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Design layout of the porch of a private house: analysis of style + a selection of ideas

Design layout of the porch of a private house: analysis of style + a selection of ideas

Porch - a required element of the front partat home. And because the design of the porch of a private house is designed to emphasize the beauty and integrity of the entire construction. The desire to decorate the house, focusing on fashion trends and taking into account their own taste preferences - it is natural for all of us. Each country site owner wants to issue the building so that it stands out against the background of the neighboring houses. Fortunately, a variety of choices porch design options quite extensively. Let's look at the most interesting of them.


The porch is an extension in front of the house, which, if necessary, equipped with a small staircase, lined with several steps, and the canopy.

Wooden porch in front of the house

Porch performs the function of transition from ground level at ground level, the difference between which can reach 50 to 200 cm or more

Since the floor of the house is always elevated to the level offoundation, an indispensable element of the porch stands a series of steps, which concludes a large or, conversely, a small area adjacent to the front door. Number of steps do odd: three, five, seven. It is calculated with taking into account that when lifting a person stepped on the foot of the platform, with which the movement began.

For protection against hits on the pad and snowRain, which may impede the free opening of the door, the porch awning is often placed. If the regeneration of the porch, which is located at a height of one to two meters of railing perform a practical function, low porch railing height of about half a meter acts more as a decor element.

The main entrance with a bench to rest

With the ability to equip a large area in front of the entrance, you can complement the architectural ensemble, placing her bench to rest

As a practical purpose in addition to the porch, and performs an aesthetic function, speaking the main decoration of the facade, with the design of the porch in a private house should consider a number of points.

For example: the regeneration of the wooden frame and panel design house porch can have only a wooden performance. If the house is made of stone, for the design of the porch you can safely use this building material, such as natural or artificial stone, concrete or brick, glass or plastic. Option combining stone and wood also looks interesting. But in this case the combination of elements should be carried out carefully and gently as possible.

To achieve the desired result integrityarchitectural ensemble not only allow the same finishing materials, but also coordinated colors. For example: if Walling site contains forging elements, it is not superfluous to continue the theme, decorating them pilasters supporting a canopy or rail.

Note that the steps by performing the functionfront door, affects the perception of home as a whole, which leaves its mark on the image of its owner. That is why it is not necessary to save as finishing materials.

Styles in the design of the porch

The ideal option is considered, in which the decoration of the porch at home in harmony with all elements of the exterior: the facade of a building, fence, outer gate ...

Making an extension in the same style with the house

Porch, speaking a significant architectural element must not only protect the shelter from the snow drifts, but also pleasing to the eye, combined with in house styling

several options can be distinguished among the most common style of the porch of a country house.

Option # 1 - classic design

Porch equipped with gable-roofed, chiselled handrail balusters and decoration rounded shape. As the cladding material used ceramic tile or stone.

The design of the classic version of the porch

A feature of the design of the porch in the classical style is the moderate use of decorative elements that emphasize consistency and strong taste

Option # 2 - carved porch in the Russian tradition

In Russia, has long been the front door of a wooden house, which stood on massive pillars, made high and spacious. The porch is decorated with lots of carved elements, decorated ornate patterns.

Design wooden stigmas

Today, the design of the porch in the "Russian style" was still popular, speaking elegant decoration wooden house facade

Especially exquisite make it carved railing and canopy and hanging pots with fresh flowers.

Option # 3 - Porch in the style of "house-fortress"

This porch is a massivedesign, decorated with natural stone. The main decoration of the main entrance can act as lighting torches, forged furniture and grills, which help emphasize the massiveness delicate pots with climbing plants.

Stone and plants: a combination of contrasts

Delicate roses, fragrant azaleas and delicate petunias against the backdrop of the cold and rough stone to create a pretty colorful contrast

Option # 4 - European-style porch

Characteristic features stylesis the correct forms and lines restraint. Porch often looks like a neat low construction. When facing the site and stages of natural or artificial stone are used to it, or ceramic tile.

Making a European-style porch

As elements of the decor is appropriate to look porch garden figures in the form of animals, vases with flowers and hanging bells

Option # 5 - porch in the French style

This trend is a variation of the Europeanoption. A characteristic feature of the style is "French window" - a glass door, decorated openwork lattice. As the front door decoration used wood or wicker garden furniture and hanging flowers.

Decorating the porch in the French style

An abundance of flowers, and figure decoration design elements give the front porch of refined elegance and special chic

Some of the ideas and visual design examples

The options are many private porch design house. It all depends on the structural features of buildings, and the wishes of the site owner's capability.

Decorating the front door colors container

Transform porch with a small playground, which is the main architectural element of the facade of the building, you can use the container colors

Pots of flowers set on either side of the entrance. Make the front door the atmosphere of comfort and protect the area from bright sunlight to help the curtains of loose tissue.

Festive porch in front of the house

As a finishing touch when you make a porch at the front door, you can put a nice outdoor rug combines the color scheme with containers

When planning to equip the porch, which will carry out the function of the veranda, is worried about the acquisition of comfortable garden furniture.

Quite popular option arrangement porch patio, which is connected to the house open terrace.

Construction of porch and patio

This porch patio acts more transitional option between the porch of the house in the traditional version and the open garden gazebo

porch space could easily accommodate andoutdoor summer kitchen with seating, tables, and other attributes. Extended to the size of a small terrace porch can receive visitors and relax comfortably, enjoying the fresh air, close to the house.

Columns with flowers - elegant decoration of the main entrance

Located at the entrance to the porch columns and arch, overgrown with climbing roses, it helps to create a romantic atmosphere and offers a pleasant rest

Another interesting variant of lighting designarchitectural ensemble in the same style, in which the lights on the porch made in the same style decision, and that the lights that provide area illumination at night.

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