How to analyze and purify water from wells villa

How to analyze and purify water from wells villa

When his dacha owners tryget a personal source of water supply in the absence of a central water supply system, the first question is whether there is water under the site and how to raise to the surface. About taste qualities begin to think only after the well is drilled. After all, if it can get a little into the aquifer:. Sewage plants or farms, heavy metals, etc. Therefore, before using source necessarily carried water from the well test. It was only waiting for the conclusions of sanitary and epidemiological stations, decide whether you need this water some extra cleaning.


Delivery of water to the sample: how to get the right results?

The proper sampling will dependthe final results of the analysis. You can not just dial from a pipe or faucet liquid and transfer it to the appropriate authorities. Well, if the staff sanepidemstantsii interest, how do you collect water and send you recommendations for more. But it may happen that your container will be no questions asked, and based on that conduct a complete review. Not only that, it will not be true, so you start another fight with non-existent pollution problems. Although the main problem - the wrong sampling. To avoid such incidents, the following guidelines intake:

  1. It is impossible for a container to take metal flask. Allowed only glass and plastic food.
  2. Bottles can be b / ear, but only onmineral water. Because beverage containers are not suitable because during their production using stable dyes and preservatives which may settle on the inner walls and not washed away even after boiling water rinses.
  3. The maximum amount of packaging - no more than one and a half liters.
  4. Bottle previously several timesrinsed with hot water (glass -kipyatkom), and the last time was washed with water from the tap, you will be taken for tests. It is prohibited to use any chemical cleaners, even soda, because they can not clean up and change the outcome of trial.
  5. Before sampling it is necessary to allow the water to drain 20 minutes. So you eliminate possible stagnation in pipes and at the same time get rid of the metal particles (if you have an iron pipe).
  6. To typesetting at the water in the bottle was not an excess of oxygen, causing adverse chemical reactions turn the tap is very weak. Let the liquid flows as slowly as possible, in a thin stream.
  7. Containers filled "by the throat." When closing the cap, it is necessary that even a little water poured out. Thus, you get rid of air residues inside.
  8. Prepared bottle tightly wrapped intight pack light and carry on the change over the next three hours. If you are in the country, and today was a day off, in the same package containers have to hide in the refrigerator and keep it up to date, but not more than two days.

Such water analysis owners freshly dug wellspass fail, and those who are already using the source - once every 2 years, but if you notice that the well began to show muddy water or appeared off-flavors, - must submit the liquid for analysis, regardless of whether it's been two years or not. Contact with sewage or industrial emissions, penetrated into the ground water, can cause poisoning.

The composition of the water

Even on a clear view of the water may not be safe for health, because it absorbs everything that gets in the way or is contained in the earth layers

Signs of poor-quality water, and how to resolve them

Deterioration of water quality can be seen on the outsidefeatured. They should alert the owners, and already at the first appearance of "trouble" can not drink the water in the raw form. Based on visual inspection, you can figure out what to blame for the deterioration of water quality, and to take some steps to clean it up.

Here is a list of the most common signs of contamination:

  • In the water, distinctly heard the smell of spoiled eggs. The reason - the penetration of hydrogen sulfide in the well. This fluid is dangerous to health!
  • The transparent or white ceramic bowl noticeable yellowing water. Sinks and toilet quickly covered in placesstack a touch of rust. The reason - the presence in the aquifer much iron. This water is suitable for drinking, but after boiling. However, it will feel the taste of metal in it.
  • Muddy sediment slowly settles to the bottom of dishes. The reason - silted up the borehole wall or cloggedstrainer. It happens that the murkiness blame and vibration-type pump, which rises to the surface of the liquid. Its use is not recommended, because the vibration is the destruction of the walls of the casing. Another reason - washed up gravel dumping.

Consider how to purify water from a well in dependence on pollution reasons.

Fighting cancer: put special filters

Iron can be present in the well in fivedifferent compounds. Water deferrization task - to cause such oxidation reactions, in which process metal is rolled and the solid precipitate can be filtered from the system.

Water iron

Excess iron in the water colors yellow, and if the liquid in the stand up container, the walls of the formed rust

Inside, well nothing can be done. Therefore, at the inlet pipe to the house pose special filters whose inner walls are covered with an oxidizing composition. As the water passes through the filter, the iron reacts converted into solid particles and precipitation therein. Naturally, such filters require frequent cleaning and replacement, otherwise each time the level of purification will be worse.

Water purification from iron

Installation for iron removal of water is placed in the back rooms directly on the pipeline entering the house and requires a systematic cleaning of the filters sediment

Eliminating the smell of rotten eggs: the neutralization of hydrogen sulphide

Hydrogen sulfide may be formed in the casingcolumn for several reasons. It may release as a result of vital activity of sulfur bacteria. The reason may be the rock (sulfide ore), in which the broken well, and the particles which penetrate the casing joints depressurized. The third embodiment - can give a smell manganese compound present in the water. Only after laboratory tests should decide how to get rid of the problem. To eliminate the sulfur bacteria in the home charcoal filters are best suited. They will absorb all the impurities and neutralize toxic compounds that are harmful to humans. If the reason for depressurization joints, you will have to carry out the reconstruction of wells.

carbon filter

The main adsorbent in the carbon filters for water purification charcoal is known for its ability to absorb impurities contained in liquids

Contamination of water with organic: how well disinfection

If the bacteria are bred in the borehole caused byhit in the organic column, you must first complete disinfection, and then purification of water from the well. Disinfectants often chlorine. But it must be careful, because the chlorine in large doses causes poisoning. It is better to invite a specialist sanepidemstantsii who knows exactly how many grams of the drug is required on your volume of water in the well. After chlorination, the water is pumped out several times until the smell erode. A more secure version of sterilization - with active oxygen or UV installations. Active oxygen is often used in public swimming pools, because it is not dangerous for swimmers. You can find it in the stores, offering equipment and facilities for the care of pool. Cleaning the UV it is based on the ability of these rays to kill organic impurities.

The solution to all the pollution problems in one fell swoop

More convenient (but not cheap!) Option - installation of the system, which is called "reverse osmosis". It is able to purify water from all types of impurities other than hydrogen sulfide. The kit includes several filters and protective membrane, which settles all the garbage from the passing fluid. Dirt appears in the sewer and potable water is supplied to the tap.

Diagram of reverse osmosis

In reverse osmosis filter includes several elements, each of which eliminates concrete contamination, membrane and detaining all that has a size larger than a water molecule

By the way, if your aquifer supplies water with a high content of salts and nitrates, the reverse osmosis - the only way to solve this problem.

Important! Some experts do not advise to drink water purified by reverse osmosis, every day, because it lacks not only harmful, but all nutrients, ie sterile. They recommend to solve the problem of water dotted by setting filters, neutralizing specific pollution:. Bacteria, iron, salt, etc. Such systems are purposefully filtered, not "picking on the way" and useful microelements.

Maintaining water quality and promotesRegular cleaning of the well itself. Do not let her blurring sand and silt, and try as much as possible to regularly update the water in the pipes. If you live in the country only in the summer, but at least once a month come to release the stagnant liquid.

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