drain Arrangement in the country: the most simple ways to discharge effluent

drain Arrangement in the country: the most simple ways to discharge effluent

If the country house supplied with water, then,Naturally, you need to think and sewers. You will not make the same waste water in buckets. But as country houses are usually used only occasionally, in the spring and summer or on weekends, the owners are not interested in cutting-edge installation of sewage types, for example, biological treatment plants and so on. They are interested in the most simple options with easy installation and minimum costs. The main thing that was reliable drainage, prevent the entry of waste into fertile ground and do not require special maintenance. Let us examine in what ways you can install a simple sewage system at his dacha.


Common or separate sewerage system: it is more profitable?

Before starting construction work,Determine how you intend to withdraw the waste water from the bathroom, kitchen and toilet - in one place or different. This will determine the type of the container, which will flow runoff. If approached rationally, the option of separate containers is more favorable to owners, because the water from the kitchen, washing machine, shower, etc. Can be produced through a cesspool without a bottom in the earth. They do not pose a risk to the soil, because the bacteria manage to recycle waste water trapped detergents, shampoos and others.

Another thing - sewage containing faeces. They can not be let into the ground, because you will create yourself a lot of problems: environmental transgress land, ruining the soil in the garden, and the worst thing - the uncleanness quietly get into the ground water and return them back to the house for drinking water. For waste water from toilets is necessary to create a sealed cesspool or septic tank. In any case, you disadvantageous if the pit will flock all wastewater from the house, because the capacity will begin to fill up quickly, and will often cause assenizatorskaya machine or to extort special sewage pumps, and export for recycling.

Important! If the main source of drinking water in the country - private well, then mount any sewer without a bottom is prohibited!

Sewerage system for waste water from the kitchen sink and

The simplest version of the local sewage system - for waste from the kitchen and wash basin. It is usually mounted, if the toilet is placed in the street, or the owners have installed a bio-toilet.

Since domestic waste water are not considered hazardous, theenough to take them through the pipe system to the street, where it will be buried without a container bottom with filter material. Let us consider in what ways this can be done.

Option 1 - out of plastic cans

If you live in the country only in the warmer months, it is easiest to mount the sewers of plastic cans and plastic pipes.

Sewage from the can

From the materials you will need unnecessary old cans with a cover volume of 45-50 liters, conventional sewer pipes made of plastic with O50 mm and accessories for them (a pair of knee joints and so on.)

Let's see how step by step to make the country a sewer:

  1. Pick a place on the street, where will pour in a can to distance from the sewer pipe exit points of the foundation was not more than 4 m.
  2. Dig a hole one meter deep to go freely placed cans, and Dig it up from the foundation ditch depth of half a meter.
  3. Make the bottom of the pit backfilling layers of sand and expanded clay.
  4. Nasverlite on the bottom and walls of the cans holes of not less than 1 cm in diameter (the more, the better).
  5. In the place where the neck of the can end, drill a hole for the entrance, which will be inserted into the tube (just in diameter!).
  6. Put the finished cans into the pit.
  7. Prolozhite pipes around the house so that the drainIt began under the sink, and the tip of the riser located at a height of 40 cm from the floor. It is necessary to create a slope of pipes in 4% of the normal water flow.
  8. Riser fix on the wall of a sink with a hose clamp.
  9. In the derivation of the pipes through the foundation of the best drill hole below ground level by about 20 cm. Then, in the winter the pipe is not razmerznutsya if they stagnate water.
  10. Make sure that the pipe at the exit of the house was higher than at the entrance of a can. So you will avoid stagnation of water in the pipes.
  11. If you cut a hole in the subfield is notout, it can be done above ground level. But it will be necessary to wrap the pipe (from the foundation to the entrance of a can) insulation material to protect it from frost.
  12. Etcoverte created drains on the stack qualityand water leaks. To do this, turn on the water in the house and let it leak a couple of minutes and check for yourself at this time all the tribes and make sure the water has reached the cans.
  13. If everything is in order, you can fill the trench with the pipe. Please outline the 15 cm of sand, and go to sleep after a normal ground. Smooth surface with a rake.
  14. Perforated cans fall asleep to the neck of gravel, expanded clay or river sand.
  15. On top of the filter material is placedcar tires. The exact number depends on the depth of the pit. They can accommodate 2-3. A guide to the latest tire peeking out of the soil by about half.
  16. Fill the ground between them and the soil voids and seal.
  17. The can close the lid and on the upper lid lay a sheet of tin, slate or wooden shield.

Option 2 - from car tires

Similarly, sewerage assembled fromtires, just dig a hole a little deeper (about 2 meters) and instead of cans stacked bottom to the top of the tire. Sewer pipe cuts at the top of the second tire.

Drainage of tires

The tube cuts into the second top car tire without sealing the inlet because the septic tank itself creates too unsealed

Note! To use this sewage all year round, it is necessary to deepen about a meter trench for external output tubes and pack them in some insulation.

Sealed septic tank of the finished container

For faecal sewage in the country producemost hermetic sewage device, because it affects primarily the health of the inhabitants of this area. The easiest way to find a large capacity. They are sometimes blamed chemical-processing plants. However, the fit and the barrel of fuel, milk tanker or a car that says "Live fish". If such containers are not able to find, you can buy ready-made cesspit of plastic.

Capacity for the water drain

If you did not purchase the finished plastic container, and used by the old fuel, be sure to treat it with the outside of mastic asphalt to improve waterproofing

Tip! It is best to pick up a barrel with a volume of 3 cube as assenizatorskaya machine can pump it out at a time.

Selection of location for containers

Fecal sewage should not be nearmost cottages. The shortest distance from the house - 9 meters, and from the well or wells - 30 meters. Cheaper to install it near the edge of the area to transport it easier to pump, not driving around all over the garden.


Manhole it is desirable so that it was easy to get assenizatorskaya car on the track at the site, or have the right near the entrance


Dig a hole for the barrel manually is quite difficult,especially when groundwater is high. Then water will come faster than you dig. Book for these purposes excavator. pit size should be such that the barrel was placed freely, and on the surface of the land was only the inlet hatch. At the same time at the bottom necessarily make a small bias toward the hatch to the solid particles settled in the side. Then hose assenizatorskaya machines are easier to capture. At the pit dug the trench for laying sewer pipes outside. Be sure to dig the trench so that it does not bend, because the ground turns faeces can get stuck and form a plug. If you can not, without turning, then the bending angle should not be more than 45 ?.

installation vessel

Pull down the barrel into the pit by a crane,and if not - call for help friends men and like the Volga boatmen, dragging her ropes. Hole to enter the sewer pipe can be cut at the top, until the barrel is not tightened, or after it is installed in a pit.

Dive tank

Capacity installed in a pit not directly, but with a slight slope toward the hatch to make it easier to pump out the solids from the bottom of

Note. If you will not put a septic tank and some barrel, it is necessary to lubricate the outside bitumen mastic or any other compound, which is usually treated with vehicle underbody.

Laying of pipes

From the container begin to lay the pipe to the house,maintaining a bias 4 ?, and then perform internal wiring sanitation. When the outer tube installed, the trench is filled. Voids around the container filled with soil, tamping it. Top put w / w plate, which will not allow the winter to push the barrel out of the frozen ground. Around the upper opening of the container is poured concrete blind area and set it a manhole.


All sinkhole hidden under the earth, and on the surface is just a manhole cover, through which the waste will be pumped

When the local sewerage designed to give notTake the time to do even with their hands and outdoor toilet. In the summer you are a large company, it is better to send them out of necessity is there, thus saving on container resources.

Option is more difficult - a device septic tank

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