medium - by means of staples. So it will be possible to pull up the slack. The bottom row should be 30-40 cm from the ground, and each subsequent - half a meter from the previous one. Tensioned wire start with the top row to the bottom.

Option # 2 - two-plane design

If there is irrigation and fertile soil, it is possibledone by hand for two-plane trellis vine. This design is more difficult than the previous one, but it can significantly increase the aboveground part of the plant, providing it with air, heat and light. Such care ensures a good harvest and excellent quality berries.

two-plane design

Two-plane structure is used in a fertile land and water: this design helps to get higher yields on equal-sized areas

Two-plane structure consists of twoordinary tapestries, which are arranged at an angle to each other. The construction may be present transverse crossbar, the top of which is twice as long as the bottom. The ends of these beams is useful for securing the wire to them.

Construction with spokes

These tapestries can be used as an industrial production of grapes, as well as on an ordinary humble garden plot

Features of the construction of supports for cucumbers

For a long time thinking about how to make a functional trellis for cucumbers, it is not necessary: ​​the construction does not have to be beautiful. To ensure a bountiful harvest - that is its main purpose.

On a bed set on the support postsa distance of 2.5 m apart. To the top of each column nailed wooden bar 80 cm long. It connects all the poles with a spacing between the slats strap. It is located in the middle of the structure, its length is equal to the total length of the beds. At 25 inches on either side of the spacer strips in the bar drive in nails. They stretched wire. Tapestry is ready.

Trellis for cucumbers

Trellis for cucumbers do not for beauty, and for the maximum yield of culture that does not prevent them to be careful and in a way to decorate the garden

Driving trellis for cucumbers

Consider this scheme trellis. It is very detailed and clearly shows the entire structure and gives a complete picture of how it is necessary to correctly build

The twine is cut into lengths of 2.5 m. One end is attached to the stem of the plant, and the second - on the wire. This arrangement allows them to avoid plant diseases associated with waterlogging leaves and stems. garden space is ordered, and the culture of productivity increases.

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