The device decorative water mill with his own hands

The device decorative water mill with his own hands

According to a famous saying, the current wateryou can watch endlessly. The sight soothes, inspires, and, finally, it's just beautiful. On a hot summer day water gives coolness and it evokes the murmur of sweet dreams. Such pleasant feelings will provide a water mill, which, knowing the principle of its work, it is easy to make yourself. The main thing that was in the area pond. With mills have long been associated set of beliefs, and the very thought of the miller witch, ascribing magical powers over water. Modern technologies allow us to realize their dreams in life, without resorting to magic.


The principle of the watermill

Once windmills and watermillsThey were used for grinding grain into flour. The principle of operation for the mills of both species is one, only windmills used wind energy, and in the water - the water.

Corn rises to the top, where they are on the troughsWe acted in millstones. Running water, rotating mill wheel millstone resulted in the movement. The grains were ground, sifted and the meal ready down the chute, where it was collected in bags.

The scheme of mill wheel

Something like this looks overall scheme of the mill wheel: it is rotated under pressure coming through the trough of running water

Before the mill, which we want to build, nottask is to grind grain into flour. We reserve it exclusively decorative function: the presence of water under the influence of the rotating wheel will give a portion of the original charm.

Structures with their own hands decorative watermill is based on a wheel mounted on the bank of a stream or other source of running water.

Decorative mill

This mill has a purely decorative function and water on her wheel shakes pump: Here is a diagram of the device

Grinding wheel is provided with blades,located from each other at equal distances. Water is fed to the chute blade wheels located at the top of the structure. Its flow leads wheel in motion.

The axis of the hinges allows it to rotate freely. But running water - a rarity for a garden plot. If there is at least a pond, come to the aid submersible pump. Water will do the same on the mill wheel, and it will be fun to rotate, resulting in the delight of spectators.

We select stylistic conformity

As a decor element watermillable to decorate the garden in any style. Once this structure has been a part of not only European culture, but also Russian. It is associated with the scent of freshly baked bread, home comfort, and a fairy tale, so is a great find for anyone looking for a colorful piece of landscape design.

Watermill in colors

The mill is a symbol of comfort and wealth: where it is, can not be troubles and surprises, there is always a smell of fresh bread and fresh milk

Depending on the decisions that we choose in the water mill device, it may look fabulous in the Russian spirit, have a medieval gothic look or find futuristic features.

This feature of the construction is necessary to consider and think in advance how to make a water mill, to meet the general idea of ​​landscape design.

Harmonically looking mill

Watermill must integrate harmoniously into the overall style of the site and its landscape design fit fully

Massive wood mill will be discordantwith elegant fountains and delicate bridges in the classical style. A fairy bower in Russian style just visually neat crush the Japanese mills. Think about how you can beat it for the construction of different stylistic solutions.

Country or rustic style

Typical elements of country style can be consideredwooden benches and gazebos, fence, bridges and houses of logs for rebyatni, also made of wood. Excellent support stylistic unity can mill in the same spirit, equipped with a wooden wheel.

Windmill in country style

Windmill in country style perfectly matches its specially aged wheel with other design details: for example, a fence or a bench

The coloring of the old manor in the Russian styleemphasized by wooden sculptures, truck-bed log house and a well. Plants "in the subject" will complement the picture, so take care of the reeds and primroses, daisies and sunflowers. Artificially aged tire constructions complement the picture of the patriarchal rural life.

Noble Japanese style

The basic idea of ​​Japanese design - nothing morein the field of view should not be. Only stones, water and plants, which are so nice to look at. Grinding wheel can be a complement to the stone castle with battlements and turrets. Benches made of stone will give an opportunity to relax, looking at the water and dimensional rotation of the wheel.

Japanese mill

Japanese mill is in perfect harmony with the specified style, in which the eye does not cling to extra unnecessary details

General atmosphere of peace will be fullycomply with the canons of Japanese philosophy in which the stream is considered more beautiful melody sounds of musical instruments. Successfully complement the overall feeling can arisaema, dwarf Japanese maple, cherry and stunted wonderful Japanese quince.

Dutch garden Symbolism

While in other cases, it is water milla peculiar twist, when you create a garden in the Dutch style, it can be a key element of landscape design, which will unfold around the composition of the garden of roses, daffodils and tulips.

Dutch windmill

Windmill in Dutch style different colorful and concise at the same time: daffodils, tulips and roses wonderfully complement the overall picture

If the decorative structure isthumbnail peculiar layout existing water mills, it can be done in the form of half-timbered house, typical of the Netherlands and Germany. Garden gnomes, water or elegant weathervane - a perfect complement, emphasizing stylistic affiliation structures.

Make your own water mill

Watermill mounted on a gardenthe site should match its size. You agree that the traditional six acres epic construction of the logs will look funny. But the acting miniature would be helpful. Mill house of medium size can be used for storage of equipment or toys.

How true, only a small

For starters, you can build a model mill. This will require:

  • Pavement tile size 75h50 cm;
  • paving stones which are similar to the illustration cubes;
  • wooden slats;
  • shingles;
  • plywood;
  • rod of brass with thread;
  • bushings;
  • screws and dowels;
  • glue for wood;
  • protective impregnation.

All dimensions are given in the facilities of the figure below.

mill model

All dimensions of this model are given in centimeters; carefully considered scheme and read the instructions to create a model, you can not go wrong doing the work

On the edge of the pavement tiles attach to the formdigits "9" stone-cubes. We cover them from above with a solution that flatten with a damp sponge. Jig saw to saw the size of the rack. Among them are collecting frame construction. To do this, the connection struts glue and angle pieces anchoring notching "in a half-tree".

Construction of the model (part 1)

To work result caused satisfaction, you must perform it without haste and sequentially, moving from one stage to another

The resulting frame fastened to the base throughstruts dowels and screws. Fill the frame with tiles. To do this, cut its size circular saw and glue with silicone. Image of wheel rims put on a sheet of plywood, then gently Scrollsaw details jigsaw.

Assembling the mill model (part 2)

All wood construction details should be thoroughly soaked in antiseptic solution: the construction will be on the street under the snow and rain

To one half wheel segments gluealuminum corner at distances that correspond to the intervals between the spokes. Corners mimic the wheel blades. Make a support for the wheel, gluing and joining it to be sure screws. Glued piece of aluminum pipe to reinforce the hole axis.

Assembling the mill model (Part 3)

Wheel - working part of the mill, the quality of which should be given special attention because of its service life depends on the total duration of the construction life

As the axis of used brass rod. On it is put on the spacer and aluminum tube as reinforcement for the wall. Another spacer is needed to ensure the gap between the support and the wheel. On threaded brass rod nut is screwed.

Ready mill

Ready mill looks great and pleasing to the eye; check again as secured all of its elements, and you can begin to test water

The upper part of the frame construction sheathedbattens. Wooden corners that stick to the corners of the bottom, allow the right to combine individual design elements. Wallpapering tile is cut with a knife and glued bituminous adhesive. The design is ready.

Full-sized watermill

Even the construction of a full-size, placed in the right place, decorate the site and make it more comfortable. See for yourself.

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