Pumps for fountains and waterfalls: the unit of selection rules

Pumps for fountains and waterfalls: the unit of selection rules

Cottage for Soviet man has always beena source of natural vitamins for the whole family. We went there "to plow" instead of rest. But the modern summer visitor sees giving as a holiday destination, remove job stress, and therefore section draws accordingly: patio, barbecue, flower beds, pools, ponds ... Water facility promote relaxation, and the owners are trying to create at least one tiny fountain or waterfall to calm the nerves. But the water itself will not move. It should be someone "wiggle". And this "someone" - the pump. To water construction work without interruption, the pump for the fountain or waterfall should be chosen wisely, taking into account many factors. Let us examine them in detail.


What types of pumps are suitable to us?

To create fountains or waterfalls are both suitabletype of existing water pumps: the submersible and surface. They are selected based on the design and size of future water facilities. Submersible system hidden under the water, so they are absolutely invisible, and remain outside surface of the reservoir. Install a submersible pump to the fountain lighter than the surface, but to serve harder, because you have to dive almost to the bottom to get it.

Installation of pumps

Surface pumps are difficult to install, but it is easier to maintain because they are on the ground

Rules of selection of the immersion model

Features models for fountains

Cottagers easier to buy in the store a set ofequipment for the fountain. It includes: a submersible pump, regulator, which sets the force of the water flow, and the head of the fountain dispenser. Guide will tell you how high can achieve the jet in the water structure.

If the pump is to buy separately, you first need todetermine how you see your fountain, and more precisely - its height. So that the jet climbed to 1.2 m., It is necessary to buy a unit capable of pumping up to 800 liters per hour. Polutorametrovy fountain pump is required, which provides for an hour about 3 thousand liters. At the same time, keep in mind that the optimum for water lifting mechanism is considered to be at a height of 1/3 of the width of the pool or pond. Finding your way to power you can from the next plate.

power selection table to the fountain pump

The table is only approximate, because the pumps from different manufacturers can produce the exact same performance with different capacities

low-power pumps in most low-voltage. So you will need a voltage of 24 for the operation of a small fountain B.

Note that in the aggregate productivitysection will influence and hoses and pipes. What they are smaller, the weaker will be the outlet water jet. Therefore place for a half-inch pipe in the system at low power and one inch - a pump with high performance.

Wiring submersible pump

Submersible pumps should be put on a solid basis, to avoid silting of the system

Install submersible pumps almostbottom, but not on the ground (if it is a pond) and a pedestal on a brick, which is necessary to create a water before filling the cup. The body is submerged. fountain jet will be emitted directly above the machine, and if you connect the hose, and then on the other side of the pond. It is more convenient to buy the system right from the tee. Did you subsequently want to connect to the pump even a waterfall. But even if he is not part of the future plans, the tee is needed for pumping water to clean the bowl.

To the water pump for the fountain served for a long time, it to take out the winter, clean out and put in a dry place.

Selection of the unit for waterfall

For the waterfall in the pool of designs fitconventional water pump, which was mentioned above. But ponds and artificial reservoirs is better to buy units that can pump dirty water. Then the soil particles and debris will inevitably fall with the water flow, not withdraw from the system filter, and then the whole mechanism. If, however, you should pump for clean water, be sure to install the pipe water inlet filter.

The choice of power will affect the height and width of the waterfall water stream. The longer these parameters, the stronger should be the system. Select the appropriate parameters can be according to the following plate:

Selection of the pump to the waterfall

When selecting a pump performance and should take into account water pressure loss during filtration and passage of hoses

When to use a surface pump?

Surface pumps for fountains and waterfallsis selected if the intended high and complex structures or the water features should be connected to a single pump. In principle, the surface model submersible convenient because they are easier to maintain. But the open-air mechanism can not leave, and therefore, it is necessary to mount a special box for it, which will protect the pump and will not look ridiculous against the background of the overall landscape. Moreover, such assemblies are noisy during operation, and if they hide in a container, growling practically not be heard.

Put the surface pumps as close as possible to the pond because the pipe, hose and different nozzles reduce system power.

Surface pump

Surface pumps are placed near water, so they have to be decorated of a common landscape

Wiring of the pump at the same time a fountain and waterfall

If the pump will be run at the same time a fountain and waterfall, it shall issue two different pressures

It should be remembered that for the pumps must waterfallsto issue a large volume and low pressure, and for fountains - small volume and high pressure. And if you plan to upload a fanfare, both aquatic plants, then verify before buying, if the pump is able to simultaneously produce two different pressure and volume.

Some craftsmen constructed a homemade pumpfor the fountain. This, of course, a useful exercise, but if you - not a professional electrician, then remember: water and electricity in a pair of life-threatening. Of course, low-voltage versions only poschiplyut in violation of the insulation, but if fed from 220, before installation should invite a professional to check. It is better to be safe than to risk the health of your family.

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