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All about rutary or how to make a garden of old stumps and roots with their hands

All about rutary or how to make a garden of old stumps and roots with their hands

Nature sometimes creates a very strange shapes. Often the lone snag stump dried or look amazingly picturesque, reminding us of the fairy devil or other mysterious creatures. These properties of dead snags, stumps and roots and founded the art of creating a garden from the roots - rutariya. Rutary their own hands to create a snap, enough to show imagination and your imagination.


Search and preparation of materials

If you have large trees in your garden, after theirpruning branches are always interesting shape. If the site has a huge old tree stump - do not rush to uproot it, the stump can be transformed so that will be a central figure in your garden.

Decorative tree stump

This decorative stump, which is located atroad wood treated and painted. A large area allows the stump to grow several species of flowering plants in the recess. Different plants are planted between the roots. This stub is a beautiful decorative composition on a plot

Rutary - word for us is new, although the decorative composition of the roots and stumps of people with creative imagination to create for a long time. The word is derived from the English "root" - the root.

If the section old trees and stumpsno, you can go into the woods or in landing. Here you can always look for snags, stumps residues, bark and large branches, which will be useful when creating rutariya. When you upgrade the park area or streets in the city, you can find excellent stumps, and saw cut, and logs.

Once the materials for rutariyais selected, it is desirable to treat them. Dry wood is not a durable material rutary of untreated wood will retain the strength and appearance of a maximum of 6-7 years. Selected components should be cleaned, parboiled, where required - clean from rot where necessary - to saw, cut or join. Wood can uncover lacquer, handle special impregnation, paint. But if the life of 7 years is large enough, enough to clear the tree from insects and dust and leave in a natural form.

The rules create a good composition

Rutarii created today and in apartments(Mini rutarii), and in suburban areas. Rutary transform your garden sitting area, making it mysterious and more comfortable, it will go well with any style design you have chosen for your garden. To the roots of the garden has turned out successful, you need to consider some of the rules and to know something:

  • Think about what you would like to create. Rutary may consist only of the dead parts of the tree, it looks not very happy, but mysterious. If you use a combination of snags, stumps and fresh flowers and plants, you can create beautiful compositions pleasing to the eye. Sometimes snag so resembles a figure of an animal or a devil, that it is impossible not to finish this way.
  • Advantages rutariev that each one is unique. You can not create the same garden from driftwood, since there snags and stumps identical in nature.
  • Create rutary can be anywhere - such as a fence or on the veranda.
  • Rutary can be created, using asOnly the material tree, and you can use ceramics, forged elements, garden decor in the form of various figures, pebbles, artificial and natural stone. Good combination of dry wood and moss.

More details can be found in the video:

3 main varieties rutariev

Rutary happens:

  • Natural. In this type of use rutarii living and non-living plant. This is the most beautiful and organic option that many choose.
  • The simplest. There are only driftwood and stumps, but usuallyabove them need more work. For example, you find a snag, which is very similar Treefolk, but it needs to be more similarities here and there cut and sawed, this process is similar to creating sculptures.
  • Decorative. In rutarii of this type are used and liveplants, and figures out of wood, but the main role belongs to the latter. For example, the focus will snag stump or bizarre, surrounded by modest plant, against which it will look more expressive. Or will it be a composition of several figures on a background of green lawn, ivy-covered walls, etc.

Below are illustrations of all three options.

Decorative rutary

Such rutary could be considered natural, but the tree is processed in a special way - emphasized texture, wood is painted, so this option - most decorative


But this option is almost untouched, as was intended by nature. For decorative author decided to plant flowers directly into the center of the composition

Inverted root

Example decorative rutariya. An interesting composition, which is located in the center of the inverted-treated root is surrounded by various plants

Rutary recreational area

Rutary This can be done at the recreation area or playground. When you create are used in the form of garden decor figurines gnome, wooden barrel, rocks, stump and fence in the background

Where better to place your masterpiece?

We offer several options to choose from:

  • At the entrance to the country. Pleasant impression will make a stylish colorful composition, where the combination of flowering plants and roots at the entrance to your site.
  • Near the recreation area. A small pond or fountain, near the gazebo would look good garden composition of the roots with a garden decor - gnomes, bright colors, funny animals.
  • If you want to build in the garden of the mysteriousArea, can be in the far corner of the fence is a large root or whimsical driftwood, surrounded by green plants. This may be an old stump, the center of which flowers grow beautifully.

Rutary in landscape design should ideally blend into a harmonious whole to your site and garden style.

monster Figure

In the far corner of the garden can be arranged figure of this mysterious monster, peering out of the undergrowth. SnagIt is stored in a natural form, the edges slightly rasped, and the stone used for the eyes

The selection of suitable plants

In combination with the composition to living plantslook more bright, pleasant to the eye. Plants should not be particularly lush, with gorgeous flowers, because the main focus is on the wood figures. One of the most successful solutions - make a stump or log something like a flower pot. It's easy, if the wood is rotten. It is necessary to remove the core, process tree and fill the vacated seat ground. In this kind of capacity will grow well and look fern, modest flowers vinca daisies. Cornflowers, phlox, petunia and Marigolds unpretentious and also good will look harmoniously in rutarii.

Ferns and ivy look spectacular on the backgroundgray dry wood, make rutary picturesque. You can use pieces of grass, mosses, combine them with a stone. Plants in rutarii you can change on your own, it's real creativity.


In a single composition is sometimes good looks and bright colors

devil figure

Figurine cute devil with glass eyes on a background of fern - an example of the simplest rutariya. SnagIt has undergone little processing, picked up a good material for the eyes - and the composition is ready

Work on the creation of the roots of the garden is very nice, and the finished creation of their own hands will give you even more.

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