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Original pieces of cement: 4 master class on making garden sculptures

Original pieces of cement: 4 master class on making garden sculptures

From year to year the trend of decorating suburban gardensamazing beds, waterfalls with cascades, winding paths and rock gardens are increasingly gaining momentum. Making your site, any owner not only wants to transform the area, but to get the so-called effect of "not to be like everyone else." To make beautiful and original features does not necessarily have to spend fabulous sums. After the repair or construction is always a small part of cement and putty. Why not use them in business? Original pieces of cement, made with his own hands, will perform "highlight" of landscape design, making the site more attractive and interesting.


Exhibit # 1 - an elegant sculptural hand

Just look at this magnificent garden decoration. Exquisite garden figures easily be confused with the work of professional craftsmen.

The original figure sculpture hand

Many figure is interesting sensations that are difficult to express in words. She probably has a philosophical content internally, like the figures for the garden in the style of Feng Shui

Sculptural hand in addition to the decorative value and also performs a practical function. It acts as a stand for the original beds with Ground-covering and stunted plants.

For the manufacture of pieces you'll need:

  • Slurry;
  • Putty on concrete for exterior use;
  • Firming treatment for concrete;
  • Fine sandpaper;
  • A pair of latex or rubber gloves;
  • Capacity with high sides.

A solution of a mixture of making cement and sand,maintaining a proportion of 3: 1, which was diluted with cold water until the consistency of thick cream. To give a concrete figure of unusual colors, it is advisable to use special pigments. Colorants are added to the dry mix at the stage just after mixing and then diluted with water.

To make a sculpture in the shape of palms, takegloves and gradually fill them with a solution, trying to avoid the formation of voids and air. Then, filled with gloves should be laid in the container, giving them the desired position.

Shaping filled with a solution of gloves

While the solution is not frozen, you can safely experiment with the form, choosing the best option: simply closed their palms clasped their fist or lacing your fingers together

To increase the strength of the figures can be by setting the frame: in the compartment filled with a solution for the fingers to insert pieces of wire, trying not to damage the sharp edges of the rubber.

Having defined the shape of the sculpture, reserve gloves filled with a solution in a container for 2-3 days. During this time, the solution will harden and gain sufficient strength.

When the cement is completely dry, cutgloves and remove them from the surface of the figure. rubber residues are removed with scissors and forceps. At this stage, it takes a lot of patience, because the tires will be removed parts.

Decoration figures flower arrangement

The original figure is ready. It only remains to choose for her rightful place in the garden and filled with a mixture of a landing ground cover and succulents

The concrete cover layer of putty figure,gently smooth over the surface, and again leave to dry for several hours. At the final stage, there is only sanded the surface and cover them with palms strengthening impregnation.

Exhibit # 2 - fancy concrete flowers

A striking decoration front of the house or groundsto relax may make cast in concrete colors. Harmoniously combined with the green plants, they look great as a border along a winding garden paths, and on the background of emerald lawn.

Flowers of concrete on a green lawn

The main advantage of these garden figures is their resistance to temperature changes, so that they are able to perform site decoration than one season

Make elegant flowers of concrete is not difficult. For this it is necessary to prepare a form which will fill the solution and a proper filler cement itself. The easiest way to use a ready-made silicone forms for baking. Variety range of silicone molds is quite extensive.

A variety of silicone molds

From silicon preforms can be made flowers of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the usual field of daisies and chrysanthemums and completing the multi dahlias

For the manufacture of concrete colors, we need:

  • Slurry the same proportion as in the previous example;
  • Acrylic or oil paint for the exterior;
  • The engine oil or linseed oil;
  • Polyethylene film.

As a form of some craftsmen use and cut along the plastic bottle, cut halves of rubber balls and other containers of suitable size.

As a key part in the creation of colorConcrete is a form to be able to reuse it is necessary to lubricate the inner walls of the engine oil or linseed oil. To improve the coupling of ready mix and reduce the weight of the shape itself into a solution, it is desirable to add pieces of expanded clay.

Filling the mold with a solution of

Fill in the form of a solution, tampingcontent as filling. Grasp the edges of the form, you need to shake it a bit so that stood out on the surface of the bubbles with excess air from the solution

Filled to the brim cover with formplastic wrap and leave for a couple of days before hardening in dry and hidden from direct sunlight. After the concrete has gained sufficient strength, pull out a flower from the workpiece and spread on a flat surface. On the complete drying figures in a shady location takes 4 to 6 days. The freed form can be filled again until forming the next flower.

Prevent the formation of cracks on the surfaceflower frosting figure is recommended once a day moisten with water. In the case where the crack still appeared to correct the situation is not difficult to paint over the flaw grout. Wishing to increase the strength of the finished concrete flower, the surface should be treated with the reinforcement impregnation, which can be purchased in the center of the building.

Flower Coating acrylic paints

To make the flower of the concrete is better to use acrylic paints, which are able to maintain the brightness of the flower throughout the season

Selection of colors when placing the flower depends on the color palette beds and taste preferences of the master himself.

Exhibit # 3 - turtle of sea pebbles

Speckled Tortoise, settling on a suburban area, will help to create the special atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

The turtle of sea pebbles

His presence turtle Tortilla will surely cheer up and call the delight of children and guests area

To implement the ideas you need to prepare:

  • Stones average size of any shape;
  • Sections of metal rod;
  • Slurry;
  • Impregnation for concrete;
  • Acrylic or oil paints.

Dimensions figures depend only on the ideas of the master and the volume of the necessary materials. Selecting location for the figure, align the site for its placement.

From stones form a small hill, whichIt resembles the trunk turtle. For the arrangement of the clutches of the figures at the bottom row of stones laid with metal rods, which later will serve as a frame construction. In the same framework can be "planted" and the head of a turtle, or else put it on the ground. Once laid the bottom row, and inserted metal rods, cover it with cement mortar. All cavities between the stones should be compacted and pour cement. By the same principle lay succeeding courses, carefully locking the stones.

Having laid out the body, start manufacturing and pawsthe animal's head. Choosing a small size stones and lay them around the slide bars. To fix the stones and make the desired semicircular paws and the head of our character is best to use a thick consistency solution. Once formed and sealed paw shape, proceed to finishing. For this align render over its surface and a liquid cement slurry. On the not yet frozen layer of cement spread marine pebbles.

Registration plates carapace of small pebbles

Flat smooth stones are perfectly simulate the armor plate. To fix the shingles in their shell enough to slightly push in the "plaster layer"

The finished piece is left for 2-3 days to dry completely. After hardening of the concrete body and the shell can be painted with special pigments, and a flat sea pebbles acrylic paints.

It's not so difficult. A little imagination and patience - and your site will be a new memorable character who will be a good addition to landscape design.

Exhibit # 4 - a decorative concrete leaf

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