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Artificial Turf: examples of applications in the garden + turn-based stacking technology

Artificial Turf: examples of applications in the garden + turn-based stacking technology

The hosts own homes first thingequip territory, to create a personal paradise for the whole family. But the more complex the design and richer landscape plants, the harder it is to take care of him. Moreover, people have engaged on this and do not have time. Problem solved laying turf, which is less demanding of care, rather than flowers and shrubs. But even he needs a certain amount of attention, and not in every land can grow a nice thick grass. In this case, it makes sense to build in some parts of the artificial turf, which is no less aesthetically pleasing than the living (and sometimes more beautiful!), But from the owners require a minimum of effort during installation and maintenance. However, the rush to extremes and pave all the land of artificial grass is still not necessary, because the design is too primitive. However, this alternative is very convenient in small portions, especially in places where the grass to grow for many reasons not wished.


Where can I apply this type of lawn?

Due to the high strength characteristicsgreen cover, decorative artificial turf is closed area with high traffic. It can be play areas for sports games, playground for a large number of children, places to walk dogs.

Artificial turf in the pool area will create an original green area, which will fit into the landscape of the area is not worse than expensive tile or stone

Live constant trampling the grass suffersslightly and forms a bald spots. And artificial turf such loading uneasy. They can arrange outdoor parking area for personal vehicles, combining with the road tiles, pool area and patio.

Artificial Turf

In view of the artificial grass looks better than the present, but can withstand temperatures and contrast, and high humidity, and active movement

In addition, in areas near the buildings, where the landalmost the whole day in the shade, natural lawn looks pale and thin, because it will receive less light. If you execute these sites ornamental shrubs, it is better for them to dim the artificial grass. She will not have to mow, and food for the roots can be poured in liquid form directly on the lawn. Its pores miss solution into the ground. In addition, you do not have to contend with weeds.

Some owners with the aim of greening using fragments of the coating in the greenhouses, verandas, terraces, where it is impossible to put a live grass.

Lawn on the veranda

On the veranda lined with a piece of decorative artificial turf mat will serve as the original, which requires no maintenance other than periodic cleaning of debris

Production of artificial grass: the grass is not all the same

How to create an artificial turf?

To choose the most suitable type of lawn area, it is necessary to look at its technical parameters. Manufacturers produce varying coating density, height of pile of grass, blades of grass, etc. thickness.

The structure of artificial turf

Only superficially all rolls with artificial turf look the same, but they differ in the thickness of the pile, the length of the grass, the density of the base and so on.

The materials are plastics or polymers. Of these, special machines, extruders produce stalks of grass, which is then sewed into a flexible elastic base, covered with latex. For registration sites usually choose the lawn green. But, for example, for football or golf courses there are white, blue and other shades cover. It is also found combined lawn of the two colors. Roll width varies from 2 to 4 meters.

Select the type of coating for flooring

When choosing artificial turf, pay attention to its structure. Depending on the application, produce the filling, and poluzasypnoy nezasypnoy coverage options.

Nezasypnoy lawn

The main feature of nezasypnogo lawn -almost natural look. It is necessary to carefully to look closely to spot the artificial origin of the grass. But this is only for lawn decoration. If for him to go, the soft gentle fiber will crush and lose aesthetics.

Lawn for decor

Decorative artificial turf is not designed to run on it. Its high aesthetic properties are achieved due to the softness and tenderness of fibers

Poluzasypnoy type of construction

Typically, polyethylene is created sufficientsoft and elastic, to soften the fall. It is the optimum coating for play areas with high motor activity. Between the grass pile is filled with quartz sand, which gives strength and stability of the lawn.

The lawn areas for children

Artificial turf for playgrounds selected from elastic materials, because kids love to tumble and lying on the grass

Charging option

Made of polypropylene, so the grassThey are solid and stable. It used in public places, such as stadiums, where the grass to withstand constant load. Blades of grass between the base is filled with quartz sand and special rubber granulate. Rubber filler allows fewer injured players at grazing incidence, because it softens the friction.

There is a gradation of artificial turf onuse outdoors and indoors. Outdoor versions are different hygroscopic base. Rainfall or irrigation during the cleaning process does not settle on the lawn puddles and immediately goes into the soil. Lawns for rooms not pass water, and leave it on the surface. Therefore, the wet cleaning for them to use less.

Stages of laying artificial turf on the street

Cover the artificial turf with his handsnot difficult. It can be laid on a ground, and the asphalt or concrete base. In the second case, the substrate is necessarily used for lawn, which has a thickness of about a centimeter, and is durable and elastic material. Thinner substrates are not recommended, as may occur during use pressed and loose lawn perfectly flat surface.

Stages for laying artificial turf:

  • Leveling ground surface area. Rolls on a flat trail dense soil soland should be cleared from all sorts of debris and level. It should create a small slope to the water during rainstorms left to cover as quickly as possible.
  • Soil ramming. Lined ground must be sealed. Better for this use a roller, but if not, the packer heavy log or clapping wide board. For asphalt bases this stage of work is not needed.
  • Create drainage ditches. Himself coating is not afraid of rain, but the soil beneath it can decay if not create drainage. In large areas on the edges of the trench is dug, in which water will flow.
  • Laying the substrate and lawn. The entire area is lined with the substrate (asphalt)and over it roll out rolls with artificial grass. The rolling should be in a straight line. Each subsequent row is placed overlapping the previous by about 1.5 cm.
  • Maturing lawn. After the whole area laid out with grass, you can relax for 10-12 hours. During this time, the coating straightened curves will be removed due to bedroll into rolls, and grass will get a vertical shape.
  • Bond rolls together. Rolls specially rolled lapped to achieve maximum dense dock series. To do this, place the lap is cut with a knife to the joints as much as possible adjoined to each other.
  • Create curb. lawn edge drawn border, which is attached to it with the same adhesive composition as the joints.
  • Stacking sand and granules. If you are using or the filling poluzasypnoyversion of the lawn, it is necessary to uniformly cover spill with quartz sand with a grain size up to 0.6 mm. The exact amount you will recommend in the place of sale of the lawn. Filling is carried out only when the weather is dry. After that the surface is thoroughly comb rake to sand deeply held between the blades of grass. Then poured a rubber or rubber granules. The application rates look in the manual to your purchase coverage. It remains his comb and assemble a finished site all rubbish.

Before you start gluing series, checkwhether on the cover folds, blisters, trim the edges, if there is unevenness, and only then begin to stick together. Do not put off for later bonding stage, because in the process of changing daytime temperatures the material can "walk" and will disperse edge. It is best to carry out the installation immediately after the edge trim. For this purpose, a two-component adhesive andconnecting ribbons 25-30 cm wide. Clay smeared strip, causing his spatula, folded edges of adjacent rolls, spread under them tape adhesive side up and covered by its cover. That the composition of a well-taped basis lawn roller rolled seams. For large sports grounds seams additionally braced.

Laying artificial turf

When the rolls are laid overlapping, prolezhat more than 10 hours, they straighten out and become more comfortable cutting edges

Artificial Turf connection joints

Coupling belt placed underneath the base of artificial turf so that each number has fallen about half the width

For create an artificial lawn care is simple: semiannually spend podsypku granulate and periodically remove debris from the surface. For strong coupling lawn with soil every 2 weeks to spill water grass and puncture with special brushes, to improve aeration and an outflow of deposits.

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