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How to make a bed out of the barrel: 5 ways to alter the original barrel in the flower garden

How to make a bed out of the barrel: 5 ways to alter the original barrel in the flower garden

Often, the infield is not sotoo big to accommodate all that I would like to decorate it. To break up the flower bed, you need to press the beds to plant a new tree, you need to find a suitable place for him or thoroughly review the entire planting plan. Will there be an option when we did manage to get a full bed of flowers, and it does not take much space? If your farm is an old, but still strong enough wood, plastic or steel drum, consider yourself lucky. Just look at some interesting design of it can be built.


Option # 1 - a three-tiered compact bed

We need a wooden barrel, quite a bit of space and a great desire to make a nice and, very importantly, a compact flower bed.

Three-tiered bed

Agree that it is a three-tier structure attracts everyone's attention. And, when you consider that this bed will cost you very cheap, the value of the idea becomes even higher

Prepare everything that we need to carry out planned:

  • two boards 15h150h650 mm, the length of which depends on the width of our wooden containers;
  • six boards 15h100h250-300 mm, their length depends on the design angle;
  • power tools: drill, jig saw and screwdrivers;
  • protractor, or even a simple school protractor;
  • screws, chalk, tape and twine.

Barrel should not be cracked, so it does notIt collapsed at the most inopportune moment. If you have doubts about this, and packaging have not been used, pour it into the water, let stand up and slightly swell.

The design is multi-tiered. The planned option she has three levels. To identify them, measure the circumference of the tank using a tape measure to determine the parameters of each part and make the appropriate mark. Division barrels string demonstrates what we should have.

Step number 1

Nothing complicated or at this stage or the next you do not wait: for of such work does not need special skills. The photo shows how the measurement is done in inches

We measure out and mark the place of the first and findingsecond structural layers. To do this, from the top of the tank 15 cm counted down and celebrate the first level. On reckon it down another 15 cm - we got the parameters of the second level. Now the unnecessary parts that make up a little less than half of the total amount, must be cut.

We are doing work slowly and very carefully. Better advance chalk line to mark the upcoming cut. When the timber can be used with a standard blade. When it is necessary to cut a metal hoop, without blades for metal can not do. Following the arrangement of the cut lines is better to fix the part to be cut to the hoop capacity.

Step number 2

In carrying out this work, it is important not to fuss and do the job accurately. The greater the zeal you show, the more effective will be the result

Unnecessary parts removed. Now we have to measure the width at the upper barrel and at the second tier. In our example, we have taken it to be 650 mm. In fact, it depends on the actual parameters of our packaging, so it is necessary to be adjusted accordingly. Now the board can be applied to cut the levels and fasten with screws. Incidentally, for the creation of basic and then additional tiers may be used on board the pallet. If necessary, they can be pre-sanded. However, any other wood of the desired size is also nice.

Step number 3

These trays appear on the site, along with blocks, paving tiles or other materials. It is suitable board must find its scope

At the bottom of the barrel do not forget to drilldrainage holes. After basic tiers are already made, you can start making small triangular tiers. Party connections of boards should be washed down at an angle of 45 degrees. Adjust the size of the boards. Three triangular shape to be connected with screws and secured to the main tiers as shown in the photographs.

Step number 4

Take the time to impregnation facilities means to prevent rotting. You can just paint the construct: it will last you much longer

Now you can fill the container with soil andto put it in those plants that you like. But before this final stage is to make sure that the design will serve you as long as possible. To do this, soak wood special composition or paint, using paint weathering. Elegant and quite unusual bed ready to take on your site allotted to her place.

Option # 2 - four-tiered design for colors

From the preceding it differs only in the constructionthe number of lines and some structural nuances. The general sense of this structure remains the same: to a great bed appears small areas that can be filled with wonderful plants.

We recommend the use of a tieduralumin. They are not covered with rust, and will serve longer. The finished structure should proolifit thrice. Only after it dries thoroughly, it is possible to fill the capacity of the soil with the addition of fertilizer.

A flower bed of four tiers

A small change in structure allows us to build another attractive flower bed that does not take up much space, but do not go unnoticed

On the lower floors of both structures are bestplanting plants having long stems. The upper tiers logical place creepers or undersized flowers. Very soon fill a flower bed with flowers and greenery, and will look just the way you always wanted.

Option # 3 - a barrel of strawberries not only

In such a container can be grown not only flowers,and strawberries. In this example, the capacitance of wood or plastic is used for a strawberry, but it makes sense to pay attention to the planting method. Because strawberries can easily be replaced by any loach, which, along with flowers, planted in the upper part of the building will become a real decoration of your garden.

Barrel of a strawberry

If we cut a hole in the plastic, you can use a drill and a sharp strong knife. To work with the wood need special cutter "Ballerina"

Choose a solid barrel made of plastic or wood. The checkerboard pattern is cut into the sides of its opening, the size of which is approximately 7-8 cm in width. The distance between them should be about 15-20 cm. Do not forget about the drainage holes in the bottom of the structure. At the bottom layer of gravel laid.

The design of the center insert tube (10 cmdiameter) with holes. In it, too, fell asleep gravel. Through this tube can be carried out watering and fertilizing. Tightly fill the barrel with soil up to the first row of holes. We sit the first round of the plants watered. So consistently fill the entire container to the top. Top plant the remaining seedlings.

Option # 4 - a few more "wooden" ideas

Barrels of wood - the most fertile material. They are attractive without any decorations. The wood itself is interesting, but in combination with metal hoops and it looks particularly colorful. We make a minute of this material a few simple but very nice facilities.

If you want to decorate twovases, doubles the entrance to the house or the entrance gate, a sturdy barrel sawn crosswise into two equal parts. A compact high tubs. You can soak facilities means against rot and varnish for outdoor use. Construction quality fill soil and planted in them the seeds or seedlings. The advantage of portable beds is that plants can be planted in them in advance, and with the onset of warm season they have already decorate your garden.

Cut crosswise

What luxury compositions can be created from virtually worthless stuff! Each bed - a pledge of good mood of its owner

If the barrel sawed not across and along,We obtain two large but low beds. Place this decoration can be found everywhere: in the middle of the green lawn, near the fence or pergola, next to the house or any other place suburban area. In full accordance with the chosen style of your site, you can be covered with wood varnish or paint in any color selected.

Lengthwise cut

This half drums mounted on the box, decorated with wonderful flowers that are in pots. This little trick allows you to quickly change the design of the flower beds at the request of its owner

There is another very interesting option: imitation fallen barrel from which it is poured. This can be sawn container diagonally into two unequal parts. We will need one that more. It needs to be embedded in the ground is not too deep, and so that it has found a reliable stability, and to place the cut to be seen. The flowers should be planted so that they imitated spillage or track.

expiring beds

The flow of water or bubbling foam arising from the barrel can easily simulate the low-growing flowers. Particularly impressive this track looks on the lawn

one color requirements - they must bestunted. Otherwise, the composition will not look quite as intended. Flowers should be the same color. If they are blue, you get a simulation of spilled water, yellow - honey, white - milk, and various shades of red will create the illusion of the flow of tomato juice or wine. It looks decoration is very impressive.

Planters from the keg

It looks like a planter installation, by means of which its author wished to demonstrate the victory of life over death, of freedom over imprisonment

If the barrel is small, it is also possible to resort toa business. Because it turned out great pots of flowering ample plants. Delicate delicate vegetation very colorful look at the background of old wood and metal rust untouched.

Option # 5 - container made of plastic or metal

The advantage of the barrels made of plastic is itsexcellent preservation. It does not rust. It can be used in the same way as wood, but it looks like it is not as effective. Before you plant flowers in it, you need to fix this flaw: the plastic should decorate. It is interesting to paint the tank can be using the remote control or the balloon.

Painting plastic barrels

In order not to spoil the work initially, you need to clean and dry the barrel to put on a large piece of polyethylene or unnecessary tissue not cleave dirt and dust

As a stencil can be used twigs andOther materials that can create a recognizable circuit. They should be tight enough to paint sprayed around, and not smeared on the leaves and other surfaces. Formed around the template path can be a little touch up with a brush.

A flower bed of iron barrels

When using barrels of iron beds as the most important issue is the glory of their own. Wonderful flowers - it's just a new hairdo garden characters

To transform an old metal barrel, itsWe need a good clean off the dirt and dry in the sun. So we will prepare the surface for the upcoming work. The main background should be applied with a roller or wide brush. Paint is better not to regret. Details of the pattern draws the fine brush. The resulting amusing flowerbeds will become a real decoration of your site. drawing ideas can be found, watch this video:

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