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Low-growing varieties of flowers for the flower beds: selection of the best options

Low-growing varieties of flowers for the flower beds: selection of the best options

Create spectacular multilevel compositions onflowerbeds impossible without the use of miniature flowering plants. Undersized flowers are universal in planting flower beds, can serve as soloists on the carpet beds, or serve as a background design or border mixborders, edging to taller flowering representatives of the plant world. The assortment of miniature flowers, whose height does not exceed 30 cm wide: to create brilliant compositions can be used as annuals and biennials and perennial low-growing flowers. We suggest to consider the most popular types of flowering plants that can be original complement the low tracks.


Miniature handsome annuals

Create a colorful composition that will please violent flowering in the first year of planting, quite simply, if you apply for a landscaping site undersized flowers annuals.

Unpretentious purslane - a bright flower bed decoration

Beauty purslane, known since the time of Hippocrates as "blessed" the flower is widely used in gardening because of its ability to grow in arid areas

Surprisingly, it is in the hot dry daysminiature semi-double and double flowers purslane cream, orange, pink and purple colors show itself in all its glory. Openwork green mats with colorful flowers purslane can be found at the junctions of rockeries in the concrete slabs on the stone retaining wall and dry slopes.

Among the beautiful low-growing annual flowers, prefer sunny areas, you can also select Houston ageratum.

Fluffy "clouds" ageratum

Dense cushions globular inflorescence paintedwhite, carmine-pink, blue or purple-blue colors, blooming in early summer, do not lose their decorative appeal until the first frost

Adorn beds can also perform these low-growing flowers: sunny marigolds, dwarf varieties annual aster, nasturtium, gatsaniya, alpine poppy, lobelia, Iberis.

Spotted tiny shoes calceolaria

Making an unprecedented charm flower garden, you can use bright similar shoes flowers Calceolaria

The unusually beautiful flowers, with a kind ofbilabiate bubble shape dotted with loose points and spots. Blooming in early March, it becomes bright calceolaria decoration throughout the spring. Shade Exotic prefers to grow in well-moistened soil.

Undersized biennial flowers

Bright decoration flower beds full suncan speak pansies. Beauties pansy, blooming in late April, the ability to enjoy long-flowering throughout the summer.

Motley carpet of flowers pansies

An incredible combination of colors, ranging from pale blue and ending with rich blue with intermediate shades of yellow and red, are the cause of the huge popularity of viola in floriculture

Small delicate flowers daisies resemble scattered pearls. No wonder that in Greek margarites "Pearl" means.

The charming "Beanie" In the spring, daisies

Fine basket terry inflorescences daisies wide variety of colors, the first of which bloom in late April continue to blossom up to the cold

For shady areas and moist enoughoptimally suited touching me-nots. Young hairy leaves me-nots are similar in appearance to the mouse ear, allowing the plant got its name, which is translated in Latin means "mouse ear".

White, blue, blue and pink flowers with a yellow eye in the blooming racemose inflorescences in early May, flowering lasts for two months.

Touching biennials me-nots

The most impressive look me-nots in combination with bulbs, speaking background to daffodils and tulips, ornamental bows and grouse

Flowering perennials undersized

Wanting to create a flower bed, which every year is not necessary to re-form, in the preparation of floral arrangements a key role should be given to long-term species.

Primroses - spring beauty

The first to revive the miniature flower primrose. Blooming blossoms, painted in pink, crimson, yellow and maroon colors, the ability to enjoy the surrounding blooms from April to June

In early May, flowering takes over the baton showy phlox styloid handsome. Sun-loving plants can easily tolerate drought and prefers a loose, dry soil.

Lavender "veil" of phlox styloid

Dense inflorescence numerous budsgradually transformed into a very beautiful five-pointed stars, color palette ranging from white to purple and even purple shades

In May and June on the dense green carpet densely pubescent chickweed blooming white miniature flowers.

A carpet of tiny flowers yaskolka

The white sun-cushion yaskolka look good in the neighborhood with fescue and bells

Among the most low-growing annualsattractive: saxifrage, cloves, obrietta, tri hepatica, creeping speedwell, globe-dwarf, alpine aster. By types for autumn include: chrysanthemum Korean, colchicum, aster shrub.

Planning arrangement of beds of scrubbycolors, it is important to choose plants so that they harmonize with the overall composition, delighting the eye and beautifying the landscape. We invite you to view an example of a country site design floral arrangements:

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