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Make a bed of annuals: what colors best use + secrets designers

Make a bed of annuals: what colors best use + secrets designers

If the hosts managed to buy a suburban area in the winteror in the spring, then refine it for the season is difficult. The beds, however, Posada, but the beautiful flower gardens smash difficult because many of the plants begin to bloom and decorative acquire only the second year. The only option - to buy or grow on windowsills annual flowers for the flower beds. Their growing season is so short that many plants begin to bloom in May. The main thing - the right to combine and choose the varieties to flower gardens all season looked spectacular.


Features ripening and flowering annuals

When purchasing seeds of annuals need to be adjustedthat will flourish your bed no earlier than mid-May, even if you grow the seedlings at home, on windowsills. With direct sowing into the soil and the plants will bloom even later - by June. And the reason is not only that the majority of annuals give the first flowers after 40-45 days after germination of seeds. The rate of maturation of plants will be affected by the weather. If May will stand the cold, in primorozkami then hatched sprouts easily damaged, stop the growth, and the growing season will increase. Even the most unpretentious marigolds do not like the contrast of night and daytime temperatures. Therefore, gardeners there is an unspoken rule: to plant the seedlings until after the May frosts, and if seeded directly into the ground, then at night to cover spanbond or other nonwoven material.

Annuals in containers: salvation for the spring flower beds

The only way to get to bloom in the flowerbedsApril - draw their beautiful annuals in pots and containers. Seeds are planted in the house capacity with the beginning of January to get to the end of spring tall, covered with flower buds sprouts.

A flower bed of pots with flowers

A flower bed of pots can stand in this form until the beginning of June, and then the whole method of handling the seedlings are planted in open ground

For this purpose, suitable petunias hang-downing,calendula, lobelia and marigolds. They begin to sow in the middle of winter, and to speed up the growing season, seedlings additionally illuminate until March. By the end of April in pots and containers bloom beautiful flowers that can be set on the day beds. However, the beauty of the evening will have to hide in the porch that is not of freezing.

Some clever gardeners, draws a similarway small beds (up to a meter in diameter), manage to preserve the plants, not dragging them back and forth. To do this, they build from wooden stakes, high pole and lutrasila kind of lodge:

  • First, in the center of the flower bed (certainly round!) Scoring pole.
  • Around him the space is filled with containers of flowers, placing them in several tiers.
  • On the edge of flower beds hammered pegs.
  • Lutrasil are sewn from two fabrics in a wide sleeves, whose diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter beds.
  • Binds the top of the sleeve to the top point of the pole, and the lower part of the covering on the pegs and straighten pressed against the ground stones.
  • On the day of the lower part of the cover is rolled up and tied to a pole.

To day looked like structureaesthetically pleasing, it is possible to hide a bright lutrasil canvas bag, putting on the right at the pole. It seems to be a lot of hassle. But making the lodge again, you will use it for several seasons.

Driving shelter beds lutrasilom

The first figure is closed lutrasilom bed and pressed stones, on the second - the shelter was tied to a pole and stones act as a curb, located between the pegs

There is a video on the topic:

Monoklumby of annuals, blooming all season

If you do not want to bother too much with the selectionplants, but at the same time want to keep the original landscape, it is advisable to create monoklumby one annual plant that is characterized by a long flowering period. Today developed many varieties with different colored flowers, so, having bought a few bags, you place a lot of bright spots of color. The most spectacular are considered miniature tsvetnichki in the shape of circles or squares randomly arranged on the lawn.

You can use the following annuals for flower beds monostilya:

Option # 1 - Ageratum

It begins to bloom in late May and ceases toOctober frost. Densely planted plants resemble terry rug because bloom is very abundant. Ageratum is absolutely not afraid of water, but even weak frosts can spoil the decorative leaves. It grows up to two feet. The best varieties for monotsvetnikov considered dwarf (10-30 cm). Note that the growth rate depends on the light conditions. In the penumbra ageratum begins to extend upwards, reducing the number of colors, but lengthening the stem.

A flower bed of Ageratum

The square shape of the mini-beds, filled with fluffy tufts ageratum, in perfect harmony with green accents of grass or ground cover plants

For color spots following varieties are suitable:

  • White Bouquet (height - up to 25 cm). The color of flowers, natural, white;
  • Blue Mink (height - up to 25 cm). Color - Blue;
  • Kalinka (height - up to 20 cm). Color - burgundy red;
  • Malinka (height - up to 20 cm). Color - crimson;
  • Pink ball (height - up to 25 cm). Color - pink and lilac.

If you want to create a multi-colored spots, it is possible to plant cultivar 'treasure of the Aztecs ", where the seeds are mixed with different coloring.

Grades ageratum

Colour stains of various kinds of ageratum, scattered throughout the site in the form of miniature flower beds will look decorative until the winter

Option # 2 - Alyssum (Lobulyariya)

This groundcover that fillsoffered him the territory of a dense carpet of up to 20 cm. Even weeds rarely make their way through it. It features an incredibly pleasant aroma of honey, so that those who hold the hives, is very beneficial in terms of feeding the bees. Dislikes fresh organic and acidic soils. In the dry summer watering needs. It flowers from June until late autumn.

For monoklumb use the following classes:

  • "Pink pad". It is better to take root, if the seedlings grow, and then transplanted into the ground. The flowers are small, pink color.
  • "Snow carpet". One of the most hardy varieties. Well propagated planting the seeds directly into the ground, and the next summer will samoseem shoots, if not pull up the bushes for the winter, and do it in the early spring. It is densely covered with small white flowers and looks as if it spilled milk.
  • "Gold deposit "or" Golden Wave". Spectacular bright yellow variety. Unlike the previous, not crawling on the ground, and growing like small balls. Therefore flowerbed will have a wave-like relief.
  • "magic circles". Dark purple inflorescence look veryarts. He does not like the heat and react to her termination of flowering. In this summer alissum can dump the leaves and flowers. In this case, growers recommend to cut off the aerial parts to the roots let the young shoots. By August, the plant will bloom again and will delight to the winter.

Even after the first frosts of October most of the flowers and leaves Alyssum remain "alive" until it is a final cooling

grade Alyssum

Different varieties Alyssum can fill even narrow gaps in the stony hills, although such places better sow seeds, seedlings than dive

Option # 3 - Salvia

An excellent option for beds with a framemore stunted annuals. The plant itself has a height of 40 cm, 20 of which occur in an inflorescence. It blooms for a long time, until late autumn, but differs in a long growing season. To flowered salvia, must pass at least 3 months. Therefore, the only option it growing - seedling method on a window sill or in the greenhouse with the subsequent landing on the flower bed.


Salvia has a huge number of varieties of different colors, but the beds are usually combined no more than two colors to the flower bed did not look too gaudy

To cover is not too ornate stem, flower beds with Salvia better framing some low-growing plants, such as cineraria.

Salvia in the flowerbed

Bright red salvia, framed silver cineraria, looking solemn and impressive, delighting the owners of flowering until late autumn, but both annuals require early sowing seeds

annuals flowers for decoration of colorful flower beds

If you want to create a flower bed in the form of thinBrooks walking along the tracks, or framing the patio area, the ideal low-growing marigolds. Not everyone knows that this plant can be cut, giving a smooth geometric shape. At the same time it does not reduce the level of flowering, keeping decorative even after the first autumn frosts.


Marigolds are not only decorate any flower bed, but also improve the soil because it stands out volatile, kill parasites and fungal spores

In unfertilized soils and scarce in excellentIt feels purslane. A feature of this low-growing plant is a needle-shaped leaves, which together resemble a shaggy Christmas tree. But the flowers are large, bright, and in the closed form (before the rain) resemble rosebuds. This plant can be used in rock gardens, as well as on the edges of the mixed flower beds.


Flowers purslane look stunning in both open and closed form, and since flowering issue a large number of magnificent double flowers

And finally, a couple of circuits of the flower beds of annuals, growing well in the sun and in partial shade:

Green and white flower garden of annuals

Just three annuals create a bright green and white effect in the flower garden: moluccella smooth (1), amaranth caudate (2), and snapdragon (3).

Driving a flower garden of annuals

Here's how to create a multi-tiered flower bed of annuals around the bush clematis (№1). Near planted: scented tobacco (№2), brahikoma (№3), tall marigolds (№4) and Helichrysum (№5).

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