Water from a well in the country - the general guidelines for the device

Water from a well in the country - the general guidelines for the device

When the suburban area used exclusivelyfor gardening works, could be reconciled with the fact that the water or have to carry out the source, or served it centrally on the days specified rule gardening association. Today the areas are built cottages, the owners of which is carried out in the country, not only summer, but the winter. In such circumstances, the country water from a well or borehole becomes an urgent need. The water in the house should flow around the clock and be clean: it affects the health of all family members.


Well as a source of independent water supply

The very well and is a major advantagewhen choosing a water supply source. If your site already has this structure, it will certainly be used. If the source is to be done, the important factor is the depth of water abundance in a particular area.

The well at the cottage

Well - an excellent source of water: the water with him on the site will always, if you have a bucket, and to work well availability of electricity is a prerequisite

If the depth of occurrence of drinking water allows you to build a well, its benefits become apparent:

  • In the presence of the well does not have to worry that the water during a power outage in the area will not be. If water is in itself, it is easy to extract it out manually.
  • The well water typically contains feweriron unwanted impurities are often present in the wellbore. It is not in the casing, and which may be of plastic, and as a water reservoir. Of course, the one and the other water filters best to expose clean, not to impurities caused injury.
  • Aquifers channels are silted up orzapesochitsya. If this trouble happens to the well, clean up its owner will be able to independently: it requires only a bucket and spade. As for the well, initially will have to figure out the reason why the water ceased to flow, and then will need to look for specialists who will be able to eliminate this cause.
  • When operating a well is more convenient to usesubmersible pump. It is here that he does not get stuck. Make repairs or replace the solenoid valve, having a cottage water from the well, it is much simpler than similar work at the source as well. The solenoid valve is disconnected, after which the pump can be lifted to the surface by a cable. For the same work in well sealed variant is necessary to dismantle the headroom that not every under force.
  • The pipe in the well has a small volume, for thisdue to water during preservation, and goes into the well, and in the sewer network. When using the well water enters only into it. And to build and preserve the water coming from the well to the house easier.

In a number of regions in the drilling will have to get special permission, and all sorts of approval procedures significantly complicate the process of work.

Clean well

Depending on in which area is a well, it may be water-bearing channels zapesochitsya or silt, then it can be easily cleaned

Well as a landscape element

Well it fits perfectly into any landscape and becomes a decorative element, but retains its continued functionality

The indirect, but undeniable dignity of anywell - his appearance. If desired, you can beat its presence, making it visible and attractive element that can be a highlight of the landscape site design.

on the organization of suburban water supply works

Thinking about how to make water from the well, gardeners, craftsmen await warm dry days, when it will be possible to proceed to the practical implementation of their own ideas.

Development of water supply scheme

In order not to be a situation where the result is notconsistent with what was intended, it is necessary to translate all of their own ideas in a detailed diagram of the aqueduct from the well. In this scheme should be considered initially all constituent elements: a pump, pipe accumulator, relays, filters, boiler, manifolds and the point of water intake. All elements of the future facilities must be designated as the path piping marked on the house. Well, if the scheme will be carried out in compliance with a certain scale. Then immediately it becomes clear how much and what materials and components must be purchased.

Collector wiring diagram

Manifold connection scheme allows you to keep the optimum water pressure in the pipes, no matter how much water intake points to be operated simultaneously

Pipes in the building can be laid in two ways, so that the consumption points were connected:

  • Consistently. This option will suit the owners of a small house, which is constantly faring 1-2 people. Water passes through the house through the main pipeline. On the other hand consumption points with a tap fitted tee. If multiple users want to use water at the same time, due to low pressure in the network will make it problematic.
  • Collector way. Each consumption point of the collector is given its own trumpet. Each point will receive virtually equal to the water pressure. Losses, which will be formed due to the distance from the pump station, is inevitable, but they are not significant.

The second option will cost more because of the larger number of tubes required for its implementation, but the results are worth the efforts and costs. Select the collector circuit, which further will be discussed.

Installation of water pipeline holiday

For devices running water from wells oftenchoosing a submersible pump. Opting for this type of pump is made of the fact that its operation proceeds without noise. The pump is placed under the water, which is a natural shumoizolyatorom, and the sound of the surface equipment can not penetrate.

Submersible pump in the well

Submersible pump in the well must be at a distance of approximately 0.8 m from the bottom of it, it works absolutely silent, because it is located under water

When using a submersible pump is easy goingand conservation treatment if it need arise. Water from the system completely follows after the special opens the drain solenoid valve. If the plumbing uses a surface pump, it is necessary to drain water from the body of the pump. The next time you pump the surface again to fill in water.

Submersible pump is not less than 0.8meters from the bottom of the structure. The drain valve systems should be at a height of more than 3 meters, measured from the surface of the earth. To through the valve of the water system can be fully lowered, the underground part of the pipeline is also laid with a slope to the source.

For laying pipes should dig a trench. The depth of the trenches is completely dependent on how the holiday is expected to operate the water supply system. If water is needed only during the warm period from late spring to early autumn, it will be enough in the trenches 1 meter deep.

If the operation of the water supply system will not beand stopped in the winter, then it should be laid at a depth that would be below the level of soil freezing. For the middle band trench depth at the entrance to the water source should make about 2 meters from the ground.

When building a new home is easier to lay pipesunder the foundation. If this is not possible, and there is no access to the cellar, you can use the pads and the surface method. In both cases it is possible to make so that the operation of water supply system will be possible in a period of significant cold weather. That portion of the pipe, which is located in the cold zone, a heating cable is placed. In this part of the pipeline is maintained positive water temperature that will not allow the system to freeze.

When mounting the villa water supply system in the houseyou must create a bias towards the supply pipe, because in the process of conservation, it will also drain. The composition plumbing circuit located in the building, includes the accumulator which plays a role in stabilizing the system. Thanks to him, compensated for drops which are formed when starting and stopping the pump.

Scheme of water supply system in the country

Legend scheme: 1 heating cable; 2,9,10,18,19,21,22,25,26 - shut-off valve; 3,11,23,24 - drain; 4-sump; 5, pressure switches; 6-accumulator; 7 -rele dry running; 8 -filter coal; 12 heater; 15 filter degreasing; 13,14,16,17,20,27 - consumption point; 28 valve

The system must be kept constantpressure within 2.5-4 atm. For its maintenance corresponds to the pressure switch, which should be included in the water supply system. The function performs a kind of fuse other relay - dry running. It is used for the case, if the water in the well is not too much. In the fall of the water level to the point where the continuation of the normal operation of the System, the relay switches off the pump, preventing emergency.

After the accumulator can be providedtee fitted with a locking mechanism, which will divide the water in form of further use for technical and drinking. Last to be cleaned in the filter system. Another tee divide the flow of the cold and hot water. The pipe for the cold water is connected to a manifold with shut-off valves on the intake lines. Labor for the hot water supply to the water heater fails, after which it will be distributed through the house sewer.

Water in a private house

Water in a private home - affordable luxury that many can not afford, if to be smart, patience, diligence and efficiency

Plumbing in the house much easier life cottagers in the warm season, and in the cooler months of his presence turns into urgent need.

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