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Most original beds: the top 5 ideas for unusual flowerbeds

Most original beds: the top 5 ideas for unusual flowerbeds

Flower arrangements are able to transform anygarden plot. The colorful flower beds, pleasing to the eye and a riot of colors exuding a fascinating fragrance, do not leave anyone indifferent. But if elegant floral arrangement to give an unusual shape, and then they all become bright decoration area in front of the house, giving the site a unique and original. Create unusual flower beds can be from any of the materials at hand: it is enough to show a little imagination, and an old ugly thing will be the original setting for the flower arrangement.


Nominee # 1 - miniature beds in containers

Solving the issue flowerbeds, placing them inimprovised containers or decorative framed bordyurchikami can solve two problems simultaneously: to create original decorative elements, protect the plants, protecting them from the attacks of domestic animals, as well as to prevent their "spread" in the territory. The main thing to remember that in order to create original beds, as a basis, you can take almost any material.

Original containers in the garden

Transformed the garden help funny containers made of old clothes, rubber balls and overage plumbing

Split a miniature flower garden, which will bedecoration of the front zone at the site or the playground, you can even old shoes. The larger the size of the shoe, the wider range of plants for its registration.

Miniature flower bed of old shoes

Turn an old shoe in a makeshiftflower pot is quite simple: it is necessary to make a hole in the ground with the sole connection to the drainage arrangement, and then filled with a mixture of fertile land and the flowers

The advantage of this container is itsMobility: shoe, conveniently placed on the front porch, steps, fence, bringing the interior of variegated colors. only the need for daily watering and weekly fertilizing plants should be allocated among the drawbacks.

Nominee # 2 - bed umbrella plywood

For everything no less attractive but more durable flower garden, you can build a bed umbrella of plywood.

Fancy flower-bed of an old umbrella

Cute bed can turn even an old umbrella, which is stuck in the ground and filled with fertile soil under the landing of flowering plants

To make such an original flower will need:

  • 9 wooden beams cross section of 4 cm to the spokes umbrella;
  • 1 over a long wooden bar for everything umbrella handles;
  • 10 triangular plywood cuts, the height of which corresponds to the length of the spokes;
  • screws or nails.

Triangular parts of plywood and "spokes" umbrella collect, joining with nails or screws. The wider-blank triangles, the more volume will be roomy and flower bed.

The finished design set sharpnotched end down to the ground, its recessed by 10 cm, and additionally stability for fixing pegs. The bottom of the flower beds filled with gravel layer, on top of which line the fertile soil structure. In the center of the composition set "handle" umbrella. The successful combination of colors in the flowerbed give: drought-resistant salvia, marigolds and unpretentious colorful aster beauty.

Flowerbed umbrella of veneer sheets

The result should be a kind of cone, which is necessary to cut off a sharp tip with a diameter of 15 cm, required for arrangement of drainage

Nominee # 3 - colorful "flower trickle"

It is not always possible to take a large flower bed underarea on the site. But even in the absence of the possibility of "turn around", you can create a beautiful and unusual composition, which when you look at the mood rises.

Flower bed "Flower pot spilled"

A miniature plant composition "spilled flower pot" is able to transform even an unsightly area in the elegant lawn, on which it is pleasant to relax and enjoy the beauty of flowers

The basis for the creation of an unusual flower bed can serve as any old container: Cracked clay pot or jar, glass bottle with a wide neck, aluminum cans or plastic container.

Variant design "flower brook"

To make this flower bed is better to use low-growing ground cover plants and flowers with the blue and white shades, which from a distance resemble spilled milk or water

Under the arrangement of the container must be removed 15-20 cma layer of soil, so that the container located at an angle of 30-40 °, and it was located slightly above the bottom of the bottle. In the neck of the container poured a bit of land and planted the seedlings, gradually dosazhivaya bushes and distributing them in the form of a winding track, reminiscent of the contours of the stream.

This compact bushes lobelia are ideal,pansies and delicate daisies. Effectively will look a combination of colors in the flowerbed, created from a mixture of varieties. The choice of plants is limited only by the seat of "flower brook": the regeneration of it in the corner of the garden is better to choose shade-tolerant varieties, and placing solar clearings, preference may be given to sun-loving beauties.

Nominee # 4 - a wooden bed-palette

The complex at first glance, the design is quite simple to manufacture. For everything you need to prepare it:

  • The sheet of expanded polystyrene or plywood;
  • Wooden bars for the construction of the legs;
  • Manual cutter on the contour;
  • The varnish or paint for the woodwork.

On one panel can easily accommodate 68 flower pots. The diameter of the holes should fit the size of the placed on the palette pots. According to the planned contour using the cutter cut holes.

Flowerbed-palette for vertical gardening

Spectacular decoration area will be an unusual container flower garden, decorated in a palette

Preparation for a flower garden

The diameter size of the palette curled flower pots, which will play the role of variegated colors. Having defined the size of the structure, plan the location of holes for container

Strengthening the construction of the frame

To increase the strength palette reinforcing structure, applying a circular pad of cutting the same at the center of the composition plywood

Since the structure is installed at a slight angle from the rear panel is secured two supporting legs.

Decorating and design of a flower garden

The original container flower garden is almost ready. To give it a more decorative appearance and extend the service life, and the outer side of the back panel is covered with varnish or other paint "under the tree"

Make a composition can be any floweringplants. Bright colors will give the composition: picky nasturtium, viola and sweet fragrant petunias. Supplement composition will rake and shovel - tools of the artist who draws his garden flowers.

Nominee # 5 - composition of old transport

The owners of end-of-life vehicle,throw away that hand is not raised, can build on the site of large-scale compositions. With new life to acquire easy creative master hands broken bicycles, motorcycles, boats, and even cars.

Roll flower of bicycle

Turn old bicycle in the original mobile flower bed is very simple: you need to attach to the front, rear carrier and frame construction roomy pots

To make a vertical flower garden more attractive, container frame construction and it is desirable to paint in one color.

Decorative pots from old boats

The easiest way to build a larger decorative pots from the old boat: only need to fix it firmly on the ground, fill with soil and planted favorite flowers

Tip! For the arrangement of such makeshift beds better take visible parts on the open lawn.

The same principle is being built from the flower gardenold car. Before you plant the plants the car, you must get rid of all unnecessary details: unscrew the engine, remove the seat, release the trunk and hood.

car decoration with flowers in containers

Making a flower garden, it is better to use the plants in containers. This composition can always be updated by replacing the faded copies of the varieties that have just come into bloom time

Option decoration old cars

Placing containers can in the trunk or cabin, or attach them to the roof of the car in order, so as they grow flowers entwine the body of the machine with a continuous carpet

Over time, an unusual machine woven carpet from the living flowers, will become a bright accent area.

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