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Garden arch for flowers at the cottage: + design ideas step by step master class

Garden arch for flowers at the cottage: + design ideas step by step master class

suburban area The area shall be in allRelationship perfect - nice for relaxing and comfortable to operate. Beauty, created by the hands, doubly happy, and today's trends in design make it possible to perfectly decorate the site territory. Arches for flowers have a very special decorative effect, allowing you to create a cozy place to rest, zoned space to place expressive accents.


Species diversity of structures and their place in the garden

Freestanding Arch will be a spectacular accentgarden area, with the help of a group of arches, you can create a tunnel or gallery of amazing beauty, beautiful wall of flowering trellises can hide the rest area from prying eyes, or hide too presentable outbuildings. Arches can also form a kind of pergola - a cozy place to relax.

Decoration and method of cultivation

Garden arch - not only a great way to decorate the local area, for twine plants (especially roses), is one of the most convenient ways of cultivation

Rectangular simple arch

Very simple to manufacture a rectangular arch opens the effect of deep space perspective. Bright accents of the composition does not give vines, and flowers in tubs, lawn and path of crushed stone

Much depends on the material and appearancedesign, as well as what kind of plants will be used for its braiding. For manufacturing arches used materials such as wood, metal, plastic, stone, and combinations thereof.

Stone supports

Rugged construction with stone pillars and trellis roof, braided vines, original forms shady arbor where you can rest comfortably on the benches

Creative arch

This creative arch is made of logs and drytrunk without bark. It looks bizarre and unusual and plays the role of the gate. If you have unusual ideas - try to sell them your garden - the best place for experiments

Garden chalet arches have a lot of colorsForms - vaulted, trellis (when integrally connects multiple arrays), hedge (grille, supporting climbing plants) and form the bulk of the arch with repeating elements (pergolas).

Today, the sale of a lot of ready-made arches - variouswooden structures (from simple to very complex), cheap plastic and a wide variety of forged. Forged arches with thin, graceful lines are especially beautiful. They are even better when the plant is not completely twist around the arch, allowing you to admire the beauty of the work.

Forged arch

Forged arches are very light and elegant design,which themselves are beautifully decorated. In this case, it adds a decorative wrought-iron fence, a rear wall and lantern eventually get a very cozy gazebo

You can purchase for your garden readyarch, but if there is a desire for an arch of flowers at the cottage can be done independently. Arch for flowers, made with his own hands, it will look better than finished. We will describe how to create a simple design, which afford to do for everyone.

We make an arch made of wood yourself

You need to find 4 or 6 wooden polesor bars (height 2 m, width of 100/100 mm or 75/75 mm). Vertically mounted poles are pillars pergolas, to which are attached two side crossbeams and attach them to the crossbar. Edged board (20/200 mm) suitable for bars. The pillars are installed in recess depth of 0.5 - 1 m. The depth depends on the soil type for loose soil it must be greater. To design was practical, part of the pillars that will move deep, should be treated with bitumen and wrapped with roofing felt, roofing material, or other waterproofing material. Builder's level, check the verticality of installation. The empty space in the pits can be filled rubble, but the most reliable way is, of course, concrete.

Drawing garden arches

Layout garden pergolas: 1 - supporting columns or beams, 2 - beam, 3 - the crossbar. For the convenience of the growth of plants is recommended to pull the twine, the twine, or fill the bar in a grid

Beauty at his dacha nice to create their ownefforts, such as a pergola is a beautiful decoration and shelter from the heat. Its can be positioned along the track in the rest zone. Availability 4-6 columns enables you to create a real gazebo, in the shade where you can escape and relax.

To the plants grew well and entwinepergola, between the poles can be pulled twine. If you nabete between slats reshetochki, pergola will look very nice. To the tree is not exposed to insects, weather effects, be sure to treat all of the special compound pergolas. Grids can be positioned on the roof - it is more convenient for the plant and the whole structure will benefit from this.

Article topic: Wooden pergola: how to build and decorate their own hands effectively

Here is another example of the construction of wooden arch:

Arch with their hands from a tree

If you are using elements of metal -rebar, angles, they must be degreased, and then paint. Wooden elements more reliably be secured with galvanized materials. Wooden arch better to plant in the sense that when severe frosts the tree will not be as cold as metal. Sometimes parts of the plants freeze to metal and die oledenevshemu

An example of the construction of the garden design is fairly simple, but if you have it painted, using carved decorative elements, you will have a very nice garden arch.

There are also several videos on our subject, which may provide you some ideas:

How to plant the plants to decorate the arch?

After fabrication and installation of arches needthink about what plants you want to plant as an ornamental. And annuals and perennials should be planted closer to the base structure. Perennials grow slowly, so in the first year or two of their gains will be small and special decorative effect will not be. You can with them to plant annuals and vines - purple morning glory, sweet peas, beans decorative. They are in the first year can decorate the arch. Alternatively, you can hang in pots or in pots beautiful ampelnye - begonia, petunia, pelargonium. This will give a scenic view of the arch and you will not have to wait until the rise, such as clematis or climbing roses.

When the plants are fully opletut under the arch of flowers,it will be a wonderful place - a shady and beautiful. The arch is good, and when the greens covers the design, but it looks the most impressive, of course, during the flowering plants. It is no accident today fashionable to decorate arches blooming wedding ceremony - arches create a wonderful festive atmosphere, showing the beauty of nature and human hands skills.

Arches of roses

Arches of roses - one of the most beautiful. You can combine varieties of roses, for example, as in this case - climbing roses decorate the arched structure, and other varieties planted in alternation with ground cover plants, form a luxurious carpet downstairs

Video shows an example of creating an unusual arches and decorations of her ample plants:

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