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Mini-garden in a pot: the composition of tiny areas in an enclosed space

Mini-garden in a pot: the composition of tiny areas in an enclosed space

Which only tricks are not going tirelessgardeners, trying to bring to the area landscape new and original elements that will complement the unusual, able to transform the territory. The picturesque landscape in miniature garden or in a pot can become a spectacular decoration is not only a balcony or terrace, but every corner of the garden.


We form an idea of ​​the future composition

Create any composition, whether clearanceflower garden, vertical gardening items or mini-garden in a pot starts with an idea. This can be a miniature rock garden, made of small stones and tiny plants, a magical garden with bonsai or an oasis in the desert.

Variant design of miniature compositions

Subject composition may even resemble the lovely garden area, the addition of which serves a small pond

The basis can be taken as the small size of the plants that are already growing on the site or container, and blends in well with the existing buildings and small architectural forms.

Use decorative miniature gardens candifferently. They may make the central decoration of landscape design, occupying a place of honor in the front portion of the zone, or unobtrusive complement to the green compositions in the garden. Due to the small size of this element of the decor can be positioned almost anywhere in the garden: on the porch of the house, along the tracks, and near a small pond.

Thinking design decorative composition,it is desirable to determine in advance which will be placed a mini-garden, which side view, and whether it will in general be open for public viewing. Choosing a location for the composition, it should take into account the conditions for the cultivation of the main elements of landscaping, which are planning to fill your miniature garden.

The choice of location for placement of the composition

Ideal place to stay - a place protected from drafts and winds, but open sunlight. It is better if it is east or west side of the site

The main advantage of such a mini-garden in a potIt is its mobility: if he becomes accustomed to one place, it is always possible without too much trouble to move to a new. In winter, the pot enough to move plants planted in a windless place to hide a layer of snow or a nonwoven fabric.

Choose a container for a mini-garden

As a basis for the creation of the composition can serve as either a broad capacity of about 15 cm in height. The large horizontal space gives the opportunity to develop a more interesting "landscape".

Wide basis for arranging a mini-garden

The base may be an enameled bowl, tray, vase or any other container. For everything will suit even the old sink - the choice is limited only by the imagination of the author

Pots for mini-garden can be astraditional round or square shape, and original versions, through which you can get a very unusual layered composition. The only condition - pots must have drainage holes (a few small holes in the bottom of the container) needed to drain excess water. For holes with time is not clogged, carpet the bottom of the container a layer of gravel or pebbles, which will also provide additional drainage.

Wanting to make the container more attractive,outer walls can be oblitsevat. To do this it must first coat with a mixture of minced wall peat sifted sand and cement, taken in equal proportions and diluted with water to a pasty consistency. Do not wait until the solution hardens, the outer surface of the container to decorate decorations: small pebbles, colored tiles, shells and glass.

Flowers and ornamental elements

The variant of disposition of plants directly instone. For this perfect stone with a porous structure that can absorb enough moisture, which include tuff, shell or limestone. Soft rock these stones is suitable for processing: if necessary, they can always drill the holes and make a small "pockets" at the plant. For retention of moisture in the composition can add several "islands" of the sphagnum moss.

The composition of cacti

Choosing plants for the composition depends on the subject of mini-garden. For example: to create a rocky corner or alpine garden perfect composition of cacti

Ornamental varieties of succulents

By creating a miniature garden of stones better use of cacti and other succulents: rock rose, almaznik, sedum, Haworth

When selecting elements of landscaping should be borne in mind that plants have to grow the property. Therefore, for the design of miniature compositions is better to give preference for slow-growing varieties.

picky ground cover

Among the stones feel comfortable as gelksina, saxifrage, and pahifitum Gaster. The roots of these plants in search of moisture can penetrate any cracks of stones

Planning to issue mini-garden-style parklandscape, landscaping elements as better use of money tree, dwarf fig-trees and myrtle. These plants are attractive decorative form of the crown, which is necessary to maintain regularly topping and pruning. The mini-gardens, equipped outdoor areas, amazing look dwarf varieties of conifers: junipers, firs, cypresses.

Among small-leaved slow growing plantYou can also select Fitton, peperomiya and stonecrops. Beautiful garden complement can act ivy, graceful, flexible stems that will frame the composition and braid pot.

Flowering Plants for a mini-garden

Bring the brightest colors in the composition are capable ofFlowering plants: sinpolii, cyclamen, miniature roses and Streptocarpus. As flowering they can always be replaced with new varieties, which only come into bloom time

As decorative elements perfectlysuitable animal figurines, seashells and ceramic vessels. Decorative elements in the mini-garden-style landscape park may make furniture or dishes from the children's toy sets: lights, deck chairs and garden benches, miniature sculpture park.

The main stages of the resettlement garden

Creating a fertile bases

At the bottom of the pot pour the drainage layer of about 3-4 cm, in the role of which can act as expanded clay or gravel.

Pour in fertile soil

Filled with fertile soil pot consisting of coarse sand, turf land and peat in the ratio 2: 1: 1

To make the soil more friable in its compositionYou can make vermiculite. When planning to combine different plant species, it is desirable to ensure that there are "pockets" that are filled with soil, the most suitable for a particular sample. Distinguish "pockets" can use the "tracks" of stones or other decorative elements.

Council. Some gardeners between the drainage layer and the ground layer made of dry leaves and twigs, which at least peregnivaya, provide the additional power plants.

Fill the container with soil, not dosypaya 1,5-2 cm to the edge, slightly tamped earth and watered.

Planting plants

According to pre-thought-out plan, starting"Development of the territory." There are two possible landing of plants when they are planted in a container, or else placed in separate pots, dug into the ground. In the first method, the composition arrangement looks more holistically. The second option is good because it solves the problem of compatibility of plants in the same soil as well as gives an opportunity at any time to easily replace or remove the plant.

Plant landing technology

Planting plants without pots, to get them out of the "native" containers should be maximally careful not to damage the root system

The distance between plants mini garden

Rassazhivaya plants, it is necessary to maintain the distance between shoots, taking into account growth prospects. Foreground composition filled undersized varieties, rear - higher plants

In preparing the composition and selection of the successfulNeighbourhood should also take into account the agronomic characteristics of plants: some of them are sun-loving, others - shade-tolerant, the first love the abundance of water, the second - preferred watering as the land dries.

Making decorations

Once planted the plants, empty spacethe composition is to fall asleep fine gravel or pebbles lay. In addition to decorative functions, such coverage will keep moisture after watering, and will prevent the emergence of weeds.

The illusion of water from blue glass stones

Create the illusion of water will help the glass with a blue tint stones are placed in a small recess between the garden plants

Garden Decoration homemade fittings

The original complement of the composition will be a miniature swing and ladder, which perform no trouble from wooden bars and skewers

To complement the miniature garden pondjust select the appropriate vessel size low. It must be recessed into the soil, and then the bottom of the "pond" covered with shingle. The banks of the pond can be designed with decorative tiles, obsadit dwarf trees or ground cover plants such as: soleyroliya or nertera.

Miniature garden in a broken pot

One of the latest trends in fashion designPlant compositions - arrangement of miniature gardens in Chipped and broken pots with which craftsmen make different levels of original compositions

Caring for a mini-garden is only to maintain the desired humidity conditions and the removal of obsolete shoots and weeds.

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