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Technology lawn care: a review of the 6 important procedures "herbal" care

Technology lawn care: a review of the 6 important procedures "herbal" care

Luxury beds, rockeries original,scenic ponds, arbours would have never looked so attractive, if not unifying all these fine discoveries background - smooth, dense, silky lawn. By itself, without any additional decisions, it becomes a great decoration suburban area. That's only necessary to organize the care of a lawn. We suggest you find out what care procedures exist and how to make them.


The lawn in front of house

Beautiful, well-kept lawn in front of the house or in the backyard - this is an important part of landscape design as a flower bed or garden

Caring for a carpet of lush green grassyou need at any time of the year. Even during the winter should pay attention to the lawn, hidden under the snow: it is advisable not to walk on it, not to make a skating rink and not clutter snowdrifts while cleaning the tracks. Just a regular comprehensive approach able to transform the wild thickets of grass in a noble, gentle, beautiful lawn. Thus, we consider a number of mandatory events for on the front lawn care.

Combing - remove the felt

To free from accumulated over the lawnlong garbage time, remove the woolly felt layer from the soil surface, apply combing the lawn. Presence Felt - a great opportunity for the development of pathogens and breeding pests.

A simple and effective tool for combing- Fan rake medium hardness. Rubbish and felt raked into piles, then render or export to a garden wheelbarrow. combing procedure is repeated in the longitudinal and transverse lawn treatment, so this type of work is considered to be time-consuming.

The rolling rakes

Fan rake, unlike conventional allow more carefully at the same time carefully without damaging the shoots collected trash

Aeration - creating comfort for the roots

To carry out aeration, enough to makepinholes in the layer of sod, so that air can flow freely reaches the roots. Airing the underground parts of plants nourish the roots of oxygen, does not stagnate water, and air. Moderate circulation of air masses prevents the emergence of fungal diseases and rot.


Combine the process of lawn aeration with a useful walk in the fresh air will help the original device, worn on the shoes - sandals-aerators

Lawn aeration is usually carried out in autumn or spring,but in any case not in the summer when the temperature is too high can cause drought. followed by two days in a row abundantly watered lawn turf before the process of piercing. Puncture depth - from 8 to 10 cm.

aerator electric

The most common aerators running on petrol engine or by the network. High capacity - 1400-1600 W, width - 30-40 cm

The traditional tool for aeration areordinary forks. If the lawn is small in size, they will be enough. When the land covered with grass, it takes up much space, needed a special device - the aerator. There are several types of aerators, different technical characteristics and purpose. For example, a number of aerators used for the parallel formation of the root system.

Types piercing

It is necessary to distinguish between the piercing and impaling during aeration. Piercing - deeper process: suppose forks penetrate to a depth of 8-10 cm

Along with aeration produce vertical cutting -cut unwanted twigs and stems of the extra special device equipped with the cutter mechanism. A good time for this event - in late spring and early autumn. Immediately after making the appropriate vertical cutting season fertilizer.

Feeding - select fertilizer

Regular grooming, combing and cleaningNatural grass debris from the carpet leads to the fact that the fertile layer becomes poor, and grass - frail and faded. To compensate the lost of soil substances will help artificial feeding. Experts recommend to fertilize every six weeks, and the autumn compositions different from the spring.

Fertilizers for spring feeding enrichednitrogen, which is essential for the plants amicable germination and growth of the tabular sheets. The proper development of roots and shoots of virtue give potassium and phosphorus. Fall fertilizing different low content of nitrogen, as this time of year grass growth stops; potassium, on the contrary, predominates.


For fertilizing lawns should buy special fertilizer. The best option - a universal, packaged in bags of 3 kg. Price per package of about 120 rubles


Using Spreader facilitates feeding process. This model distributes the material on both sides, the main thing - do not exceed the concentration of the mixture

Fertilizers contribute in different ways:

  • through the irrigation system (or use a watering can), after making rich solution;
  • using drills - automatic spreader;
  • manually, distributing evenly across all areas of the lawn.

The chart clearly shows how the feeding and removal of fertilizer, which for a long time do not stay in the ground. That is why the introduction of nutrients into the soil should be regular

Mulching - increase the fertile layer

September and October - months for suitablemulching. It is to increase the topsoil by adding useful for mixtures of plants. Usually the organic material consists of three components: peat, loam and sand. The ratio depends on the parts of the soil type:

  • Sandy - 2: 4: 1.
  • Clay - 1: 2: 4.
  • Loamy - 1: 4: 2.

To make mulch nutrient mixture, one part of which - peat. Especially useful for improving soil structure lowland peat view

Regular mulching enriches turf nutrients, regulate the air-water regime, makes the grass carpet surface smooth.

Mowing - do even lawn

The main purpose of cutting the lawn - giving it an aesthetically attractive, even perfect view. Mowing grass is produced throughout the grass growth cycle, ie from spring to autumn.

lawn mower

To cut the grass using a mower - it is not just the process of caring for a lawn, and a way of life. To get used to this action as well as a morning jog or walk with the dog

A few rules will help to make the process more efficient:

  • Frequent and too short trimming face fainting shoots as they begin to experience a shortage of nutrients and moisture.
  • Before cutting the grass straightened (for example, a rake), and after shearing is removed immediately, so as not to disturb the aeration process.
  • Wet grass cutting is not recommended - the grass sticks to the details of the machine. It is better to choose a dry, sunny day. It is especially dangerous to use electrical equipment on a rainy day.
  • Read the instructions supplied with the lawn mower, it will tell you how to cut the grass and clean the machine.
  • Haircut produced in different directions, so that the lawn was homogeneous.
Driving grass cutting

An exemplary diagram of the mower movement. Alternately moving in different directions, it is necessary to try to cover the entire lawn area, otherwise make a flat surface

Watering - organize irrigation

It is not necessary to water the lawn every day,enough 2-3 times a week. Let watering is rare, but abundant. The best time - early in the morning or late at night, until the sun has risen to the zenith. For this reason, do not use appropriate hand-watering from a hose and an automatic watering system, which is programmed to include a specific time.

Automatic watering

Automatic watering the lawn has two big advantages: there at the right time and frees owners from unnecessary work

During watering the soil should be humidified to 15-20 cm in depth. In 1 m? It accounts for 15 to 30 liters of water. The process will be more effective if made in advance aeration and combing.

A well-maintained lawn

Well maintained, exactly trimmed, thick lawn is the pride of the owners of the house and the perfect complement to design solutions, decorating local area

As you can see, a beautiful decorative lawn appearance is achieved by hard work and regular attention, but the result pleases the hosts throughout the summer.

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