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How to make a stage in the garden: The original solutions for multi-level sections

How to make a stage in the garden: The original solutions for multi-level sections

Good luck to become the owner of a flat area,the surface of which does not require alignment. But what if the relief on it, it goes up, it goes down? There are two possible solutions: to level the surface by removing podsypaniya lowlands and uplands, or decorate it with all sorts of ladders and stairs. Garden stairs interesting by the fact that in addition to the direct purpose - to provide convenience to move around the site with a gradient, will help transform the architectural and decorative appearance of the garden.


For stairs devices can be connected through the landscapeplot together and transform the garden, giving it an aristocratic flair and noble charm. Almost any site is the place where you want to climb from one level to another. It may well be sufficient, and two steps to connect the multi-level site areas. And even on a flat terrain ladder will not be superfluous. Low descents and ascents bring in the surrounding space dynamics, making the flat area more diverse.

Making garden terraces staircases

Stairs equip when creating terraces on the slopes of the site, the design of the main entrance to the house and patio

Depending on the type of ladder execution garden divided into mortise and free: the first variant requires a retaining wall, and applied directly to the soil in the second stage.

The material for the manufacture of stairs can act: wood, natural stone, brick, concrete. The main thing is that the material for the finishing stages corresponded plot style.

Stair transitions from cut a tree

Gardening in a rustic style is best suited ladder transitions from cut down a tree and wooden constructions, carved

Fans of Art Nouveau to design stairsmay use different shape and color concrete slabs, from which it is convenient to lay out intricate designs. In this case, at the edges of stairs planted ornamentals closed by a transition stage to the earth. A romantic style, for example, involves the installation along the ladder transitions vases with flowers that create a lyrical atmosphere.

The descent of the stone steps

Harmonious complement the landscape style perform stone steps, decorated with ferns, saxifrage and decorative ground cover

General recommendations for the arrangement of staircases passes

Constructive solution and architectural styleladder depends largely on its location. Most often equip stairs railing, but not necessarily for small transitional structures with flat steps presence railing.

When designing the stairs, the main thing - it does not break the plastic relief, because the split-level crossings are designed to emphasize the dignity of the site, successfully hiding with his drawbacks.

Thinking arrangement of steps important to correctlyhow to determine the proportion of the whole structure, as well as its individual elements. To calculate the required number of stages and their dimensions need to take two slats that fasten together a right angle. The free end of the first rail arrangement set in place the lower level, and a second end of the rack is placed on the site of the installation of the last top step. Next, define the length of the stages: divide the horizontal length of the slats on the expected number of steps. By the same principle we expect the height of the steps, taking as a basis the length of the vertical rails.

Garden stairs with large steps

Standard dimensions of stair treads up to 30-40 cm and 10-12 cm riser, but the multi-level garden options transitions often make large

The width of the steps must be commensurate with the slopelift. The total width of the stairs is also determined by the width of leading her garden paths. The wider the ladder, the more room for creativity: the sides of large steps can be installed floor vases with flowers, and railings braid flowering vines and creepers.

Traditionally stairs have at least 3-4step. When planning to build everything for the steep slope of the stairs, the number of steps which will exceed 12-14 pieces, it is desirable to provide the landing.

Recreation area on the stairwell

From the stairway you can even make a recreation area in a nutshell: to place a table with bench, umbrella set, attach a small flashlight

If there is a need to connect small differences, where three stages will look somewhat cumbersome, you can simply align the site or arrange additional embankment.

At whatever embodiment site owners do not stop the selection, a number of points should be considered when equipping the ladder:

  • Illumination. For safe movement in the area in the darktime of day is necessary to provide street lighting. For lighting fixtures stages useful, outgoing beams are directed downward, and the glowing stones. They are not blind, but give enough light to move confidently on the stairs.
  • Slip surface coating. As the finish coating is better to use a material with non-slip surface (textured natural stone tile with a corrugated surface).
  • Railings. At arrangement of stairs to connect the height differences of 70 cm or more in order to increase the security presence is necessary to provide a handrail. They are made of the same material as the stage.

Another tip - a small slope of 1-2% of the tread depth in each stage will prevent stagnation of water.

Night illumination of garden ladder

Properly placed lights garden besides the main purpose to help even the most ordinary ladder to make this site decoration

Separate production of garden ladder

Option # 1 - from the bulk steps

The easiest option arrangement of staircases -bulk steps. For their arrangement in an angled recess between the two levels of the site placed risers and voids between the boards is filled with earth.

Ladder rungs of the bulk

As a budget option ladders used wooden boards, which as a riser between the terraces set on edge and fixed on both sides of pegs

The function performs a gait already rammeddense layer of soil. To increase the rigidity of the structure using stringers - the longitudinal side of the board, who put on an edge for fixing steps. Warn deflection board can, by driving with a fill on the inside pegs board.

Option # 2 - from logs

For the manufacture of garden stairs made of logs, we need:

  • The logs of the same length;
  • Metal or wooden pegs;
  • Shredded bark or gravel.

The entire length of the slope at the site of the future arrangement of stairs dig a trench and compacted soil. At the bottom of the slope in the ground trying to drive two pegs, which will build the lower level.

The circuit arrangement of stairs made of logs

Close to stakes laid the first log, and the space behind him fill the earth, not to dosypaya edge about 5 cm, and carefully tamped

The same technology should be laid other beams, forming the following steps. Every step Equips tread of shredded bark or gravel.

Mosaic wooden kruglyashey

Very popular is a mosaic of wooden kruglyashey. They are made from the trunk and thick branches of trees, cutting firewood height of 10-15 cm

To extend the life of every tree cut down is treated with special preservatives or waste oil.

Option # 3 - flagstone

Stone - ideal for the construction ofstages. Round, diamond-shaped, rectangular stone slabs can be laid as anything: as a whole overlap or gaps filled with rammed earth.

Stairs of stone slabs

The lateral displacement of the stages relative to each other emphasizes natural effect and makes the landscape more dynamic

Stone slabs, each of which hasconsiderable weight is placed on the 7-8 cm "cushion" of gravel or sand and fixed with cement mortar. The joints between the slabs can be repaired with the same solution, or pour the sand, giving the opportunity to grow ornamental grass.

To avoid breaking the soil and collapsesteps necessary to build a retaining wall. It can be completely put out of natural stone or concrete to build. Or build a floating steps, as in this video:

Video with other options and design ideas

Stairs, elaborately inscribed into the landscape and blends in well with the overall design, can become a real decoration of the site.

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