Terms of the cleaning and disinfection of water in the well: eliminate turbidity and bacteria

Terms of the cleaning and disinfection of water in the well: eliminate turbidity and bacteria

Well suburban areas remainsthe main source of water supply, because rarely are central water supply systems in the country. But even if the house has a water supply, many owners prefer to drink well water, considering it more clean and healthy. However, with time Kolodeznaya mine can become the repository of all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms, and only memories remain of the former water clarity. To avoid this, shall be periodically disinfected and cleaned well.


What factors cause a decrease in water quality?

The water becomes unfit for drinking gradually and is influenced by many factors. Let's look at what it is.

Leakage of manhole rings

If as a result of ground motions ringshifted relative to each other or the water cleaned up seams in the joints in the shaft begins to penetrate the soil dissolved. Heavy fouling go during spring floods, heavy rains and melting snow. The water in the well will be troubled, and drink it will be unpleasant and dangerous.

The joints between the rings

Through depressurize the seams between the well ring with vadose the mine will penetrate dirt, chemicals and waste water

Contamination of the aquifer

It happens that in the aquifer get someindustrial wastewater from the nearby businesses, or water from natural reservoirs. From this water in the well takes a variety of color shades. It can poryzhet, grow brown, to green and even turn black, depending on the type of pollution. In this case, clean water from the well will give a little, because the aquifer will bring the same problems. The only way it becomes the filtration system at the water path to the house.

Increased amounts of iron in the water-bearing core

Water with a yellowish tinge will point to the high content of iron in your pit. Remove it with water in the well disinfection impossible. This problem requires the installation of special cleaning filters.

Stagnation of water and its clogging outside

If the cottage is used occasionally, in the wellthere is a problem of stagnation of water. When water is not used for a long time, it accumulate organic matter falling into the pit with the wind, through the seams of the Rings and so on. A characteristic feature of the decomposition of organic matter becomes black water color and unpleasant taste caused by the reaction of hydrogen sulphide. In this case, the cleaning and disinfection can help if it is carried out batchwise, not once.

Rubbish in the mine

Any debris brought by the wind into the well, the water will start to decompose and provoke the development of putrefactive bacteria and the occurrence of hydrogen sulfide odor

The absence of a canopy over the shaft

If well executed, without a house, or at leastcanopy above the mine, the water quality is sure to fall under the influence of sunlight. They are open from entering the water contributes to the rapid growth and reproduction of microbes. On rough activity of bacteria tell greenish water color. To cope with the unpleasant problem, make enough mine closed.

Green with well

Covered with green moss wall of the well shaft is said that it is time to hide the water from direct sunlight by a canopy

Ways to deal with poor quality water

Trouble the Water: the rules of the well cleaning

First, find out why in the well water is turbid. If it becomes opaque due to the particles of clay or sand, be sure to put the filter mechanical cleaning. If the turbidity is guilty perched, which seeps through the joints of the rings and brings with it dirt, it is necessary to block her entrance. It is easy to check: the water in the well will turn cloudy after rain passes.

Trouble the water

After finding the causes of turbidity in a well full of water pumping carried out to clean the bottom and install the bottom filter

To restore the water quality is carried out the following work package:

  1. With all fluid pump is pumped out of the mine.
  2. Is lowered on a rope and smooth out all the internal walls of the rings from the accretions of mud, silt, etc., Using a stiff brush or scraper.
  3. Disinfects the entire concrete surface (like - say later).
  4. From the bottom of flinging buckets of mud and any debris caught in the column.
  5. Joints rings and all cracks carefully coat with sealant.
  6. Create a barrier outside precipitation using a clay castle.

I would like to talk a little bit about a clay castle. Sometimes, when digging wells forget to create a barrier to the ingress of precipitation into the joints of manhole rings through the soil. This device is called a clay castle. If this point has been missed - do it now: dig up the top ring of the well so as to obtain a circular trench around 2 meters deep and 50 cm wide. Hammer it all with clay as closely as possible, making the surface of the slope of the well. Such a unit would not miss the moisture inside and take her from the outer walls.

Clay castle

Clay Castle specially created under the bias of the well rings, so he assigned the rainfall away from the shaft walls

Hydrogen sulfide and bacteria: disinfect the well

Hydrogen sulphide is a product of lifebacteria, so to deal with both the complex problems better. First, you need to disinfect water in the well, by the way, the best way to do it. It is possible to carry out the processing of chlorine and ultraviolet lamps. Ultraviolet roads, but requires less preparatory work and does not alter the taste of water. Available in special settings, which should be installed in the premises, as close as possible to the place of consumption of water. But ultraviolet disinfection is best used as a preventive measure, because it does not improve the condition of the well. If the mine is already infected with the bacteria, it is best to clean it with chlorine, and after all the work to put the UV installation.

Active chlorine at the moment - theeffective "rescuer" of water. However, it is not safe for human health, so the disinfection process is carried out strictly according to SanPiN. First, people should wear gloves and respirators. Second, the dosage should be observed substance.

Consider how to properly clean the well and the water in it active chlorine.


  • Calculates the exact amount of water in the column, and go to sleep to active chlorine (per liter of water - 10 g of substance.).
  • Agitated water, submerging the bucket several times, raising it and pouring the water back.
  • Close the lid and allow the mine 2:00 "real".
Bleaching powder

Bleach disinfects water better than pure chlorine, but it needs to infuse and remove limescale from the solution

Clearing mines

  • Two hours later, start pumping the water full.
  • The bottom and sides completely cleaned of silt layers, mucus, and other debris. (All this should be buried away from the well).
  • Carry out repair joints and cracks.
  • Disinfect the inner surface of the shaft. To do this, throw in a liter of water 3 grams of pure chlorine, or 15 grams of bleaching powder and coat with a brush the wall, roller or spray atomizer.
  • Cover the well and expect to complete filling the columns with water.
Laminated on the bottom of the well

Muddy layers on the bottom of the well should definitely clean up, otherwise the aquifer will be continuously diluted with decaying organic matter and have an unpleasant odor

repeated disinfection

  • Once again well filled - fill itre-bleach. Prepare the composition as follows: diluted with water to 200 grams per liter of bleach, to give brew hour. The upper part (to the draft) is poured out, and the bottom is poured into a well stirred bucket and leave for a day.
  • A day later the procedure is repeated.
  • Fully pumped out the water and rinse the ring with clean water, wiping mop, brush or other tool.
  • Wait for the column with pure water filling and pumped again. It is repeated as many times until the smell of chlorine will evaporate and the water no longer feel its taste.
  • Within 2 weeks of heated water to drink.
Filter silicon

If the bottom of the well to fill the purified silicon gravel, it will be filtered and organics, and all of the heavy metals that enter groundwater

To finally confirm the restoration of the water quality, it brought for analysis to a special laboratory, and only after the start to use for drinking.

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