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How to make a beautiful mailbox for private house: master classes from first hand

How to make a beautiful mailbox for private house: master classes from first hand

Traditional options for receiving boxescorrespondence rarely differ special originality. Familiar blue metal box, decorated with a miniature padlock attachments can and can satisfy undemanding taste of its owner, but the owner of the creative eye certainly consider them a fertile basis for the creation of the original exterior of the subject. Ideas of how to make the mailbox, you can borrow from the neighbors, fences, which is decorated with original and at the same time functional containers, or else we take the arrangement of the embodiments described in this article.


What are all the mailboxes?

Make planning for a private mailboxhouse, which will serve not only for its intended purpose, but also act as a harmonious complement to the architectural ensemble suburban area should be defined primarily by its shape and size. The style of performance boxes for receiving mail can be divided into three main types.

Option # 1 - traditional box

Box for receiving mail more often placedjust near the main entrance to the site, hanging on the wall of the house, the gate or fence. Originally designed exterior element will always attract the attention of passers-by and visitors.

The classic version of the mailbox

Familiar to many of us mailboxes, became widespread in the former Soviet Union, are vertically arranged boxes equipped with a slot for letters and newspapers

Option # 2 - in the English style

The mailbox in the shape of stone-table, placed directly on the ground, placing it in a few steps to the main entrance.

The original mailboxes in the form of tiny houses

Functional design, resembling a miniature house, often made of durable metal, or spread from a brick

Option # 3 - American-style box

Establish such boxes on a separate support, inthe role of which is the metal or wooden rod or a decorative figure. Boxes often are equipped with a special flag, which rises in the host if there is in the box the letters that the postman has to pick up and send your own.

Skins mailboxes

Construction boxes to receive letters and magazinesAmerican model of the same type - a horizontally placed containers with a semicircular roof and side doors. But their decoration is often amazing

Creative solutions arrangement of drawers

As a basis for the creation of boxes, decorated in an unusual design decision, may make all kinds of household items

General guidelines for the manufacture of boxes for letters

Planning the production of functional designwith his hands, every owner wants that lasts more than one season without losing its appeal as long as possible. Therefore, when creating a durable box for letters must adhere to a number of key recommendations:

  • Above the gap to lower the correspondence is desirable to equip the sun visor, which protects the contents of the container from falling drop of rain and snow.
  • The door to the letters recess can be placed both on thethe front panel and the bottom wall of the structure. In a first embodiment, everything is important to accurately calculate the size of the holes and the door to prevent the formation of cracks through which moisture will fall. When planning to place the door in the bottom wall, the better the whole of the box to make the flip.
  • During the construction of a wooden box all elements of design better fasten using the corners. This will increase the structural strength and greatly facilitate repair in the future.
  • Do not forget to provide a padlock, which will allow the installation to prevent possible attacks on thieves correspondence.

Some craftsmen equip its postageboxes simple alarm system. It is driven through a contact plate, which can take from the old magnetic relay or a telephone switch.

To equip the mailbox alarm system, the container is necessary to make additional bottom, which can be cut from plywood or plastic, and then place it on the spring.

The circuit arrangement of signaling system

Optional bottom arranged so as tothe bottom edge is attached directly to the box and leaned on the top of the spring, between which are placed contacts, responding to correspondence filling box

As soon as the contacts are closed, connected by wires to them light, which is already installed in the house, lights and signals thus on receipt of a new mail.

Workshop # 1: The design of the cardboard box

Design solution design box for letters

Smart mailbox decorated with elegant lace and looks like a dollhouse, may make a bright accent in the exterior of a country house

To produce such a lovely "house" we need:

  • Cardboard for modeling (4 mm thick);
  • Lock box;
  • Building PVA glue (or a hot Melt);
  • Paper adhesive tape and stationery knife.

will decorate the box with the help of napkins for decoupage and acrylic colors white, black and silver.

The circuit pattern template for box

The template for putting a cardboard sheet, transfer the dimensions of all construction details, then cut them with a knife

Cutting construction details

In the manufacture of the window it is important not dorezat cardboard to the end, this will prevent breaks. Bend Area is desirable to fix the paper tape

Assembling main structural elements

All items box using hot-melt glue or construction PVA, leave the box to dry completely

The box is ready, proceed to registration.

Covering the basics of paint layer

To create a visual effect outer surface of old boxes paste napkins, and then covered with black and white paint, finishing the corners of silvery tint

Finishing box decorative elements

One can only be installed on the door of a miniature castle, paste selected napkins for decoupage and place the roof lace ribbon

The original designer box, made with his own hands, will become a memorable hallmark of any suburban area.

Workshop # 2: Mailbox option of plywood

In addition to the cardboard version, it is possible to make something tougher. For example wooden box.

Beautiful box made of thin plywood

Cute mailbox of wood, ideal for the rural landscape: outwardly resembling a makeshift house for the birds, it will be appropriate to complement the exterior

For the manufacture of such materials require mailbox:

  • Pine timber 1000h75h50 mm;
  • Parting 650h435 mm plywood 9 mm thick;
  • Thin plywood sheet size 650h650 mm;
  • Piano hinges 130 mm (stainless steel) and mortise lock.

Of the instruments will be needed:

  • Jigsaw;
  • Glue for wood;
  • Nails or screws;
  • Sandpaper.

Wooden beams cut crosswise into three parts,each 330 mm long. At each of the center cuts and transverse outline the line, keeping the distance between them 300 mm. According to the planned contours using curves plot the curve on which subsequently cut out bending. In all three blanks carefully we clean edge and then glue them together.

From sheets of thin plywood should have 8identical pieces size 320h160 mm. To avoid cracks in the structure before bonding parts must first just to make the elements to each other and to check whether they match. Sheets layers spread on the concave side of the unit, carefully promazyvaya each layer of glue. After the glue is completely dry roof can only carefully sanded and attach the box using the same adhesive.

The circuit design of the basic elements of manufacturing

According to the scheme with the specified dimensions carefully cut out the remaining details for the mailbox of the sheets of plywood

The front wall of the box cut out the opening for the doorand a slot for a throw correspondence. To fasten the door nailed or a piano loop and cut a keyhole for the lock arrangement. By installing the door, carefully we clean the whole box, and then cover a layer of paint or varnish.

A video with other examples from designers

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