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Mirrors like the original element of the garden: create optical illusions

Mirrors like the original element of the garden: create optical illusions

Mirrors, which is often attributed to the halomystery and riddles, are capable of very simple at first glance things to do unusual. The ability of the mirrors create optical illusions and visually increase the space of many designers of landscape art is used for the transformation of the garden or private courtyard in a truly fabulous corner. It mirrors an amazing garden landscape can change, and with it, and the general mood.


In recent years, master of landscape design alloften when you make the territory near the house using new innovative solutions. Use in the design of the garden all sorts of mirrors allows to achieve interesting effects often.

The illusion of infinite prospects in the garden

Reflecting the landscape of the site area, mirrors allow you to create the illusion of an infinite perspective. They are able to give the garden a special excitement and diversity

Mirror design in the garden area of ​​interest moreand that there is nothing to limit the imagination of the master. After all, in an open area of ​​no walls, no awkward layout. But more than enough space for creativity.

Tips when you make flower beds

Flower arrangements and elegant flowerbeds - frequent"Inhabitants" of suburban areas. They fill the landscape with bright colors and marvelous surroundings pleasant aroma. To make them even more attractive, you can use all of the same mirror. It is not necessary to use pieces of the traditional rectangular or square shape. Much more interesting surface will look uneven cut edges.

The picturesque landscape with a mirrored wall

Using mirrors, discarded "bunnies" in the sun, would make the garden variety and dynamism, making deeper and more spectacular scenery

A well-placed mirror will be profitablepick out the brightest faces flowerbed. As the flowering of the varieties or mirrors can be adjusted so that they reflect only the blossoming buds. And every once in a reflection in the foreground will show off the most spectacular and pleasing to the eye flowers.

And the pieces of a broken mirror can be safelyuse, creating a fantastic looking glass in the garden. Mirror mosaics can be spectacular decoration rock gardens and rockeries, edging flowerbeds and mixborders. They will amplify elegant floral arrangements, will accentuate their most attractive side and successfully hide unsightly corners.

Creating the illusion of dense greenery

Placed behind the lush plants to create a mirror capable of real magic. They create the illusion of thick and dense greenery, thereby reinforcing the color established plants

Mirrors near water

With the help of a mirror can be even a small fountainmiraculously transformed into a spectacular building with a powerful water flow. Jets of water, reflected in mirror surfaces, will gain additional volume and dynamics. The same effect has achieved a master of landscape art by placing a mirror behind a small pond.

Reflection pond in the mirror surface

The mirror surface is visually doubled the reflection surface of the water, making a small garden visually more spacious and light

Owners of sites who do not have the desire orpossibility to equip the houses near the pond real, as elements of the water element equipped with dry creeks. Improvised channel sources, like the traces left by these streams in the form of winding paths and sea pebbles, adorn many gardens.

To create a "living" water effect designersusing transparent pieces of glass that is placed between the natural stones. The same task can be performed and the fragments of the mirror. They are like a drop of water will Lambent in the sun, creating the effect of motion and completeness flows. Painted glass shards, perfectly combined with the stone grit and pebbles and sea shimmering in the sun at different angles, will create the illusion of the stream flow.

Simulating decorative pond

Especially effective source will look if it is to decorate the edge of the lawn, decorate fine grit, creating a rough natural frame

Mirror can successfully simulate andornamental pond. For the arrangement of "reservoir" is enough to place a mirror surface in a horizontal position on the open lawn or a lawn and decorate it with rocks, flower arrangements, garden figures.

If the mirror positioned at a slight angle,It can and does achieve the effect of water movement. Combining materials, playing with their placement, you can create a real waterfall of stones and mirror fragments.

Hiding unsightly areas

Walls outbuildings and unsightly corners in the garden is easy to mask all those mirrors. With their help it is easy even to "revive" boring impenetrable fence.

Making a solid fence

Securing reflective fabric on the vertical surface of the fence can be a real cozy nook, hidden high, but visually light touch "screen" from prying eyes

Quite incidentally mirrors will fall and in the caseif you want to highlight the shaded corners of the garden. It should only be positioned mirror surface at a slight angle so as to reflect a slice of heaven in them.

The effect of the continuation of the garden path

Wall cozy patio, decorated in Provencal style, creates the effect of the continuation of the track. It seems that the construction of the wall is permeable and serves only the archway leading to the garden

To hide an unattractive buildingenough to place a mirror surface perpendicular to the slope of the retaining wall. the reflecting surface must be kept clean to achieve the desired effect.

Wishing to achieve the maximum effect during the installationMirrors pay attention to the "picture" - a reflection. This case does not tolerate haste. "Play" with the location and angle of the blade to get the most beautiful view. By placing a mirror in front of the most beautiful corner of the garden, you give yourself one more picturesque corner of the landscape.

A cursory glance at the winding track gives the impression that it is infinite. It seems that it is enough to go through the vaulted archway and you find yourself in a secret garden

Creating a perspective effect

Prospects The effect creates a vertically placed mirror cloth, skillfully decorated of a passage with a vaulted arch

Creating a garden ornaments

Mirror mosaic - versatile material for spectacular garden ornaments. Glass decorative elements bring notes of brilliance and dynamism in the familiar landscape.

Mirror mosaic balls for garden

Unforgettable game sunbeams can be obtained by adding to the flower balls covered mirror decorated with paint or mosaic

Wrought iron gates at the main entrance to the siteYou can decorate with decorative butterfly with mirrored wings. Path to the house on a path, you can put glass mosaics and arches decorating it with climbing plants decorate a mosaic of mirrors so Flowering plants found in them a reflection of spectacular.

Making a circle around-trunk tree

Originally will look at the open area even ordinary fruit tree, which tree trunks laid fragments of mirrors

Alternatively, mirror paintings could serve vinyl tiles and plastic mirror. Yes, and work with them much easier than with natural materials.

Amazing illusion will help to achieve a mirror round and oval.

Mirrors rounded shape

By placing vertical oval canvases can beget the visual effect of the expansion of space. But if we place them at an angle facing the sun, you can create the effect of reflecting the sky windows-windows

Making mirrors garden - a fascinating creative process. The main thing - no matter how used the mirror, they must be securely attached and in use to keep the surface clean.

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