Clean drinking water wells: a review of the best proven methods

Clean drinking water wells: a review of the best proven methods

Well long ceased to be the main source ofwater in the cottages in the countryside, but the owners are in no hurry to part with it. After all, summer is a great flow rate for watering the garden, and if you connect a hose to a central water supply, the water bills will increase significantly. And in the well water is free and always on the spot. However, the periodic use of wells leads to a deterioration of the water, and at one point the owners find that it is simply impossible to drink. Outputs are two: either to leave things as they are and use this source only for business purposes, or to perform a "spring cleaning" of mine. Here's how to clean their hands well, depending on the causes of pollution.


Signs of contamination and possible causes

Before cleaning the well in the country, you need to understand,that was the cause of water pollution. This will help eliminate the problem exactly where it originated, and not act blindly. That could cause the tainted water, judged on the basis of: color, odor, presence of impurities in the liquid rise from the bottom.

Cleaning the bottom of the well

The deposits of clay and sand in the bottom of the well to blame for leaking joints between the rings, skipping into the mine perched with mud

polluted water

The floating leaves and debris on the surface of the water indicate that the owners are not too concerned about the state of the mine, forgetting to close the door of the house

The most common are the following types of pollution:

  • The water loses its transparency and looks cloudy. Main reasons: depressurize the seams between the rings, and began to penetrate into the perched. She carries small particles of earth and clay, which is deposited on the bottom of the shaft, preventing the bottom of the filter. The second reason - poor quality filtration of the aquifer. And to blame a bottom filter.
  • In the water, there is a large litter, fallen leaves, or the neighbor's cat. The reason - free access to the mine on top. If the door is warped or she is absent, the wind will cause a lot of dust and debris in the water, and its quality gradually deteriorates.
  • Darkening of water. Dark shades - a direct proof of the fact that the owners are rarely used well. The water is not renewed and stagnates. In it are beginning to breed bacteria.
  • Greening. The green color indicates the presence of water in the smallalgae. And to blame the owners who leave mine open. Penetrating sunlight causes rapid growth of microorganisms on the inner walls, making a well in the swamp.
  • Red color of the water. Yellow-red shades in the liquid indicateexcess iron in a well standard. If such water is poured into a container and let it stand, it will be visible on the walls of rust patina. The reason - poor quality of the aquifer, which is cleaning the well is not eliminated. It is necessary to put the filtering system of the water entering the house, and if the pipeline is not built, then use a special homemade filters.
  • The smell of sewage and unpleasant taste. If the water stinks, and drinking are feltoff-flavors, the problem - in the mine depressurization. It somehow get sewage. Incidentally, these same features will be, if the animal has fallen into the water, which you did not guess.

Preventive cleaning of wells

Main for the hosts should be annualpreventive mine cleaning after winter. Even if the water looks quite decent looks, it should prosanirovat. To do this, buy a normal potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate), dissolved in a bucket of water and poured directly into the mine. One tablespoon is enough. After 2-3 hours conduct a full evacuation of the water. By the way, it can be poured directly into the garden. At the same time, and the land prodezinfitsiruete.

Important! Conduct reorganization is necessary after snow descend and reduce the likelihood of rain penetration and perched.

Complete cleaning of the mine: the options

Removing the blockage of the bottom of the filter without full water pumping

If the water does not suit you due to sand orclay sediment that covered the bottom filter and prevent his work, and the quality and taste at a level that means you can spend cleaning the drain pump well.

The scheme works like this:

  1. You buy or borrow from acquaintances water pump, like "brook", and the drain is designed for pumping dirty cold water.
  2. Brook will play the role of "Screwtape". His fall into the bottom, screwing short pipe (up to half). It should create an intensive movement of the liquid to lift from the bottom as much as possible of sand and debris.
  3. The drain pump is suspended on a cable winch or so to the bottom, he did not get centimeters 30. His hose should go beyond the well wherever you plan to drain the dirty water.
  4. Include first "brook", that he has agitated the water, and after 5 minutes run drenazhnik.
  5. As pumped water you will see how it has become cleaner. Typically, a 10-cm layer of sand is removed within 2 hours of the pumps.

Important! drain pump forces should be enough for 2-3 hours of continuous operation. Low-power models do not cope with the volume of sand, and instantly clogged filter.

Pumping of mud from the bottom of

If you do not want the dirt from the bottom of your site flooded layer of viscous clay, output hose away from lawns and flowerbeds

If after cleaning the sand is still there, then you have to do a general cleaning with simultaneous repair of the mine itself, through cracks where the sand and into the water.

Major cleaning and repair of the mine

If the water in the well has become unusable due toalgae breeding, depressurization joints or getting some organics have to fully pump out the mine, as well cleaned, filled with water, it is impossible (unless you're a diver!).

Since the wall and wash the filter will have to manually cleaning should prepare a series of devices:

  1. Water pump for pumping fluid.
  2. Tether for the one who will go down into the mine.
  3. Ladder longer. If this is not there, erecting swing from a rope tied to it with a board. On board cleaner will stand down.
  4. Rubber boots.
  5. A bucket and a soft brush on the metal.

Important! Clean the wells by hand is not carried out in isolation. This work requires three people: one will go down into the mine, and the second will take the bucket out the tool and apply them in the third - to monitor the safety equipment.

Clean well

Wells deep mines should be cleaned-way, down the line, as the depth and there is a lack of oxygen for a long time for one person to work hard

Cleaning starts with the immersion pump. Its launch and are waiting to deflate the first ring. Then you can go down and start the mechanical cleaning of the empty ring, until the pump will pump out gradually following. If a person works alone (which is extremely dangerous!), It is best to deflate the shaft completely and then just dive in. However, before the start of the descent we must make sure that at the bottom, you can breathe normally. Sometimes, there are collected coming out of the ground unsafe gases. The easiest way to check the quality of the air - drop in capacity lighted candle. If not extinguish, it means at the bottom enough oxygen for respiration.

Cleaning the walls is done with a brush with a moderatedegree of rigidity so as not to damage the concrete. If in the course of treatment to notice cracks in the rings and joints, their once obscure liquid glass mixed with cement.

After the renovation and repair of the rings begin toclean bottom. Mud, silt and sand deposits, zabivshie bottom filter, choosing shovel in the bucket and lift out the winch. It is advisable at the bottom work in the construction helmet, because God forbid the bucket on the rise will be broken! The material laid as a filter, washed, and if it is collapsed, then take out the top and produce a complete replacement.

Cleaning the floor

When lifting the sludge from the bottom of the well can fly mud drops, so the cleaner head must be protected by a construction helmet

When the layers of mucus and cleaned, it is necessarydestroy all the invisible pests. For this purpose the shaft and the bottom wall is chlorinated. Bleach diluted in water and rubbed into the stiff brush wall. Be sure to work in a respirator, or can poison chlorine volatile compounds. Remains of the drug is poured on the bottom, and the mine itself is covered with polyethylene film to bleach does not evaporate. In this state, the well has to stand for two days. After the due date has been entirely pumping liquid 2-3. Even after such washing the smell of chlorine is present for about a month, so until its extinction water is not used for drinking and cooking.

If such a long time you do not disinfecthappy - treat the walls of potassium permanganate solution and leave for a day. After pump out twice - and you can use it. But in this case the disinfection level is weaker throw therefore recommend the bottom grid with silicon. It is considered a natural decontaminating agent. Six months later, the silicon was changed to fresh.

As you can see, tidy well stale difficult, if not to act alone, and in compliance with all security measures.

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