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The design of the veranda in the country: the best design ideas of an extension to the private home

The design of the veranda in the country: the best design ideas of an extension to the private home

Veranda - extension protruding connectinglink in the duet "house - a garden." It is designed to combine the warmth of home and the beauty of the surrounding nature. It also serves as a cozy corner where you can relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery, or to arrange a merry gatherings in the circle of close friends. How to arrange an extension, and select a design verandas that it turned out bright and comfortable, take a closer look.


Features of different types of terraces

Before, proceeding to an analysis of the subtleties of everything veranda, turning it into a cozy sitting area, should determine for themselves what type of construction is an extension.

Type # 1 - extension open version

Many people mistakenly believe that an open veranda -this is the same terrace in front of the house. The difference between the architectural elements that the porch is a room built to the house and terrace - playground located on a separate basis.

Terrace, framed by a fence

Terrace as well as veranda, it can also be equipped with a roof or canopy shading, but it replaced the usual wall low fence

Light and space - the main decoration of porchesopen version. The design is intended to emphasize this advantage. As a lighting design outdoor terraces are perfect pastel colors and shades, as close to natural colors.

Making struts

On support posts better start climbing plants to cover a little bit open apertures and at the same time to diversify the landscape design: Trumpet, clematis, wild grapes

Planted along the perimeter extension Flowering vines will perform elegant decoration of space and protect the premises from dust penetration.

The design of the open veranda is not quite appropriatewill look ultra-modern trends. For its design most successfully fit the traditional home furnishings: wicker furniture, wrought iron shelf, porcelain figurines.

Type # 2 - glazed designs

Perform glazed verandas or not - a matter of taste of each owner. You can glaze the only part of the openings, or all windows.

Weightlessness glass extension

Using frames in different sizes and designs you can easily turn a closed room in the open and bright space

verandas look interesting glazing whichperformed without the use of frames. The glass ceiling is literally erase existing line between the interiors and the surrounding nature. Frameless glazing serves an excellent solution in the regeneration on the veranda of a winter garden.

The glass body of the veranda roof

Thickened glass, free flowing sunlight reliably protect the delicate foliage of exotic plants from the gusts of wind in the cooler months

Want veranda with a small area of ​​the visualmake a light and airy? Then decorate the roof extension with glass inserts. The glass roof gives the appearance of an extension of lightness and airiness.

Bright porch with a vaulted glass ceiling

Beautifully decorated vaulted ceiling is able to perform a central element of an extension, bringing the interior of the notes of originality and singularity

Balconies with a transparent roof is literally drowning inbright sunlight streams. Through the arches of the domed glass roof during the day will be to penetrate the sun's rays, animating the space its glow. Your task is only to enhance the effect by filling a room furnished with light colors and create a light atmosphere recreation area at minimal cost.

Recommendations for the design of the veranda

Design options with verandastexture, color and stylistic countless solutions. Yet to create a coherent and harmonious way should pay special attention to a number of points.

Choosing decoration materials

The most common finishing materialsfloor verandas use ceramic granite or stone slabs. This method for lining not only attractive but also practical. Waterproof materials in unheated rooms not otsyreyut in the cold. Yes, and cleaning of the surface from the residue after pets or dirty shoes takes a minimum of time and effort.

wood and stone Duet

Coolness tiles successfully compensates for the heat of wooden ceiling and wall panels. This technique is often used designers, combining the two natural materials - stone and wood

Wooden flooring is able toemphasize the texture of a brick or masonry. It only remains to add an interior wooden beams - and the situation will get touch of country life.

A combination of natural materials in the finishing

Flooring made of wood with a stone finish on the walls of the extension forms the close nature of the Union, which is so well fits into the design of a country house

The harmonious combination of rough stone with natural wood creates a feeling that you are not in the walls of the suburban area, in a small house in the woods.

The use of wood of different species, each ofwhich has its own unique color, will create a unique and memorable interiors. A bright interior upholstery support warm color creates an atmosphere you.

Construction of a stone oven or fireplace on the porch- Fairly common design method. Fireplace in the room in need of heat source, will give an excellent opportunity to relax in comfort while enjoying the scenic landscape.

Lined with stone fireplace

The highlight of the veranda, the design of which has elements of classical style, will make a fireplace, lined with natural stone

A cozy fireplace in the background of the large windows and spaciousNeutral finish upholstered furniture create a calm and relaxing environment. Decorating the space with the use of masonry in the interior brings the spirit of antiquity, giving a feeling of safety and security.

All about furniture and accessories

The design of the villa veranda - it is also a well-matched and comfortable furniture. It is adjusted depending on the size of extensions, focusing on the stylistic direction of design.

If the space is not large, it is necessary first of all to determine for themselves what areas are planning to place on a small space.

A cozy corner for tea

If the area is limited to two or three square meters, you can just put a couple of chairs or armchairs, equipped with a corner for tea

In order not to clutter the area is to choose a folding furniture. To save space, use furniture that is included with the sills: folding sofas, tables with folding tops.

When equipping a large room where there is an opportunity to swing, the main decoration of the interior may make a comfortable sofa.

Furnished veranda with overhead swing beds

If you enable strong ceiling structures, they can even fix the hanging swing sofa, decorative pillows

Furnished with fully glazed room inwhere the furniture will be protected from the weather, should be afraid only of what it will fade under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, to design better to choose subjects of unsaturated colors.

It's great when the sofas and armchairs of the cozycorner amaze their natural origin. Wooden coffee tables, armchairs covered in cotton covers - all these will form the basis of decoration open extension.

Wicker furniture in interior design

Wicker furniture made of rattan or - Excellentsolution for glazed verandas in the cold season, it will serve as an excellent complement to the interior, and in the warm days it can be taken on the front lawn

Removable soft seats help build a comfortable sitting area and add bright touches in the interior, to enrich the color palette of the veranda.

Light glazed veranda in front of the house -the perfect place for book lovers. Through the big windows from floor to ceiling most of the day in the room penetrate the sun's rays. So why not take advantage of it, to equip the veranda with a home library for reading places?

Reading-room on the veranda

Place the wall a large bookcase with books,put next to a comfortable sofa, consider lighting for reading in the evening - a cozy corner and is a favorite place for a pleasant stay all households

Very harmonious in the interior of the open extension looks furniture with elements of forging. It can perfectly fit in style with an ethnic flavor:

  • Country - a rustic style that embodies ecological design;
  • Chalet - alpine style, characterized by originality, simplicity and romance design;
  • Provence - French provincial house interior, an abundance of well-kept flower-making and design techniques to create "game of contrasts."

As decoration mats of straw dyed best for, wood sculptures, hunting trophies, porcelain vases with dried flowers and glass trinkets.

Veranda in oriental style

Send aura East help sofas and ottomans, decorated colorful cushions and low tables, decorated with elegant jugs

Mediterranean style, as well, and stylescountry or chalet, characterized by an abundance of wooden interior. Wide deck board as a floor covering, rough wooden benches and chairs are the ideal solution for the finishing of ethnic styles. To add a picture to help tablecloths, cushion chairs and cushions warm sandy shades. Bring special charm placed on the tables and floor ceramic and clay amphorae and vases.

Option Mediterranean-style

Wanting to bring a Mediterranean style, creating an atmosphere typical of the south of France, the wooden surface of the furniture and flooring, it is desirable to artificially age the

Having covered the wooden elements of a special varnish, you will add them to a spectacular vintage look.

Thinking design verandas in a private home, notIt should be used in the design of a large number of pieces of furniture. They will just clutter up the space. Decorate interior better small accessories, using:

  • original candy and bowls;
  • whimsical figurines and boxes;
  • colorful rugs and furniture covers.

These cute little things will help to create a homely atmosphere.

How to choose curtains?

In open spaces or verandas framed glass surfaces, the sun is often too much. To solve this problem the easiest way, hanging blinds. They are very easy to use.

Roller blinds to protect from the sun

Fabrics that frame the porch, are the peculiar screens, creating an opaque barrier, but rather pull the strings - and opened the window opening

Curtains for sun porch play a key role increating a harmonious design. Fabric blackout curtains rescued from the scorching sun, and clear and thickly draped curtains perform wonderful attribute for the celebrations.

Drop-down canopy sets a romantic atmosphere

Canopy - a great addition to the interior: airy and almost weightless garments can bring a sense of harmony and purity

When making the veranda or in the MediterraneanScandinavian style is the best fit curtains of light and translucent fabrics. The combination of bright colors to create a festive atmosphere of an abundance of light.

Weightlessness white curtain of flowing fabrics

Air flying cotton tulle or white colors imprinted grace and elegance, creating the illusion of a moment frozen celestial clouds

Plan to create an original design of the porch at the cottage? Then choose bamboo curtains. Vertical or horizontal blinds easily fit into any interior you selected.

Horizontal bamboo blinds

Dense bamboo curtains will create a reliable barrier to the penetration of solar flux, performing a worthy addition to the furnishings in a neutral palette

Cloth curtains on the outdoor veranda is better to use only in the warm season, the end of which remove them from the eaves and hide indoors.

The elements of landscaping

Hereby porch decoration will flower. Alive, beautiful and fragrant flowers will give a sense of peace and tranquility, creating a favorable microclimate in the sunlit veranda.

Bright accents of fresh flowers

Flowering petunias, geraniums and surfinii can be placed in hanging pots and attach them to the window openings or to place on the window sills and shelves

An impressive design complement perform forgedshelves, decorated with a few pots Dekorativnolistvennye plants. And just everywhere placed potted dwarf trees and flowers decorate the room unusually.

Immersed in greenery veranda

In addition to ornamental plants in outdoor pots and containers can be safely planted vegetable garden, medicinal crops: mint, oregano, thyme, Melis, rosemary

The pleasant aroma of essential oils secreted spicy plants, will become an additional source of pleasure from staying in the lap of nature.

Elegant stand for flowers in pots

As stands for the colors are ideal wood and forged products, under the Stylized miniature carts, bicycles and easels

Add vegetable compositions can, diluting their lacquered penechki, zakolerovannymi branches or beautifully laid natural stones.

Today, there are many interesting styles andoriginal design directions, thanks to the variety that you can choose something that really will like. The main thing is to design the villa veranda harmoniously combines with the architectural ensemble of the house, and with the surrounding landscape.

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