Abyssinian well: needle device with your hands well

Abyssinian well: needle device with your hands well

The issue of water should suburban areaIt is resolved, or even can not speak of the minimum comfort. If you need water, and the budget is limited, it is time to remember the technical construction Low-cost, affordable for most gardeners. Moreover, the technology, which can be used to set an Abyssinian well with your hands, not extremely difficult. Such a well or borehole needle, as it is called, in the 19th century, was invented by the Americans, and his exotic name was after the British began to use it in Abyssinia (Ethiopia).


Necessary geological conditions

Originally called Abyssinian wellshallow wells with hand pump, which pumps water from the sandy aquifer. From the usual well this is different in that the water is very clean. It does not clog the dirt, sewage, disputes and perched. First emerged in 19th-century Russia, this building and this day is a success.

However, before starting the implementation of the conceived,you need to ask about the geology of his district. As a rule, the neighbors, who have long owned sites nearby, location aware layers of soil and depth of the aquifers. They have already made their own choices in favor of the well or wells.

The construction of water sources and the geology of the area

Selection of a construction which is used as an optimal source of water at the site, depends on the geology of the area

Proceed to the device Abyssinian wellIt can be used only if the upper aquifer is not deeper than 8 m Located on the soil surface. With the rise of water depths greater by surface pumps can be problematic. If the aquifer lies below should drill the hole in the sand and bury the larger diameter pump.

The aquifer, which will focuswell, should be of medium-sand or a mixture of gravel and sand. Through this ground water can flow freely, so it will not be difficult to pump. The layers are located above the water-carrier, we are interested only in terms of their terrain. And the tool that will be used in the work, can not penetrate the deposits of boulders and pebbles or solid rocky layers. To carry out these drilling operations requires special equipment.

Advantages of this type of water

The likelihood that you can build an Abyssinian well in your area is very large, if neighbors in giving such well already.

Well needle at the site and in-house

One of the significant advantages of Abyssinian well is that it can be constructed like the section, and in the building

The advantages of such a structure can not be overestimated:

  • design is simple and inexpensive to cost;
  • everything for that well do not need a lot of space: the building does not violate the integrity of the landscape;
  • I do not need any equipment or access roads for its arrival;
  • a pump can be mounted on site, and indoors;
  • the entire work will take no more than 10 hours: it all depends on the depth of the water-carrier, and the hardness of the soil;
  • high-quality filter to prevent silting, which allows to operate the facility for a long time;
  • do not fall into the well from the surface contamination;
  • the quality of the water from the well comparable to spring;
  • needle hole provides a continuous supply of water volume, which is enough and watering area, and for household needs: the debit of the well is about average 0.5-3 cubic meters / hour;
  • the device can be easily dismantled and installed elsewhere.

Abyssinian wells is not as deep astraditional wells in the sand, so the probability of getting them dissolved iron decreases. This means that the need for expensive filters when used absent.

Water from the Abyssinian well

Abyssinian well raises the water from the aquifer, which is sufficiently high water to ensure the normal operation of any plumbing and watering area

How to conduct the work without special equipment?

Abyssinian well can be easily done withthe use of special equipment. But to buy such mechanisms specifically for a single well is unprofitable, and invited experts - it's expensive. The construction of the needle hole can be made with their own hands and using only that instrument which is already available or can be purchased inexpensively.

Preparing the necessary tools and materials

The kit consists of Abyssinian well:

  • drill and Bulgarian;
  • hammer and a sledgehammer;
  • steam pipe wrench;
  • for clogging pipes need pancakes from the bar to 20-40 kg;
  • welding machine;
  • garden drill 15 cm in diameter;
  • tube: inch 3-10 meters long? inches - 1 meter;
  • 1 inch tube for a well, which should be sliced ​​pieces of 1-1.5 m, and have a short thread at each side;
  • nuts and bolts on the 10;
  • Stainless braid mesh netting P48 width of 16 cm and a length of 1 m;
  • collars car size 32;
  • clutch: 3-4 iron pieces to score the pipe and steel, to connect the pipes;.
  • two meters wire 0.2-0.3 mm in diameter;
  • check valve, HDPE pipes and fittings, pump station.

In every city there is a market or hardware store, where you can cut threads and to get all the materials and tools.

Separate production of filter

To filter needs inch pipe length of about110 cm, which is welded to the tip of the cone. This tip is called needle Abyssinian well. If not, you can just flatten the end of the pipe with a sledgehammer. With the grinder on both sides of the pipe cut through the slit over 80 cm by 1.5-2 cm long somewhere 2-2.5 cm. It is important that the overall strength of the pipe in this case was not broken. On the tube wire cheat, then superimpose a grid on it and fix it with clamps after about 8-10 cm. Grid can be soldered and, if there are certain skills.

Filter Abyssinian well

In America, for example, Abyssinian well filter made from mesh and the inner wire, which is positioned above and below the grid

It is important to know that with lead solders should not be used, so that the water did not receive toxic substances. To work only apply special flux and tin solder.

drilling technology

Burime soil using a garden drill, increasingits structure of pipes. For this meter? inch pipe connected couplings of pipes with a diameter? inch bolts 10. The attachment points must be pre-drilled holes. The drilling process goes until the wet sand, which will flow in the drill surface. All further drilling is meaningless, because the wet sand will go back to the well.

Clog the pipe with filter

Segments connect filter tubes usingcouplings, not forgetting dimmed on the thread tape FUM. The resulting structure of the pipe with a filter is lowered to the sand, and on top of it is screwed clutch is made of cast iron. In a cast-iron sleeve pancakes stacked on top of the bar. Through their center passes the axis on which the pancakes will slide, scoring the pipe. The axis consists of a 1.5-meter-diameter piece of pipe? inch bolt on the end.

Finished bore needle

Finished bore needle does not take up much space and does not spoil the appearance of the area: it is possible to decorate a canopy if desired, it is highly desirable to build a scaffold around it made of concrete

With each stroke of the pancake pipe must be immersed in thea few centimeters. When the two feet of sand on the level will be passed, you can try to pour some water into the pipe. If the water disappears, then sand it took. The water-bearing sand layer is capable of absorbing water at the same rate as give it.

Bleeding finished well

Install a check valve, then the pumpstation. We are using the HDPE pipe and watching that the whole structure was sealed. The alluvial station pour water and a piece of the hose connected to the output. It is possible to run the pump. Do not worry, when out of the well will go the air, and then muddy water. So it should be. Soon there will be clean water, as that can make analysis, or simply making it boil them.

Abyssinian well in the garden

It looks like an Abyssinian well, if it is installed in the garden and added a hand pump: summer resident is no longer dependent on the installed CSP watering time

Near the place of the active intake should notlocated gutters or manure pit. A small concrete pad, which is built around a well and is located just above the soil surface, will provide rainwater drainage.

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