Decorative fountain in the country with their own hands: a step by step analysis of the stages of construction

Decorative fountain in the country with their own hands: a step by step analysis of the stages of construction

How nice after a hard day's workrelax in the cool, soothing sound of water fountain made with their own hands. Even a small decorative fountain in the summer cottage will be not only bright ornament of the landscape, but also a favorite place for recreation, where you can enjoy the unity with nature. Deliver Me is an incomparable pleasure is not difficult if to embody the idea of ​​knowing how to make a fountain in the country with their own hands.


Selecting a suitable location

Fountains for garden - the best way to solvequestion humidification in the hot summer months. No matter what style will be performed hydraulic engineering installation, whether it is classic, rustic, oriental, avant-garde, it will be bright touch to the landscape design. Fascinating play of water flows, playing in the sun all the colors of the rainbow, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Key to successful siting under the fountain - proportioned with the appearance of the site and the overall harmony of the garden.

The choice of accommodation Fountain

When choosing a location it is important to take into account the possibility of connection to the power supply for the smooth operation of the pump

Decide on the venue location of the fountain,It should build on the presence and degree of land slope. It is better if the installation is located in a valley, which will increase the amount of moisture the air, as well as adjust the volume of groundwater.

It is undesirable to place fountains:

  • too open field area, as direct sunlight will provoke a "bloom" of water;
  • near the trees as powerful roots can deform the fountain bowl and damage the waterproofing, and foliage from trees, fruits, seeds and down, falling into a pond, can cause failure;
  • in the immediate vicinity of the house so as not to bring the wind flows moisture on the wall structure.

The most successful place - a platform, easily visible from the house and the different parts of the garden.

Prepare a suitable container

Deciding to create a fountain in the garden with his own hands is important to correctly choose or make your own capacity for hydro-technical installations.

Making the fountain with his own hands

As the fountain bowl, you can use ready-made plastic containers of various shapes that allow reliable waterproofing

To create larger fountains requiredig a pit, the bottom of which is equipped with a foundation for future construction. The bottom of the pit dug under the fountain is covered with a layer of sand, bricks, reinforced sidewalls. Thereafter, the inner surface of the vessel can obscure a polyethylene film which is water. Joint sealing surface can be achieved by treating them with frost-resistant silicone.

An important point: the level of burial grounds should be below ground level. Such an arrangement would eliminate the possibility of cleaning the ground around the fountain bowl

Near the edge of the surface can be provided an emergency drain, the presence of which does not allow water to rise above the required level.

Fountains made of scrap materials

Craftsmen, creating a fountain with his own hands in the country, used any junk materials: natural stones, river pebbles, tires, glass products, ceramic parts

The main requirements that apply to the material - high strength and ability to withstand temperature changes.

The finished bowl can be filled with water.

Installation of pumping system

Start the work of the fountain to give it is impossiblewithout connecting it the "heart" - a powerful pump that provides a continuous flow of a powerful movement. The success of the long-term operation of the fountain depends on the correct choice of the pump. The general principle of the system is quite simple: water is ejected through the nozzle is collected in a bowl. it flows from the bowl into the drain hole from which gets into the pipeline and at least first rough movement passes, and then a finer purification. The pump from the pipeline already pumps the purified water to the nozzle.

As we reflect on the question of how to make the fountain oncottage, be sure to provide for the installation of drainage system. The pipeline for the system can be equipped from a plastic pipe with a diameter of about 16mm. Plastic has excellent performance and durability. The plastic construction is easy to connect using a special soldering iron.

Methods for installing the pump

Decorative fountains for the garden are equipped mainly circulation pumps, in which the water abstracted from the cup by passing a circle is reset back to the fountain

Power of the pump depends on the capacity of the fountain bowl and jet alleged power to be bright fireworks stand out from the water.

To supplement the fountain water circulation system can beInstalling the receiver - the pressure vessel. Installing the receiver ensures a constant pressure for the water flow to the nozzle and the stable operation of the whole system. In this configuration the water is pumped into the receiver, and then transmitted to the nozzle positioned lower level.

Action cascading fountains based on the same principle.

Cascading fountains

Water flows smoothly in the cascade small waterfall in several stages, located on different levels

After installation, the pump must be checked for serviceability and only then decorate it with decorative elements.

Optional equipment

Installation of additional equipment for the fountain will allow to transform and diversify the structure.

Fountains with nozzles

Special nozzles allow you to attach the water jets ejected the most unusual shapes: geysers, tulips, domes, sunshades, Hemisphere

The combination of nozzles and the effect they form form allows you to create fancy water paintings.

General illumination miraculouslyIt transforms the fountain garden, giving it a magical effect. Since the light sources are often in contact with water and placed directly in the body of the fountain, that their choice should demand higher: protected from water contact, airtight execution.

Decorative lighting in the design of

Decorative lighting, disguised in the bottom of the pond, will delight the eye in the dusk effect glow water

Very popular for the decoration of fountains are underwater lights, and all kinds of floating lights.

Extend the hydraulic engineering installation servicehelp correct for the fountain maintenance: removable structural elements for the winter, it is desirable to dismantle. Sam tank with the onset of cold weather should be to empty the water and reliably cover film to protect against dust, dirt and rain.

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