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Examples of the use of small architectural forms in the garden and in the country

Examples of the use of small architectural forms in the garden and in the country

Country estate - land, not intendedonly to gardening, but also for recreation. I want it to be beautiful in every respect - luxurious, well-maintained plants and decor, which forms a portion of a unit and pleasing the eye. Garden furniture, bench, bridge at the site to help create a special atmosphere, small architectural forms from wood, metal, concrete, create a special area in the garden, reminiscent of a fairy-tale kingdom.


Fashion trends in landscape design cometo us from Europe, the use of small architectural forms to decorate the private gardens, there has been practiced for a long time, as this is a new direction for us, which is fast becoming popular.


A cozy place for recreation created with the help of the boardwalk, which is located under the trees. Flowers in pots and vases make it even more attractive

The statues, decorative bridges and benches, gazebos,previously it could only be found in city parks today any cottager can elevate your site using these wonderful elements of landscape design.

Butterfly Bench

Make a garden can be original, imparting the usual elements of an unusual shape. An example is this bench in the shape of a butterfly

The choice of architectural forms, of course, in many waysIt depends on the budget, but use small exterior form is always possible - the market today offers a comprehensive range in a wide price range. So that small shapes can afford not only the oligarchs.

What can be achieved using small architecturalform? Very much - to give the site personality, divide it into zones, change the design, emphases, use small form to create a specific style. They perform two important functions: make the area more aesthetic territory and provide comfort.


Benches in the garden - the most commonly used short forms. They can be as simple and unusual surprises solutions - such as this bench with mosaic

In any small shape, with the exception of sculptures,has a practical purpose: the tapestry protect from dust, wind, is a support for the plants, bridges allow to cross the waters, in the gazebo, and nice to eat for a rest, the bench in the garden - also perfect places to relax.

Consider the main types of small forms that can transform a garden area into a cozy sitting area.

Garden bridges - Decoration artificial reservoirs

Garden bridges - is, as a rule, woodenmetal or architectural design. The most common option - a combination of these materials, for example, log bridge with metal railings. The bridge can be curved, flat, with or without railings - it always looks good if the country has a body of water, makes the area beautiful, attractive.

Next you can place the bench, lights thatthe evening will not only cover the territory, but also to allocate the water zone. You can also use garden sculptures - and you get a cozy and romantic corner for rest.

Forged bridge

Beautiful wrought-iron bridge thrown across the artificial pond - beautiful decorative element that gives the garden a special grace

Pergolas - a cozy place for a meal and pleasant conversation

the set used for the construction of pavilionsmaterials - natural and artificial stone, metal, brick, wood. For roof - shingles, metal, slate, board - in general, any roofing material. Appointment gazebo - to provide owners a comfortable rest, often accompanied by the adoption of a food or tea.

Tasteful garden furniture is not only a comfortable refuge from the sun or rain, but the decoration of the site.


Openwork gazebo in wood protects from the sun and wind, roof shingles soft structure gives an aesthetic appearance

Arbour of wood and metal

Small form, decorated with forging, always look a winner. This gazebo on the site - is not only a good place for recreation, but also garden decoration

Pergolas and arches - zoning garden with the help of loach

Arches and pergolas - bearing species of smallarchitectural forms. The arches are designed for zoning space, entwined with vines and other climbing plants, they create a very cozy picturesque corners of the garden.

The stone arch is now almost classicousted forged, metal and wood. Budget option - an arch made of plastic, is also widely used in the decoration of areas. Arch - a decorative element that came to us from ancient times, has not lost in our day of its relevance due to the possibility to decorate beautifully territory.


2 in 1 - arch-pergola. Although it is not entwined with greenery, but surrounded by delphiniums and other flowers looks very good

Arched structures are often used in conjunction withpergolas. Classical pergola - construction with through the roof of the beams, which is based on the pillars. To produce pergolas used mainly plastic and wood.


Pergolas often integral with garden bench - it turns a very pleasant place to relax in the floral environment, protected from the sun

Pergolas can not be called functionaldesigns, their basic function - decorative but ivy-covered pergola and roses may be the best place to relax in the summer, in the shade of the plant, where you will admire the beauty of nature. In pergola a small area can be a major emphasis, forming part of the selected style (mostly classical).

Garden sculptures: modern and classic

Classical sculptures of plaster and marble, smallarchitectural forms of concrete - the image of angels, gods or ancient statues of lions surrounded by colonnades luxury suit is not for every garden. The best place for them - a large garden or a regular park.

Modern sculpture and garden figures -great for a small area. Such small forms as Dwarfs figurines, small animals, flowers, cars, miniature replicas of palaces and castles will help create a positive mood in adults and in children. And they look great both day and evening with lighting anywhere in the garden - the pond, in the shadow of tall trees, on a bed, and on the playground.

Sculptures made of concrete

Such sculptures are appropriate in the large garden, porch impressive home. A small fountain in a classic style, and can be installed on a site smaller


These cute plaster figures are inexpensive and their use in the garden decor creates a positive attitude

You can buy and more expensive original modern sculpture design work and place it in a special corner of the garden.


This pensive elf can be positioned in a quiet corner of the garden, a place for quiet reflection

Vases and containers - budget way to decorate your garden

Artistically decorated container for flowersare also small architectural forms. They are available to anyone and can significantly elevate your garden space. If you pick up a container for plants, taking into account their size, material, shape, color, painting, and other external characteristics, and located in a place where you want to focus, garden will sparkle with bright colors. Plus, vases and containers and that is the most affordable garden decor.

Decorative cart

The container with flowers set inside a decorative truck - a very interesting form of a small country-style

Even if you have a small area where the structuredo not differ special beauty, with the help of small architectural forms can own hands to turn it into a place where you'll be happy to spend time close to nature.

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