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Examples of the use of forged furniture in the Garden: how to add sophistication his dacha

Examples of the use of forged furniture in the Garden: how to add sophistication his dacha

Choosing garden furniture is not as easy as it seems. Traditional wickerwork not too durable. Willow vine and rattan are afraid of excess moisture. Every night, clean up the garden furniture in the house - it's not too pleasant experience. Or maybe it will rain at night? Treated with special solutions and varnishes structures made of wood is much more resistant to moisture, but their coverage will have to be updated periodically. Excellent oppose all manifestations of weatherproof plastic products. But from the point of view of aesthetics, plastic items lose. But the forged furniture is able to conform to any terrain and has many other advantages.


The good metal furniture?

You agree that graceful metal products, like glittering lace look truly aristocratic.

Small set

You agree that this furniture is able to decorate any interior. And she, for all its advantages, and more durable

Suburban headsets

It looks forged headsets with dignity, if not sought. It can not be afraid to leave even in the rain. That's just the beauty of the winter so it is better to remove

What else has the advantages of wrought iron furniture for the garden?

  • If the product is covered by specialanticorrosive compositions, it can not hide either from the rain or the snow. The vagaries of the weather it will be terrible. However, with the onset of winter, it is best to send a furniture in a dry room. And in actual fact, this time of year gatherings in the open air do not happen too often.
  • Metal Constructions will not chew on pets, and small children are unlikely to be able to put them in any way significant damage.
  • Special care is also not necessary, but from dust and moisture, we periodically clean any thing, such a withdrawal can not be considered a special and complicated.
  • Versatility - one of the main advantagesmetal products. Any styling landscape perfectly perceives forged furniture. She will be a place in the European, Scandinavian, Arabic or even Caucasus interior.
  • Quality construction metal headsets extremely durable. Acquired once the owner of the garden, it will please not only the children, but even grandchildren.

Those who still have doubts, in favor of some productsmake your choice, enough to load into the cabin, where there is a diverse wrought-iron furniture, and the results of his meditations no longer be doubted. We also offer you to draw conclusions, watch this video.

What exactly can decorate your garden?

Metal plastic, furniture out of it is able to realize any fantasy master who created it, or the customer himself namechtavshego special headsets.


Imagine a bed, a hammock is not in the room, but directly in the garden. It is the way and the thin veil-canopy, which is able to protect the sleeper from the pesky insects

Nominee # 1 - bench for rest and contemplation

When a forged bench brings to mindPushkin, fruitful Boldin autumn, autumn leaf, nestled on Bent arm. Completely made of metal products compete in their beauty only with garden benches, in which the metal and wood are successfully combined with each other.

The design of this bench is durable and reliable. Moreover, it becomes a real gem of any garden. On it nice to sit down after work and just dream, sitting on a bench - a pleasure. However, why is sitting? Bench by its dimensions, it allows you to lie down on it. And, best of all, it can be operated completely in spite of his own complexion.

Bench for a poet

Not surprisingly, the poet, squatting on a bench, will come to mind the brightest thought that he would be able to translate into works of art


Wrought iron benches may look very diverse. In the top photo, and life-affirming solar product, and at the bottom - a brutal, like a saga about vampires and werewolves

By the way, if you do decide to make your own bench, then we have a great coaching: * Garden bench to give his own hands: six projects for every taste *.

Nominee # 2 - tables and chairs, dining sets

You are going to issue a gazebo, veranda oran open terrace in the Eastern, European, Asian or Caucasian style? Or maybe you prefer the baroque, or high-tech? In any case, you can find a suitable wrought headsets. Stylistic features able to convey even a concise ornament or intricate ligature pattern, and we quietly immerse ourselves in the interior, which has always dreamed of having.

Garden furniture

The gazebo, decorated with grapevine, furniture is already built. As you can see, it goes well with the surrounding landscape, and certainly guests, being in such a convenient location, will be satisfied

If you think that may be forged chairsseem too hard, just use removable cushion the desired degree of elasticity as overhead seats for your chairs. Such chairs and armchairs will welcome you with the comfort and elegance of a special products which are capable of producing only the people of the two professions: glassblowers and artists on the metal.

Set for verandas

Very easy to set the veranda allows guests to stay with maximum comfort. The peripheral part of the rotating table top, and the central part of the table is stationary, which helps it serve

Particular attention should be paid to the table. Whether it's a small coffee or a full version of a massive product that can be a decoration for your dining room, wrought-iron table will not look bulky. Strength combined with fishnet - a distinctive feature of the garden and garden furniture, forged stainless steel.

Coffee table

Wrought iron coffee table leg looks particularly impressive in combination with glass top surface. Despite the apparent fragility and weightlessness, it is stable and durable item

Nominee # 3 - Relaxation in a rocking chair

To swing or just relax in a chairextremely nice. You can blissfully relax without thinking about whether this thing will break under your weight. This chair is really convenient, practical and, thanks to the artistic forging, has a great view. It is important to select the item of high quality steel and coated with reliable, then it will be almost eternal. Do not hesitate to exploit it you do not get bored.

Rocking chairs

These rocking chairs are very different. Which one did you like more? I guess the answer depends on what kind of interior design you are trying to create on your cottage

Nominee # 4 - fishnet swing

Suspended swing chair - unusual fruitdesign ideas, which many came to taste. Like a bizarre flowers or ripe fruit such piece of furniture can hang right in your garden. Its smooth and clean lines are a delight, and the play of light in the tangles of metal soothes, inspires. If necessary, this chair can act as a cradle for the baby.

But not only the chair swings, but also the more familiarfor us the traditional swings are made of wrought iron. By choosing such a structure it is very important to ensure its safety, especially if the kids will enjoy it. Construction should not have sharp corners, its seat surface and backrest should be level. Sami swing - resistant.


This is where the strength of the metal is useful, because it is the operation of the chair, bassinet. Really exclusive design refinement


In here are quite traditional swing. They conveniently swing and alone, and in the campaign. It is only important to make sure in advance of their stability

Tricks of a successful choice

It's always nice when a person pleased with your purchase and a year later, and a few years after its accomplishment.

Forged headsets

Such things have no age. Upholstery can be replaced, and the set itself and will always look to the place and the time of any era

Forged Beetle

True fans of forged products is not going to stop there. The next step is a wonderful car, which also can be decorated with the help of artistic forging

What should pay attention to your choice of forged furniture was happy, we will tell you now:

  • Note the flat thrust bearings, which should be in metal furniture, if the headset will be on the veranda or terrace. This will help avoid damage to the flooring.
  • Still, this furniture is recommended for use in outdoor environments. The reason for that - the big weight of forged products, the manufacture of which is, as a rule, low-carbon steel.
  • While taking care of home furnishings such abrasives can not be used: they can leave scratches.
  • Special varnish - that's what can be covered by a metal if desired. It is important to choose a suitable, so he did not go cracks from changing temperature conditions.
  • With the combination of the metal things with wood, or cloth, care shall be based on the features of these materials.

Unmatched by the originality and beauty of wrought iron furniture gives your garden a special charm. Your home becomes truly unique.

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