How well do with their hands - a step by step example of the construction of

How well do with their hands - a step by step example of the construction of

Familiar to interruptions in water supply systemowners of private homes is required to add to the site an alternative source of water supply. For utilities, unfortunately, carry out preventive work in the summer, when water is needed and the kitchen garden and flower beds. Well - a more modern source of drinking water, but special equipment is necessary for its creation. If you decide to from start to finish to do everything on the site itself, the easiest way to build a well with their hands.


Choosing a place for the well

When choosing a place on the site for a wellthe determining factor is the quality and quantity of groundwater. For information on how to find the place with the best water we have already written, so let us consider a few points that should be considered.

  1. Permission is granted only to dig a well in the distance from a variety of sources of household pollutants entering the soil. Those. from toilet seats walking of animals and manure piles must be at least 30 meters.
  2. If you have a self-contained sewage, which is nothas a bottom, then either have to alter it, making a fully sealed (it is better to put a plastic container factory!), or to abandon the construction of any wells with their own hands. Groundwater donesut necessarily a source of domestic waste water and your water will not only tasteless, but also smelly and unsafe.
  3. To prevent runoff from its neighbors, it is better to place the well on high ground, where the liquid by physical laws just will not flow.
  4. If you keep the animals (cows, pigs, and so forth.), Which need to drink every day, then place the well of approximately equidistant between the house and barn. To put the needs of household wells closer to home (but not back to back, and keep at least 5 meters from the building).

Before you start doing well, waitthe desired season, ie autumn or winter, when groundwater are at maximum depth. If you start work in the spring, the land at this time as vadose that in 90% of cases you will get at it and. Then your well will be permanently dry summer.

Mine or tubewell: which is better?

There are two types of manhole structures: mine and tubular. Tubular usually put a few pieces of the village. They were called columns and fetched water from a depth of a hand pump. Tubewell is put in places where water are shallow, created quickly, but! He did not dig and Buryats. Accordingly, it is necessary drilling equipment.


Tubewell can not be created without special equipment

We consider the easiest way how to do well, which means that we do not fit tube.

Shaft pit

Mine may well build even one person

There is only one option - to mine, which is a conventional shovel digging, available to each owner. It is a traditional private sector type of well, because it is the easiest to create on their own.

How does the well shaft type?

Shaft Knowing well the device will be easier for him to create his own hands. three main parts stand out in design:

  • receiving water - the lower part, which serves to collect and filter water.
  • trunk - All the underground construction of the water inlet. It does not fall in the ground and not let into the vadose, maintaining water quality.
  • headroom - everything that is situated outside above the ground. He does not get into the water particles of dust, debris, and in the winter saves from freezing.

In addition to the basic elements needed extra that we raise the water up. This gate, chain bucket.

Preparing for digging: study TB

Inexperienced owners often forget about elementary safety rules, if ignored, could endanger human health, working in the mine. Remind them to avoid injuries.

  • Diggers must have color protective helmet. If you fall through the bucket to get an assistant, this will help avoid injury.
  • Buckets with a ground lift on thick ropes ring ropes lowered.
  • When digging the shaft of more than 6 meters on the bucket 2 fixed ropes: primary and a safety.
  • For the insurance of ground motions digging should be tied with a rope, the other end of which is firmly fixed to anything lasting on the surface.
  • If the shaft turns a deep, make sure youperiodically check to see if there is no gas contamination. To do this, set fire to a candle. If you go out - so a lot of gas, and it is necessary to erode. To do this, climbs out of the mine, tied to a rope a large blanket and a few times it is lowered to the bottom and back. Normally gases together with a blanket rise to the top. You can then go down again, check the quality of the air, and a candle to continue to work. If the gases are not reached, the fan will have to look and lowered him down.

The sequence of digging underground part

In the old trunks were made of wood. Today, the easiest way to make the stem portion of the precast concrete rings. But try to trim the size of the order is correct. Since we do not use the technique, each ring will have to lift, roll, and it will be impossible for large dimensions. The optimum height of the ring - 25 cm. The diameter of the inner walls of the Pick up is not less than a meter, otherwise it will be cramped and uncomfortable digging. To reduce the load on hands, get a winch or a tripod. With it and the ground to remove excess easier and easier to be controlled with the rings.

Tripod with hoist

Tripod to avoid unnecessary load when lowering concrete rings

Consider how to build a well with his own hands, using ready-made ring.

Digging of the trunk and lower the rings

The procedure works as follows:

  • Dig a shovel, which has a short stalk, because it is easier to be managed in a confined space.
  • Having gone deep into the ground two feet, becoming the firstring. His pull winch, directed precisely on the shaft and lowered. Under its own weight concrete will gradually sink deeper. You can even jump on it to quickly recessed.
  • Dug another 0.25 meters, laid the followingring, etc., until they reach the aquifer. Rings are trying to put as tightly as possible, and not to have shifted to one side, they are fixed to each other by metal straps.
Digging wells

When deepened two feet - it's time to roll up the first concrete ring

Stacking rings

The rings should be placed strictly vertically, so each installation check a plumb

With this approach to dig water for about 5 days.

Important! There is another version of digging: first fully dig a mine, and only then descend all the rings. Without practice, this method can not be used because there is a high risk of soil collapse, which can turn into a tragedy for the person who is in the mine.

Digging without strengthening

In this way, there is a possibility of digging the upper layer of the earth collapse

Construction of water intake

Get to the bottom of the aquifer, you will see how gradually begin to fill the bottom of the muddy water. To clean it, you need to create a bottom filter.

For this:

  1. Pumped out all the cloudy liquid.
  2. Dripped bottom to a depth of 15 cm and it is spread, and dirt on the surface is removed.
  3. Sleep bottom 25-centimeter layer of clean river sand.
  4. Above scatter fine gravel or grit (see layer 20).
  5. The last layer is poured a large gravel (20 cm).

Rubble and gravel should be pre-rinsed with a weak bleach solution.

If the water comes quickly, and the bottom instantly swims, first place the deck boards with gaps, and it stopped all the filter layers.

Waterproofing of the well walls

Internal waterproofing

Once built the underground portion of the well,it is necessary to make waterproofing the walls. For this purpose, a mixture of cement and PVA glue, stirring them until smooth. She sealed joints between the rings. To better penetrate the composition, first coat with a brush with a liquid solution of all seams, and then trowel applied to a thick mass. You can buy ready-made waterproofing composition or water glass.

Waterproofing wells

When grouting do not forget the small cracks and holes, which are in the water quickly destroys concrete

Attention! Do not use for greasing the joints of mastic, which has bitumen, or spoil taste of water.

Exterior waterproofing

To protect the water from rain or melted snowof water through the soil, on the outer edge of the upper rings (1.5 - 2 meter) leave the trench two feet in width, which is tightly packed clay. When he reached the ground level, a clay castle made with a bias to withdraw deposits from the well. But it is better to concrete over the clay court.

Clay castle

Clay Castle not miss inside the mine all the moisture from the soil surface

Some owners protect the upper ring also with plastic wrap, wrapping its outer walls and fixing waterproof glue.

Waterproofing of the well walls

Closing the outer wall polyethylene rings, you will strengthen well waterproofing layer

After you create the underground part of the well, the water in the2-3 weeks repeatedly pumped using for everyday needs. During this time, well clean, but drinking from it is not necessary, as long as do not pass to the laboratory for analysis. Only after the conclusion about water safety, you can use it for drinking.


Pumping muddy water pump is performed within 2 weeks

Well outside: improvement tip

In addition to the direct obligation to protect the water from dust,headroom and performs an aesthetic function, so its design makes it very diverse. How do you come up with - depends only on the imagination size. The easiest way to place the same concrete rings overlaid them outside of artificial stone, plaster or covering beam.


Design tip usually selected to the landscape area

But there is a mandatory points that should not be overlooked:

  1. Make a roof with a large overhang to maximally preserve the purity of the water.
  2. On the door in the roof hang a lock to go there did not look curious children.
  3. Gate, to which the chain is wound with a bucket, O should be 20 cm or more.
  4. When inserted into the gate axis and a handle, the handle must be installed by 2 goals, and on the other side - one. They will not allow the collar to shift and increase the service life of the lifting elements.
Parameters gate

Washers on both axes metal gates will save the construction of bias

Now that you understand how well done properly, you can try out their skills in practice, and for the New Year to please the family a delicious little water from its own source.

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