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Selection of plants for the alpine slide: examples + varieties of decoration rules

Selection of plants for the alpine slide: examples + varieties of decoration rules

Rocky garden, decorated with a flower garden - quitecommon element of many gardens. Decorative attractiveness and ease of care for rock garden served as the reason for such popularity of this element of landscape design. Climbing plants for the alpine slide is always visually enliven the rock composition, while retaining the effect of the natural mountain landscape.


Basic rules for plant selection

Create a rock song, which will be spectacular decoration of the suburban area, not difficult. To do this, the selection of plants for the "rocky garden" it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • By creating a composition, preference should be given a compact and low-growing forms of plants which comply with the proportional size of the slides.
  • The choice of plants to carry out with regard to their resistance to the conditions of the terrain: soil characteristics, climate.
  • Choosing a place in the rooting, it is important to take into account the ratio of plants to sunlight: solar plots - for light-loving representatives of the plant kingdom, shadowed - for shade-tolerant.
  • The intensity of the proliferation of certain types of tillering and - an important point defect which could lead to the death of "neighbors" is rapidly increasing mass of plants.
  • Creating the composition is important to take into account the particulareach of the inhabitants of the rock garden plant in order to avoid "adverse neighborhood." For example: very attractive and unpretentious in the care of chickweed, saponaria, Arabis and obrietta bad influence on their "neighbors".
  • Seating is desirable to carry out a plant withtaking into account their "community of interest": they must be combined with each other not only in appearance, but the similarity of conditions for growing, the pace of growth and development, as well as the rhythm of flowering.
Uniform style of composition

Choosing perennial flowers for landscaping alpine slides, should focus not only on the location of the rock garden at the site, but also on the overall style of the composition

A successful combination of different plant species

The most effective combination given combinationherbaceous perennials with shrubs and tree form, adorned with colorful rugs and flowering creeping kinds of juicy green strokes and evergreen species Dekorativnolistvennye

Examples of ornamental varieties

The ideal plant for "rocky garden"They are slow-growing trees and low-growing plants. Conifers for the alpine slides ensure high decorative composition throughout the year.

Dwarf conifers form

The miniature stone compositions perfectlylook creeping and dwarf forms of pine cultures miniature spruce Canadian «Conica», black pine «Nana», Juniperus squamata «Blue Carpet», Thuja occidentalis «Danica»

By combining in a single composition conifers with different crown shape and color of the needles, can significantly enhance the scenic effect.

Decorative shapes deciduous shrubs

Among the deciduous shrubs to an alpine slide clear favorites are decorative forms of barberry, cotoneaster, henomelesa, spiraea

It is hard to imagine a rock garden without flowers. Flowering perennials for the alpine slides allow to give any garden a unique style and uniqueness. When creating a selection of tracks is not limited to plants, typical of alpine areas. The "rocky garden" will look appropriate and representatives of the plant world, the main habitat of which forests and coastline.

A striking rock garden decoration can be: saxifrage Arends, phlox styloid, Erica carnea, edelweiss, Alpine, chickweed Balearic, Iberis evergreen, bellflower, and many others.

We make a rock garden with a view of layering composition

The top of the alpine slide

The upper tier "rocky garden" planted with asTypically, drought-resistant and sun-loving species of plants, because this area most open to sunlight, but the moisture in the soil is almost not delayed. At the top of design compositions used ground cover plants.

The grassy sun-loving plants

A striking decoration tops can become long-term cloves and Iberis evergreen

Fluffy rug Iberis shielding top of snow-white flowers in May and June, podushkopodobnye bushes carnations will please abundant flowering and pleasant aroma throughout the summer

Thyme and edelweiss on the rocks of the mountains

Sun-edelweiss growing on the slopestowering mountains can become the main decoration of the rock garden and lush purple mats of creeping thyme honey aroma of flowers attract a lot of bees and butterflies

Middle tier stone composition

Decorate the middle part of the rocky hill canplants prefer sunny areas, but it is easy to carrying light shading. On average, a higher level of soil moisture. This makes it possible to expand the range of plants for the decoration of moisture-loving beauties.

Variations phlox against the background of fluffy Stachys

In the days of May will sparkle with riotous color pink,blue and white shades of phlox styloid. The dramatic backdrop of phlox can speak with woolly Stachys pleasant to the touch silvery pubescent leaves

Noble silvery shades are also anafalis trehzhilkovy and wormwood Schmidt.

Obrietta - versatile plant for landscaping,because in addition to gorgeous blooms in the summer months, it has decorative foliage, color and juiciness of attraction which is maintained throughout the year.

Bushes Letnikov obrietty

In late May, the torch will bloom beauty obrietta cultural, pleasing look lush streams pale pink, deep crimson and dark purple flowers

Sunflower and a variety stonecrops

Good for middle tier andSunflower monetchaty shrub undemanding in care. Solar-tier sites can accommodate all kinds of stonecrops, which are formed in the lovely podushkopodobnye bushes, decorated in summer tiny stars-flowers

If you choose to include the names of colorsalpine slides, feel comfortable in our latitudes, the slopes of the hills can decorate all kinds of bulbs, a variety of Heuchera, dense clumps of Armero, gentle alpine aster, primroses, primula, crocus beautiful for autumn.

The foot of the rock garden

At the foot planted plants that grow like a rich soil saturated with water and are not afraid of shading.

Game of contrasts at the foot of the rock garden

Color accents the foot of the composition can be arranged with the help of compact bushes and saxifrage flowers Liatris spicate

The lower tier and is reserved for the placement of tree and shrubs. Often this part of the slides are placed group planting miniature dwarf conifers, rhododendrons.

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