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The front garden front of the house: the case of the device with your hands + design options

The front garden front of the house: the case of the device with your hands + design options

Land from the house to the roadway madecall the front garden and the fence that separates it from the road - palisade. In a small area often arranged flower beds, beautifully decorated path leading to the house, the arch in the colors, the composition of the low trees and stones. This is the place where you can realize the most daring design decisions, and the ability to create an original garden in front of house with his own hands.


What in general are front gardens?

Before the front garden design front of the house, you should get acquainted with the variety of houses adjoining areas and their features.

From the viewpoint of transparency Palisades divided into two types:

  • open - Do not have a fence. The space adjacent to the house perfectly visible both from the steps, and with the roadway. Most often it is neatly trimmed lawn with flower beds and a path leading to the entrance.
  • closed - Fenced off from the street by a hedge or fence (wrought, brick, wood, wicker, stone, metal mesh).
Outdoor garden

Outdoor garden is easily visible from the road, visible shrubs, flower beds, decor. Excludes high fences

Private garden

A striking example of the closed front garden - a courtyard surrounded by high hedges. On the roadway do not get any dust or noise

Some designers, making the project,interest among home owners, what is more important: a personal preference or opinion of neighbors and passers-by. Depending on the views of front gardens divided into two types:

  • Russian type. All that is behind the windows of the house, should, inFirst of all, the owners delight the eye, rather than guests and neighbors. Accordingly, the view from the windows is more attractive than the road. Most likely, the front of house area will be closed on all sides by a fence, though not always deaf, or a dense hedge. But it will be decorated from the heart: and a painted wooden décor, and clay figurines, and many lush flower beds.
  • European type. Here everything is arranged according to strict standards. Well thought-out geometry of lines, neatly trimmed bushes and trees, smooth lawns and immaculate flower beds and walkways. Often used outdoors type, so that any passerby could appreciate the quality and design level.
The front garden in the Russian style

The front garden in the Russian style is characterized by a plurality of wood products

European garden

At a European courtyard, all designed and thought out: the shape of the steps up to the exotic plants in a flowerpot

Some homeowners choose design front garden depending on the style: romantic, Mediterranean, Japanese, rustic.

Step by step the device front garden picket

Many people ask: how to decorate the garden with your own hands quickly and inexpensively? This is easily done by erecting artless ogradku picket.

Picket fences

A small picket fence, painted in white, a perfect match with the surrounding greenery

A small picket fence only conditionallyIt performs the protective function, most likely, it is used for decoration and zoning. The simple but neat and smooth front garden picket - an option for owners who want to try to force in self-ennobling sector. Having on hand a small set of tools and materials, you can slowly gather curly or very simple hedge to the front garden.

The necessary wood material:

  • bars with a cross section of 100x100 mm;
  • board 25h80 mm;
  • horizontal bars (beams) for fixing the fence 40h100 mm.

Tools and additional materials:

  • shovel;
  • saw (jigsaw);
  • a hammer;
  • Screwdriver (drill, screwdriver);
  • screws, bolts, nuts, washers;
  • mix concrete;
  • hinges for wicket.

The first step is dug into the ground on polesthe same distance from each other, starting from the corners. A more practical option - installing them on concreted anchors Metal: dig the hole, it is inserted into the pipe (tin or asbestos-cement), the pipe - galvanized anchor it all pour a mixture of sand and cement. To the pillar screwed crossbars to them - the board. The wicket looks - it's part of the fence, fixed by means of a loop on a support column.

The circuit construction of the fence

The chart clearly shows how to properly secure the board on the anchors and beams

The next step - painting boards and bars. To fence served for a long time, it should be treated with a special compound against mold and mildew, and then apply the paint based on mineral pigments and alkyd resins. This combination will protect the wood from rotting and retain its natural texture.

multicolored fence

Bright and cheerful fence picket happen if the board to paint in different colors. If you have kids, they will be happy to help

Build the garden with his own hands is not difficult, it is equally important to learn how to take care of him. Here are a few tips for care picket fence:

  • Wood perfectly absorbs moisture, soit is necessary that the elements of the fence there were at least 15 cm above the ground. For this reason, you need to get rid of the overgrowth of grass growing along the fence.
  • About one in every three years is necessary to update the fence. It is possible to change the color of the fence - the appearance of the front garden at once will be different.
  • Wood rassyhaetsya, cracks that can be easily repaired: putty gently and then wipe with sandpaper and paint.
  • Hinges should be lubricated at the gate, so as not to creak.
Metal fence

Another embodiment of the fence - a metal. Its construction will cost more, but it will last much longer

Decorating the front garden with plants

How to make garden without the use of complex technical procedures and construction? Of course, in using plants.

Vegetation should be chosen, based on the overall style and ee depending on orientation, decorative or purely practical. Consider a few groups of plants:

Fruit trees and bushes

Spreading apple and pear trees are more suitable forbackyard, front yard decoration will stam plants. This is not the usual bushes, wild and unkempt, and decorated on the flat trunk crown. Stam currants, raspberries and gooseberries looks unusual, but this is just a neat decorative bar, which will add some elegance front garden. Properly decorated tree is better to buy in the nursery, where the experts knew the secrets of its cultivation.

Rose on trunks

Gentle rose on trunks can become the focal point of the front garden

With the help of small trees and shrubs can becreate a hedge. For this purpose, suitable hawthorn, barberry, dog rose. Their delicate flowers adorn the garden springtime and bright fruit and foliage - autumn.


Arch in the hedge with flowering plants look a bit romantic and mysterious


Beautiful, geometrically correct compositioncreated with the help of small conifer cone and a spherical shape. They should not be much, because of the overload of the same type of landscape plantings plants lose its appeal. An exception is the device hedges: Trees planted in a row in front of the facade or the entire perimeter of the site.

With pine trees in the middle of the front garden can make a small rockeries

With pine trees in the middle of the front garden can make a small rockeries, most importantly, to the plants were low

Better to choose the breed, easily transferring a hairstyle: boxwood, yew, dwarf spruce, thuja. Tall trees for decoration front garden do not fit perfectly - their crowns they close the house facade and the rest of the decor.

Flower gardens and flower beds

If the climate allows, the best option - bedscontinuous bloom, which can be pleasing to the eye from early spring to late autumn. Otherwise, you can use decorative flower beds, decorated with stones or arranged in clay and wooden planters. To make unique flowerbeds planted flowers combine with garden figurines, rocky hills, wooden crafts. Mallow, roses, peonies, dahlias, asters and phlox look great on the background of the rest of the greenery.


When the device beds and flower beds, you can use the most daring combinations of colors, such as red and purple

The arch of flowers

Even modest wooden fence can be done thanks to the magnificent lush flower arch

Successfully use the vines, especially inWhen the frontage is divided into several zones or want to protect it from the roadway. In trellis allowed clematis, wisteria, honeysuckle, Trumpet, climbing roses and vines - for a short period of time they are able to create a true green screen.

It is not necessary to arrange garden, usingtraditional principles. It is possible to combine the processing techniques, stylistic nuances, different materials - the main thing to land in front of the house in harmony with the building and was attractive.

Several designs in different styles

Art Front garden

Laconic, slim design is suitable for home,built in a modern style. Tiled path and flowers in blue colors (catnip, sage, delphinium, geraniums garden), rectangular pots, standard trees (laurel, boxwood, nightshade), comfortable bench at the entrance - all the practical, no nonsense

Romantic style

The front garden is decorated in a romantic style archeswith climbing flowers in pink tones. Low wooden or metal fence overlooks the colorful flower beds, along the tracks of the gravel. Dahlias, cosmos, asters, peonies - the magnificent color, the better

geometric garden

Simple, in German with the right gardenrectangular flower beds planted with daisies, sage, petunia, marigolds and picket fences. The path is lined with flowerbeds matched asymmetrical colored tiles. As a complement - pots with boxwood on porch steps

Country garden

For lovers of sun village design -garden with sunflowers. Wooden fence blue, wild flowers (poppies, cornflowers, daisies, bluebells), and the arch stone path, overgrown with morning glory, are unpretentious, but quite appropriate additions

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