Features water supply device suburban country house from the well

Features water supply device suburban country house from the well

We all appreciate the comfort so that evenfurnished our country house, we try to surround yourself with conveniences. Water occupies a key role in creating a comfortable environment for living. If the owners of the houses in which conducted the centralized water supply, care of the arrangement of the system is practically resolved, for the hosts, who are planning to conduct independent water supply in their areas, all efforts fall on their shoulders. Water country house from the well - one of the simplest and most affordable ways arrangement autonomous water supply system.


The benefits of well water

When planning a water garden from a well, it should bekeep in mind that only properly improved source can be used for the organization of the water supply system. What type will have this hydraulic structure, it depends on the owner. But its walls should be protected from falls of ground, and therefore are made of masonry, concrete rings or wooden frame.

Well, built of concrete rings

The easiest option arrangement of the well - with concrete rings, which prevent not only the collapse of the soil, and surface water runoff

The well water extraction meanswater with the activation of the pump equipment and the subsequent distribution of its on site and home. In comparison with other options arrangement of the water supply system, the well water has a number of advantages:

  • Easy installation. The owner, who owns at least a basic knowledge and skills of construction, dig and build the source can independently. At the same time he should not receive official permission to dig a well.
  • The minimum cost. In the construction of the well, compared to the samethe well does not require considerable expenses: it is enough to buy a water pump and pipeline. Ensure water source will be dug more than a dozen years, and is absolutely free.
  • Free access to the water. In the event of a power outage to get water from the well you can always be armed with a rope and bucket.

But the main advantage of autonomouswater garden from a well is the ability to build his own hands. Indeed, in principle, the idea of ​​installing a water supply system is not new and has repeatedly tested in practice. But the project is the development of power supply scheme from the well, as well as the selection and installation of pumping equipment is still better to entrust the professionals. This will prevent the occurrence of problems in the operation of the system arising from mistakes made at the design stage.

However, it should be noted that due to the closebedding to the ground well water often contains large amounts of impurities. Such water can be used only for watering the garden and the needs of a technical nature.

The circuit arrangement of water from the well with the installation of a filtration system

Clear water with a large amount of impurities for its consumption easiest setting filtering system

When planning to use the water to drink, you need to additionally provide the filtration system. In addition, the well itself must be cleaned at least one time per year.

Selection of pump and pipes for water supply systems

Arrange supply of private homesis impossible without a well pump which pumps water from the source and its associated piping feeds it into the house. Therefore, when selecting the model should take into account the power unit, which should be sufficient to maintain the water pressure in the region of 1.5 atmospheres throughout the system of pipes, laid on the well to the house. Conventional submersible pumps able to pump water from a depth of between 9 and 40 meters. If the well is located at a considerable distance from home, it is advisable to install a more powerful self-priming centrifugal pump that can pump water from a depth of 45 meters.

When choosing a pump, we must start from the fact thatunit capacity should exceed the mark of the maximum water flow rate in the period of greatest consumption. On average, "stock" performance should be about 30%. For example: to a country cottage in which lived a family of 4, it suffices to establish a pump capacity of 3-4 m³ / h. It would be enough not only to ensure that the work of home appliances, but also for watering the garden infield.

The main elements of pumping stations

If the depth of the well, which is supposedequip independent water supply does not exceed 10 meters, it is best to install a small pump station, equipped with automation and accumulator system

The pump system is good because it allowsincrease the service life of the pump. He is working at full capacity, when pumps water from a well in the accumulator and then just pushes the required amount of liquid in the water supply system, leading to the house.

For the arrangement of the aqueduct at their summer cottageYou can use pipes of steel, copper or metal-plastic. The latter option is preferable as the polymer material is fairly easy to bend, which greatly simplifies its installation when installing the track. It is not subject to corrosion.

Technological stages arrangement of such a system

the well water supply device technology includes several stages:

  • Development or selection of ready power supply circuit;
  • Trenching for installing caissons and pipe-laying;
  • Installation of pumping equipment;
  • Installation of water purification systems;
  • Laying pipeline from the source to the house;
  • Installation and connection of equipment in the house.

Before installing pumping equipment layout should take care of the water supply system in the house.

Wiring water from the well to the house

In the final scheme should be clearly displayed: the source water intake, water pump with control unit, water tank and piping

For everything from stand-alone water supplythe well to the house dug a trench whose depth should be below the frost line (an average of at least 30 cm). To prevent corrosion changes the surface of metal pipes, it is desirable to cover the special protective composition.

At the bottom of the trench laying pipe, the end of whichwithdrawn through the opening in the well ring and immersed in water, without bringing 35-40 cm to the bottom of the well. The pipe should be placed under a bias of 0.15 m for every meter length of the article. The end of the tube is equipped a mesh filter which protects the suction port from entering impurities, thereby ensuring smooth operation of the pump.

Accumulator equip at a height of not less than1.5 meters from the floor, most of all - in the attic or on the roof. With this placement in the event of a power outage water pressure will be provided, in which it will continue to act in the gravity valve.

Place in the placement of the pumping equipment

Closed and dry place - the best conditions for the placement of the pump equipment, the creation of which helps to extend the water supply system service

Needless pumping equipment better place indoors, where the air temperature even in the cold season does not fall below + 2 ° C. The best option - in the back of the house.

In the event of malfunctions in the system for the wellpreventing drain water from the pipe must be provided to house a check valve, which is installed in front of the pump. To automatically turn off the pump, it is desirable to establish electric contact manometer.

After installing all the basic and additional elements of the system, check the internal wiring to the consumption points, and only after that connect the pumping station to the control visor.

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