Water well with their hands and manual cable-way

Water well with their hands and manual cable-way

Any country estate, whether rural or cottageprivate house, should be provided with water. Without the life-giving moisture can not grow, pleasing look violent flowering, and fully bear fruit no crops. The well water with their hands, despite the apparent enormity of the process - a very real possibility of water extraction that can be performed independently without the use of heavy drilling equipment. There are several methods of drilling, which are fairly simple to perform and do not provide for the use of expensive equipment and considerable effort.


Variety of well design

Water extraction can be done by applying different technologies. The main types of water wells used for the production of life-giving water:

  • Construction of the well that with a good spring and quickly filled, as excellent water storage, can hold up to 2 cubic meters of water;
  • Filter wells in the sand thattube is d = 100 mm, using auger immersed to a depth of 20-30 m. At the end of the submerged pipe is fixed stainless mesh, which acts as a filter, being immersed in the sand coarse fraction. The well depth of 10-50 meters, period - 5-15 years.
  • Besfiltrovaya borehole, used for extraction of water from reservoirs porous limestone rock. The depth of the well is 20-100 meters, period - about 50 years.

The exact depth of the well water can not bedefined previously. This would approximate depth as that of similar wells drilled in neighboring areas, or a nearby well. Since deviations due to non-uniformity of deposition of soil layers acquire the casing should be based on the parameters furnished already in the area of ​​water supply sources, but given the small adjustments.

The construction of water wells

The design of the well water is a kind of a narrow well

The frequency of use of the well

well operation period depends on the intensity of use: more frequent use of the design, the longer it will last

Drilling wells manually

To perform the work itself requires a drill, drillderrick, winch, rods and casings. The drill rig is needed when digging a deep well, with this construction is carried out dive and rise to the drill rods.

Hand drilling method

The easiest way to drill a well for water - bucket, which is carried out by rotating the drill

During the drilling of shallow wells drill stringYou can get hand, all without needing the use of the tower. Drill rods can be made of pipes are joined using dowels products or thread. The bottom bar is additionally equipped with a drill.

Cutting nozzles are made of 3 mm steel plate. When sharpening the edges of nozzles should be noted that during the rotation of the drill mechanism they have to crash into the ground in a clockwise direction.

Drill hole for the device under water

drilling technology, familiar to most owners of gardens, and is applicable to the device under water wells

The tower is installed over a drilling location, itheight should be greater than the height of the drill rod so as to facilitate the extraction during lifting rod. Then two bayonet shovels dug a guiding recess for the drill. The first turns of the rotation of the drill and the strength to perform a single person, but as the immersion tube will need extra help. If the drill can not be removed from the first time, turn it counter-clockwise and repeat again.

As penetration drill pipe rotationdifficult. To facilitate the work will help to soften the soil with water. During the promotion drill down every half-meter drill design should get to the surface and free from soil. drilling cycle is repeated again. At a time when the tool handle is equal to the ground level, the design of building up additional knee.

As the recovery and purification of the drill leavesmuch of the time, you should make the most of design possibilities, capturing and removing the surface of the greatest possible portion of the soil layer.

Plastic casings

When working on the loose soil should be additionally installed in the well casing, which do not allow the shedding of the soil from the hole and the hole walls zavalivanija

Drilling continues to the entry into the aquiferlayer which is easily defined as a removable ground. Passing aquifer the drill plunges deeper, until it reaches the aquifer for the next - impermeable layer. Dive to the level impermeable layer will ensure maximum water flow into the well. It is important to note that the drilling manually applies only to dive to the first aquifer, the depth of which does not exceed 10-20 meters.

For pumping dirty water can be applied manuallypump or submersible pump. After two or three buckets of dirty water aquifer lived washed and usually appears clear water. If not - well should be sunk with a further 1-2 meters.

You can also use the manual drilling method based on the use of a conventional drill and hydropump:

The technology of cable-drilling

The essence of this method is to make a hole for the water with your hands, is that the rock is broken by a pile cup - heavy tools, falling from a height of towers equipped.

To perform the work required a homemade rig, as well as tools for the application of cable-ways and retrieval from the well of soil.

Diving well, looks like a conventionala tripod, can be implemented as steel tubing, and conventional wooden logs. Dimensions structures must be proportionate to the size of the downhole tool.

The height of the tower for use cable-ways

The optimum ratio is the height of the tower that exceeds the length of the bottom hole cup and a half meters

The process is alternately lowered pile cup which seizes and breaks rock and rise to the surface of the entrained drilling tool blade.

For the arrangement of the rig can beuse a steel pipe, the end of which is equipped with a cutting device. Cutting edge, resembling in appearance half a screw revolution, will be in contact directly with the slaughter. In half a meter from the edge in the steel pipe must be provided with an opening through which the soil can be extracted produced, emptying drill glass. To the top of the cup is fixed rope by means of which a glass will be lower and the extraction of its contents onto the surface. Glass should be exempt from the land to the extent of penetration structure for every two feet.

Here is a video example of exploration drilling in this way:

Nuances of the installation casing

Dug a hole under the water with his own hands requiresadditional casing, which can be done from both the whole asbestos-cement pipes and individual cuts of asbestos pipes. When dealing with cutting focuses equal diameter pipes in order to ensure unimpeded subsequently immersing the entire structure. Each tubular element is prevented from sliding and fixed brackets, which are then hidden under the stainless steel strips.

Pipes for "casing" wells

Well water with your hands can be "lined" as steel or plastic pipes

"Casing" pipe is needed:

  • to prevent the shedding of the walls during the drilling;
  • to avoid clogging wells in operation;
  • to overlap the upper aquifer with bad water.

At the bottom of the well pipe is lowered with the filter,made of fine mesh is not overlooking the sands and providing water filtration. The lowered to the desired depth of the pipe is fixed clamp. This will prevent spontaneous subsidence.

With proper device wells for water of the superstructure hiding caisson - head part that protects the source of the contamination.

design tip

Headroom is a tank with lockable hatch with a diameter of holes, allowing unhindered access to water wells

Over time, the effect can be observedminor "squeezing" of the pipe from the soil. The natural process of spontaneous lifting pipe on the ground surface does not require any additional measures for burial.

Video example of the well arrangement

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