Headroom to well with your hands: the device and installation rules

Headroom to well with your hands: the device and installation rules

Proper arrangement of wells is not possible withoutapplication required node - tip. Installation tip on the hole, not only protects the structure from getting into the foreign objects, but also greatly facilitates the operation of water supply wells. Some people are of the view that the installation of the well head - extra costs: the wellhead can wrap film or tape, and cover up the old design capacity. This view is erroneous, since the film or tape can not protect the well in case of lifting the groundwater that may cause damage to the system and water pollution.


The main functions and variety of end walls

By the end walls attached the rope holding the submersible pump. Through the well head pass of the pump power cord itself standpipe.

Headroom for wells

Headroom for the well is a kind of cover that covers part of the casing

Installation tip on the hole allows for multiple purposes:

  • reliable hermetic isolation of the wellhead on the mass of snowmelt and flooding;
  • protection of the water supply system from foreign objects as well as groundwater surface;
  • reduce the likelihood of theft of components and equipment, and the well borehole;
  • increase in debit shallow sand wells by forming a voltage during operation of the pump;
  • internal confrontation of the freezing of the well in the winter months;
  • Protection of drinking water from rain, dirt, dust and debris;
  • increasing the reliability of the pump hanging;
  • to simplify the structure operation in general.
Varieties of the end cap on the well

There are several types of end walls of the well, which differ product quality and manufacturing execution material

The most popular and popular amongthe broad masses of applicants remain the end cap to the well, made of plastic, steel or cast iron. For the arrangement of shallow wells often used plastic performance of the product.

Construction and installation of wells to tip

tip device for wells completed: protective cover, plastic or metal flange, a rubber ring, and snap fasteners. On the outside of the metal lids are welded two eyebolts, and on the inside - one.

The main advantages of the design installation -mounting hole tip does not require welding. Placing the product is accomplished by tightening with bolts. They are compressed between the pressing flange and the cover, and a layer made of a rubber O-ring.

Ease of installation is also possible for the immersion pump eyebolts placed on the lid of the product, with the help of lifting devices (cranes, winches).

Mount Carbine to the inside of the lid

At the base of the eyebolt on the inside cover wire is fixed, which is fixed by means of the pump carbine, which greatly simplifies the operation of water supply system

At arrangement must first tipcut perpendicular to the axis of the casing. The edges of the cut should be made smooth, buffed from burrs. The outer surface of the pipe is cleaned, primed and coated with anti-corrosive paint.

The pump may be attached toplastic pipe, attach the cable to the required length and build the cable. The entire structure shrinks collar. The free end of the rope should be attached through the bottom eye bolt cap to the carabiner. Previously should skip through the cover cable and plastic standpipe. Flat outward surface and the rubber ring flanges are placed on the casing.

A submersible pump lowered into the well, it is possibleinstall dock cover. This requires a bit of lift flange and the rubber ring to the level of tip cap. The flange and the cover are tightened together by bolts, wherein the compressed rubber ring arranged therebetween. Tighten and prevent sagging pressure polyethylene pipe will use to secure the collet chuck. With cable glands can fix sagging cables.

How to build it all yourself?

For the production of the flange tip requiredsheet metal 10mm. Based on the size of the outer casing should be cut flange inside diameter should be slightly higher than this size. According to the size of the flange should be cut and the cap, which will subsequently be welded fitting opening for cables and pressurized water system.

Headroom with their hands

The simple design allows the product is also quite fast to make headroom for wells with their own hands

It is necessary to cover the outer surfaceweld the two eyebolts, which will be needed for launching the pump and lifting the lid during the preventive measures. To the inner surface of the cover should be welded eyebolt required for attachment to pump cable. Connect the cover flange by tightening bolts. Placing under a flange rubber ring, can provide high-quality sealing of the assembly.

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