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Masking defects exterior garden: Fundamentals upgrading the villa area

Masking defects exterior garden: Fundamentals upgrading the villa area

Beautifully decorated house territorycountry house - the pride of any owner. But not everyone can boast that he was happy with everything in the exterior area. After all, there will always be unsightly buildings and items that no harm would be to remove, hide or disguise. But to turn disadvantages into advantages, transforming unattractive buildings in exquisite samples of landscape design - a task that can solve anyone. The main thing - to show imagination and apply skills to translate ideas.


Decorate unsightly fence

Erecting a fence around the perimeter of eachHe is trying to protect themselves from the curious views of passers-by, and the local area - from the encroachments of uninvited "guests". But a dull solid fence their appearance is able to spoil even the most charming and picturesque garden.

A fence decorated with roses twine

Decorate unattractive fence can be, landed climbing plants on the perimeter. Liana, buzz wall fence, garden, to help give additional vertical volume

Using for decoration of fences curlyplants can not only successfully decorate its walls, but also complement the collection of plant samples extraordinary garden. Besides climbing plants protect the building from destruction, hiding it from a slanting rain and reducing the heating of the walls.

Many vines are fixed on the walls with the help ofsuction cups firmly in the seating surface microcracks, thereby contributing to its destruction. To avoid this it is sufficient to fix the vertical surface of hooks and pull the rope between them, and which will trail the plant.

Flowering vines can grow in areas with little shading, but most decorative exhibit only an abundance of sunlight.

Orange "grammofonchiki" Trumpet

For registration of the southern walls of enclosures are ideal Flowering annual and perennial vines: Morning Glory, Trumpet, wisteria

To decorate fences located inlittle shade better use undemanding to light curly and climbing plants: a girl's grape, magnolia, ivy, hops, celastrus. Successfully decorate low fence, you can use potted plants ampelnye: Pelargonium, nasturtium, asparagus, begonias. By placing the container on the upper rim of construction, you can create a nice "living" green curtain from falling.

To turn the fence into the original art object, you can use any available materials: pieces of stained glass film, mirror shards, bat tiles.

The original installation of the fence

Very impressive on the fence will look artificial window decorated with curtains and decorated with flowers of container, exposed along nailed to it sill

A perfect complement to this composition "bogus"will perform the old door leaf, serving as a "back door". The solid wall can act as a background for placing of expressive decorative object: wooden carts, flower garden, whimsical garden chair, an old fishing net.

Solid wood fence can serve as a supportfor numerous shelves, on which it is convenient to put the same container flowers or equip a collection of old tools, hopelessly clutter barn. But unpretentious decorated with pictures and ornaments fence will give the site a special charm.

The painting on the fence "in the village of Buttermilk"

Transform boring fence in bright jewelery section will help painting with bright colors, made by the hands of both adults and children

Decorate the walls of dachas

Hanging pots - perfect designunattractive walls of farm buildings in the area. They are indispensable in cases where, for whatever reasons, there is no opportunity to land along the foundation twine plant.

Cute flower pots on a fence

Improvised suspended miniklumby attractive primarily original compact shape, bright color green and a long period of flowering fragrant buds

Elegant hanging pots, performing bright touchdesign, distract attention from the ugly object and visually transform the garden. Among the ample plants special decorative different: balsam, begonia, petunia.

To fill minitsvetnikov perfectly suitedaromatic and medicinal herbs. After dropping spice plants in pots, you get an opportunity not only to enjoy the aroma and the flowering of culture, but also to have on hand fresh herbs to create culinary masterpieces.

Hanging containers with herbs

Mobile suspended container, decorated with green bushes and herbs, are able to transform the unsightly walls and rickety old fence

Camouflage an ugly building can beusing a lattice of strips or openwork trellis. The main advantage of this arrangement - mobility. If desired, you can always rearrange or remove, making exterior and diversity.

Effective with clematis trellis

To make trellis best suited plants with thin delicate stalks: clematis, honeysuckle, curly, decorative beans and sweet peas

Often built on inhabited areas sincesummer kitchen, barn, workshop and ending with a toilet, have multilevel architecture. The easiest way to create a single ensemble, through which you can ensure the success of each of masking structures - drawing in the overall color scheme.

To create a complete picture of it is also desirableto give all objects common architectural features: do ornate windows, decorate the facade, consider threading items, shape and color of the roof. Flatten the buildings in a single ensemble also help to improvised shelters, various pergolas and trellises, walls decorated with openwork foliage.

Vertical flower from an old bicycle

"Revive" the architectural composition will help the installation of the available tools, such as: old bikes, furnished under the vertical beds

"Beats" uneven terrain

The appearance of the site often spoil all kindsterrain roughness: mounds and hollows. Since the alignment of the surface - a very expensive and time-consuming process of visually "smooth" bumps help decorative techniques.

"Beat" hole or cavity in the area easily, equipped with a small decorative pond.

The bridge over the pond

Visually smooth terrain roughness helps the placement of improvised bridges and decks, the basis of which the support posts protrude

"Override" unevenness help even high multilevel bed, an area slightly larger than the cavity size.

We make low outbuildings

When making structures of economic purpose, which are present in each area should be guided by the principle: "If you can not hide the lack of - do not hide it."

Even unattractive compost heaps and boxesIt can be turned into a spectacular art object. To make compost heap more attractive enough to land next to her pumpkin, zucchini or cucumbers. Under the large spreading leaves will help hide unsightly, but so necessary in an economy pit composting plant residues.

Making a box with compost

After dropping off the cucumbers in the compost box can be successfully realized two problems at once: to cover up unattractive place in the garden and provide a rich harvest of fresh vegetables

Turn concrete wells and wells inattractive decorative elements can be achieved by decorating the walls of structures. Mosaic, lined with colored glass pieces of a bat and a bright tiles, colorful shimmering in the sunlight, create a holiday atmosphere on the site and beauty.

Decorate technical wells and barrelsfertilizers will help all of the same colors. An excellent solution for mobile beds facilities serve the old ladder. The containers with the colors of the several tiers on the stairs, will close an object and create a picturesque cascade. In the event that you need to open access to the well or manhole, ladder without too much hassle easily rearranged.

Tall mallow area for decoration

Decorative scenes to the old barrel with rainwater may make tall "green" beauty mallow, tree peonies, hibiscus, sunflowers and Jerusalem artichoke

Desktop - a necessary thing in the area. In addition to direct destination it serves as an open "storage area" for storing materials residues, cans, improvised instruments, pegs ...

The design of the desktop for the garden

Give the old desktop a whole new look, you can, just having painted it in bright and colorful tint

Ennoble old trees and stumps

Old stumps of trees, which are very difficult to root out because of the deep roots of branching, surely there by any stretch.

The variegated mosaic at stumps

"Beat" saw cut left, turning them into interesting garden accents can make them garden stools or stand under the street vases with flowers

Plain old trees, which are already not happylush flowering or even dried, may make a beautiful support for climbing vegetables: cucumbers, ornamental pumpkins, beans winding. Fully close the dried tree branches capable wood vines: grape, actinidia, Clematis.

The composition for the garden using a dead tree

Make the brightness and originality of the tree to help hanging pots of flowers that can be purchased in gardening store or do it yourself

To make pots in each pot at a distance2-3 cm from the upper rim drilled hole 3 by placing them along the circumference of 120 degrees at a distance from each other. Through the hole stretch 3 identical cut aluminum wire or thick fishing line and fasten their sites so that they held the container. The free ends of the wire together and fix gather on a tree branch. The bottom of the container is lined with expanded clay. The capacitance of the soil mix, plant flowers: nasturtium, lobelia, pelargonium.

The farm buildings, converted with the help of imagination and mastery of original art objects, will adorn the site and proudly hosts.

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