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Options for laying paving slabs in drawings and diagrams

Options for laying paving slabs in drawings and diagrams

Paving - practical finishingmaterial that opens up many creative possibilities. There are many types of paving slabs of different shapes and textures. This material is available in a wide range of colors, but usually only two colors to create an attractive pattern on the ground near the house or on the garden path. Options for laying paving slabs are different, what to prefer - it depends on the place and its purpose.


The main methods of laying paving slabs

There are three main ways:

  • on a sandy base;
  • on a cement-sand mixture;
  • on a cement-sand mortar.

Before laying the tiles any way you need goodto prepare the base - remove the top layer of soil. If you are going to lay the tiles on the soil, grassy, ​​but sand and gravel needed for leveling the surface. After that, the base is filled with sand layer (5-10 cm). The substrate can be compacted, and you can just pour water from a hose with a nozzle, allowing moisture to be absorbed.

In the first, the most simple case, the tiles can belaid on the wet sand. This is a good method for laying garden paths, they will have virtually no standing water, it will be absorbed in the seams and leave the sand, and then ground. However, this option can not be called a thorough styling.

The second way - not labor, and more practical. To create a mixture of cement and sand mix (ratio 1/5), the mixture is distributed evenly over the site after the tile's surface need to pour the water. Water will provide a good grasp of the mixture, penetrating between the seams.

Laying tiles on the cement-sand mortarIt is the safest option, but also the most difficult. Manually prepare a solution is difficult, so here it is desirable to have a concrete mixer. The ratio of cement and sand and 1/5 prepared solution spread on the base, use a trowel for leveling. Layer solution - 3-4 cm for laying tiles using a rubber mallet.. If stacking is carried out without bias, be sure to use gutters for water runoff.

The above-described methods for laying paving slabshelp in choosing the right option, but it's only half the story. Lay the tile quality is very important that the resulting coating is durable and practical, but the design of laying paving slabs attached considerable importance.

The use of tiles of different colors, withinteresting textured surface, putting some in a specific pattern can create cover really interesting and aesthetically appealing, pleasing the eye and animates the face of the yard and garden.

Paving as a means of decorating the yard and garden

Driving laying paving slabs can be very simple, when in a certain order combines two colors, and complex, with which you can create these drawings.

For the paving of the yard or garden, you can trackchoose a classic rectangular tiles. Despite the fact that its shape is simple rectangles of different colors can be successfully combined to form an interesting pattern. When choosing a tile shaped track will look more original.

brick tile with frame

Cute track created using tiles"Brick" gray sides and frames the track with red tiles. Stairs in the tone of the track in the form of decorative Spila colors give this part of the garden perfection


Different variants of the ornament on the paving tiles are created using color, shape and the alternation of tiles in a specific pattern

textured tiles

Textured tiles - a good option for the garden,allowing you to create original patterns and combinations. Its color can be in harmony with soil, green lawns. In this case, the leaf pattern on the surface in the appropriate garden

Herringbone and network

Popular schemes of laying paving slabsIt refers herringbone braid. Herringbone pattern can turn vykladyvanii tiles at a certain angle - 90 ° or 45 °. Braids - version of Christmas trees, when alternating tiles reminiscent of weaving. Braids created by alternating longitudinal and transverse installation.


Simple drawings to create patterns onpaving tiles and rectangular shaped form. only two colors can be used to create spectacular patterns. In the first row in the second illustration - Christmas tree, in the fourth row in the second illustration - network

Chaos or random mixture

A simple method of laying, which will be goodlook at the track - chaos or random mixture. To create a chaotic pattern, it is possible to use tiles of different color and size, putting it in a random order. It's easy, and the result can turn out interesting.

Chess order

Two-tone tile square shaped, laid out in a checkerboard pattern, always looks spectacular. It can be used to create two rectangular tile cell.

Chess order

The path in the garden, where the rectangular tiles laid out on two staggered, forming a neat symmetrical squares. Plants are in harmony with the color of the track

The circular pattern

Examples include paving laying circularPattern has a special place. Pattern "circular pattern" will create a beautiful area in front of the house, a place of rest in the garden. If on the creation of a pattern of tiles running a creative person, you can deviate from the usual schemes, creating wonderful drawings, which look very impressive in the normal position or height.

The circular pattern

An example of a combination of a circular template and schemes"Shuffle" when creating the template tiles laid out strictly in color, forming a circle of different colors, circles framed tiles of the same color, laid out in a random order

Template sheet

Figure created from a template "leaf", the result is a beautiful composition on a rest area, an even more spectacular thanks to the framing pattern sandstone on one side

Tile and lawn (bed)

An interesting combination of forms tiles and lawn,when a part of the lawn framed tiles or in the center of the track or area to create a small flower bed. This element of landscape design, using which you make your site more aesthetically appealing.

Tile and lawn

Tile and lawn - beautiful harmonious combination. The irregular shape of tiles, wide seams expressive look at the background of green grass

Tile and flower bed

In the center of the track, tiled, small beds look original, becoming an interesting piece in the shape of the garden and courtyard

Species paving laying therequite a lot of the material is inexpensive and it is not much need for the small garden, and in combination with other agents decorative finishes it will help you make your courtyard and garden more comfortable and more beautiful.

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