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Rockery own hands: design rules and an example of an independent device

Rockery own hands: design rules and an example of an independent device

Rockery - a small rocky garden, moreIt is gaining popularity as an element of landscape design among owners of small country cottages, so the owners of solid mansions and residences. The name "rockeries" has an English origin, the root of the word "rock" means "rock." Interesting form of a flower bed is able to combine the beauty of a natural stone and plants. Rockery with their own hands - a great opportunity to put on the site wildest fantasies to create marvelous garden of stones, which will be the highlight of the landscape, emphasizing the individuality of its owner.


What styles are available?

Rockery in the garden and looks likerock garden: the composition of both elements are formed from rocks and plants. The distinguishing feature between them is the location of the relief and compositions for plant selection. Rock gardens are located on the slopes of the natural area and to create a selection of songs is limited only alpine plants.

Land for stone flower

As the plot creating rockeries will suit absolutely any topography, including an absolutely flat ground

Choosing plants for rockeries extensive: in the creation of the composition can be used as evergreen conifers, so Flowering annuals.

The scheme of planting rockeries

No matter what style will be made flower on the rocks, rockeries planting scheme will be approximately similar

Landscape designers are three main rockeries style: English, Japanese and European. The difference between them is mainly based on the ratio of number of stones and planted plants.

English style rockeries

English style in the composition suggestsUse durable conifers. Evergreen perennials loved by the British, because they allow to create decorations landscape, which are ready to serve for more than one decade

European style rockeries

European style provides for the creation of stone compositions that are filling and composition as close as possible to the natural conditions of the middle band

Japanese-style rockeries

Japanese-style emphasis on the stones: slides abound granite boulders, occasionally decorated with bright touches of various plants

The key to success - how to find the right place

Not every heap of stones, decoratedrandomly planted plants that can be called Rocard. As we reflect on the question: how to make their own hands rockeries, you must first choose a location wisely for future compositions.

Very well, if the terrain is not uniformand on it there are small hills and swings. Uneven surface serves as an ideal basis for the creation of decorative type composition and implementation of interesting ideas. Even a small hill, you can transform into a dry scree ledges system or the picturesque mountain valley cascade.

On a flat surface, and you can create artificial differences relief or form a "flat" stone composition.

Variations mountain rockeries

Hilly terrain is suitable for creating a variety of variations of the "mountain" rockeries

Points to consider when choosing a site for rockeries in the country:

  • Preference should be given to solar sites that will expand the range of light-loving plants to create a gorgeous flower garden.
  • Rockery should organically fit into the terrain, combined into a single picture with other elements: decorative "mountain" stream, elevation, retaining walls, artificial pond.
  • Decorate buildings or fence, often spoiling the background of the composition, it can be climbing plants or shrubs.
  • It is undesirable to place a flower bed near the house, because the spring snowmelt can lead to the destruction of the composition.

Rules competent arrangement of rockeries

To facilitate implementation of the idea of ​​creating their rockerieshands help tentative plan for future compositions. Then, using the cord should be marked in a selected area area the size of a flower bed. Over the entire surface layer is removed turf pad to a depth 15-25sm chosen from soil weed roots. The bottom of the excavated pit is covered with geotextile, which prevents the growth of weeds.

Materials for drainage

rockeries device can not do without such an important step, as the drainage arrangement, for which you can use gravel or brick red

The drainage system will deliver a flower bed onStones from water accumulation. To this end, the bottom of the excavated pit hiding a layer of drainage material is selected, then poured 5 cm layer of coarse sand and only then takes cover layer of soil.

Some gardeners use as drainage construction waste, but this "neighborhood" may adversely affect established plants.

The base composition laid with stonesattractive surface of the largest size. When deciding how to make rockeries with the fact that he looked impressive from every corner of the site, you should choose the most original side of the stone and turn it in the outward direction from the flower garden.

The stones should be placed in small pits,appropriate to their size. Under the base of the boulders to pour a layer of soil and rubble, which are then thoroughly compacted so as not to leave air pockets. Check how well the "sitting" stone can be, if you stand on it and try a little shake.

The combination of stones composition

When placing the stones, you should adhere to the principlenatural: some small stones can be an original group, and large boulders to put apart, filling in the void plants. At the same time every stone should be given an elaborate place

To create a composition in the same style it is desirable to select stones of varying sizes, but of the same material. Small stones can bind with a special glue or mortar.

What plants are best used in the composition?

A well-chosen plants, along with stones,represent the person rockeries. The main advantage is the possibility of rockeries use to decorate any flower garden plants that are organically fit into the established landscape.

The plants for the flower garden

Decorating composition showy flowering and complementing each other, the plants will flower on stones elegant throughout the year

With the first rays of spring sun after the disappearanceSnow wake snowdrops and crocuses, flower coloring bright strokes of various colors. In their place will come dwarf tulips, muscari and primroses, delighting the eye with colorful blooms. With the onset of heat ball beauty flower garden annuals begin to rule that look spectacular against the backdrop of lush green ground cover pillows: chickweed, sunflower, cat's paw, zhivuchka, phlox styloid ...

A very comfortable surrounded by the stones feel ground cover, saxifrage, young, sedum.

Rockery of conifers front of the house is not only a spectacular decoration of the site landscape. Essential oils are allocated to needles, a positive impact on the well-being of the owners and guests of the site.

Rockery of conifers

Ornament tracks small plants become super-dwarfs: the evergreen junipers, arborvitae miniature, pyramidal cypress, spruce beauties

Plants desirable to combine each other incolor, shape and size so as not to compromise the integrity of the flower bed. The soil around the plants can be decorated as a crumb gravel and river pebbles or gravel usual.

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