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Perennial flowers, blooming all summer: all the best varieties for the garden landscaping

Perennial flowers, blooming all summer: all the best varieties for the garden landscaping

Flowers - a real decoration of the garden thatfilling it with juicy bright colors create a unique effect of harmony and comfort. A variety of flower world is simply amazing: spectacular varieties of annuals and perennials, pleasing look lush flowering, there are about 300 thousand. Choosing to design flower beds blooming perennial flowers all summer, it would be desirable to create such a composition, which can be enjoyed throughout the season. Let's see what sort of flowers are best suited for this purpose.


The annual perennials better "kin"?

Despite the fact that annuals are famousunique riot of colors throughout the season, many growers prefer still dolgotsvetuschim garden perennial flowers. The reason for this choice is a number of advantages which have perennials, principal among which are:

  • The possibility of growing in one place without a transplant 2-3 years.
  • Resistance to frost. Perennials well tolerate the winter and do not require much effort to care.
  • Saving decorative qualities throughout the season.

Perennial flowers are ideal for the garden: growing years in one place, for the most part picky representatives of fauna can easily form the basis of the majority of mixed flower beds.

Contrasting composition of perennials

With a variety of perennial flowers,which represent a range of herbaceous plants and shrubs Flowering, you can create original compositions of various shapes and colors

In addition, the planting area withperennials not only easier, but also much cheaper: in 2-3 years after planting the plants, you can safely divide to create new compositions, the interchange with the neighbors or sale.

The most impressive look of the flower beds of perennials grouped by plant height and arranged in tiers.

Flowering perennials tall

Tall perennials can act as mono-planting in the garden, and the natural scenery and the background to create mixborders.

Among the most interesting of tall flowering perennials have not only beautiful inflorescences, but also decorative foliage can distinguish stem-rose.

Tall beautiful mallow

Powerful 1.5-meter stalks decorated with semi-double and double flowers resembling peonies a variety of shades ranging from pale pink to deep burgundy

Fancy spotted flowers tricyrtis

Flowers tall handsome tricyrtis Purpul Beauty is very similar to a lily, and even orchids. Prefers partial shade plant adorns the garden gorgeous blooms from the first days of July and up to the frost

Lush blossoms stevia

Unpretentious stevia spotted extraordinarily beautiful: on a bright burgundy 1.5 meter stalks plants bloom from July mauve brush, tint which gradually changes

Since the processes in the vegetative varieties of tall perennial garden flowers fairly durable, and the peak of flowering they reach mainly in the second half of the summer.

Hedge of ornamental sunflower

No less impressive complement flower garden can be decorated with elegant flowers-saucers with a diameter of 5-7 cm sunflower purple loosestrife

Thickets of ornamental sunflower height of 2.5 meters with a golden-brown flowers can be seen far beyond the site.

Balloons flowers perennial rue

Unusually soft look lilac-pink clouds of small flowers rue

Rue shrub 1.8 meters tall pinkish balls hiding in July and August.

In the second half of the summer garden will help transformgolden balls rudbeckia, elongated brush blue inflorescences veronica dlinnolistoy, lilac bushes of fragrant lavender, juicy yellow "sun" helenium hybrid.

Average height, handsome perennials

A win-win option in any garden will become perennial flowers to give a height of 30 to 80 cm.

Favorite flower bed Flowering daylilies

Thanks to the incredible beauty and simplicity of care daylily and its variants are extremely popular in ornamental horticulture

Pillows inflorescence yarrow

Absolutely picky abundantly blooming yarrow, which has about 30 species, able to delight lush blooms from early June to late autumn

Unusual beauty Rhodiola rosea

The original appearance is Rhodiola rosea: a spectacular framing her white and yellow colors are the fleshy oval leaves

Make the elegance and romance of any flowerbed as possible, adding to its late-peony varieties.

Pozdnetsvetuschie peony varieties

Incredibly beautiful double flowers of different colors on a dark-green leaves give a flower arrangement openwork and splendor

Among sredneroslye flowering plants, pleasing lush flowering throughout the summer, you can also select: Phlox paniculata, Monarda didyma, Astilbe, cornflower.

Low-growing perennial flowers

Against the backdrop of tall flowering plants and sredneroslye chic look exquisite flowers, reaching a height of about 30 cm.

Variations in shades of miniature viol

Pansies - the perfect perennial, striking original form and incredible combination of colors, from snow-white and black to rich

Colourful pillows bushes phlox

Continuous "cover" the most incredible shades of flowers are able to create dwarf forms phlox

Blue "star" dwarf gentian

Beauty gentian, pleasing look amazingly beautiful blue-blue flowers from mid to late summer, impresses with its elegance and splendor

The group of low-growing perennials, flowering allSummer also includes: spherical clumps of Alchemilla mollis, Linum grandiflorum, Salvia nemorosa, gypsophila paniculata, Dianthus deltoides, bloodroot, geranium.

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