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Decorative wood chips: garden decoration colored mulch

Decorative wood chips: garden decoration colored mulch

Mulching - one of the best agronomicways in which to protect the soil from waterlogging in the rainy season, or, conversely, excessive evaporation of moisture in dry weather. The owners of garden plots for these purposes often use straw, grass clippings, sawdust. Still, the most popular wood chips - soft and clean dumping, which in addition to the excellent quality characteristics, different decorative and therefore is widely used in landscape design.


Chips - not just an element of decoration area. The secret to the popularity of this sort of dumping is that it has a number of advantages, the main among which:

  • Environmentally friendly material. Wood serving basis for production of wood chips, does not have chemical impurities and completely harmless to plants and soil as well as human health.
  • Reliable protection of soil. Mulch helps protect the soil from rapidfluctuations in temperature, weathering and leaching of seasonal rains. Chips inhibits excessive evaporation of moisture, so in hot season the plants do not need so frequent watering.
  • Provide fresh air. The soil surface is canopied wood chips, does not settle and not to stone, while remaining soft and loose. Soil "breathes", creating optimal conditions for the development of the root system of plants.
  • Variety of colors. With a wide range of colors with the help of dumping can create impressive paintings, which are harmoniously combined with the herbal compositions accentuate the unique style of the site.

We should also provide an opportunity to updatewithout removing the base. Chips virtually no clogging and therefore does not need to remove the old layer of mulch for a new filling. To save the decorative dumping only once a year is enough to update the coverage, podsypaya new layer.

Garden Decoration wood chips

Decorative chips - versatile material that is used as backfill for decoration herbal compositions as professional designers and gardeners-amateurs

Technology of production of wood mulch

When manufacturing chips on an industrial scaleas starting material often act so-called waste wood species. This, in turn, promotes the treatment of wood without waste and in fact is ecological and besides favorable process.

Primary treatment is grinding onchipper, and then purification of the fines and screening of wood chips. Follow - represents grinding material to the desired size, and repeated screening. As a result of this two-step processing produces uniform quality raw materials, which can only be painted in the desired shade.

Production staining chip uses a special installation, referred to as "kolorayzer". Painted with the help of decorative wood chips has a uniform coloring and rich shades.

Raw materials for manufacture of mulch

The starting material for the manufacture of hardwood chips and appears less softwood

Put up wood chips

The colored and carefully packed the dried chips by a plastic bag and sent to the shopping centers

Made in the production of chips resistantaggressive action of the environment: it leaves no traces of paint on his hands, does not fade when wet. Chips maintains color saturation for 2-3 seasons, after which it decomposes naturally, becoming organic fertilizer.

Applications of bark and wood chips in landscape design

Wood chips, which was originally usedas a material for mulching, thanks to its decorative properties, is now widely used landscape design to decorate the site. After all, it is like a brush in the hands of the artist, is able to create a scenic area of ​​the painting: geometric compositions, undulating elements themed drawings.

Method # 1 - design of flower beds

Every beautiful flower garden needs a decent frame. Color dumping, skirting the vegetable composition, emphasize the beauty of flowering plants variegated colors.

Making chips vegetable compositions

With floral chip designers to successfully integrate disparate plant composition in a single tableau

Colorful decorative wood chips can act asas a link between the plants in the flower garden. Possessing a property to smooth or enhance color effect, it performs the function of a smooth transition from one color colorful flower in delicate shades of another.

Wood chips are equally beautiful looks likewhen you make rosaries, mixborders, conifers, and multi-tiered arrangement of vegetable compositions. Well proven and it is as a cover between the rows in the regeneration of decorative vegetable beds.

A neat flower garden, decorated with wood dumping

Any plant on a background of chopped wood chips or bark seem to be more accurately and expressively, making the appearance of the garden neat and attractive

Mulching the plants tree trunks circlesIt contributes to the emergence in the soil earthworms and beneficial micro-organisms, thus increasing their fertility. Wood dumping reduces the time spent on garden maintenance, significantly improves the appearance.

Method # 2 - improvement of playgrounds

In addition to the decorative qualities of wood chips beforeall safe for the health of the material. Wood dumping, created from soft natural rocks, will not cause any harm to the health of the child's body. That is why it is often used in the regeneration of playgrounds.

Decorating children's playground

With the help of color chips on the ground can put a picturesque pattern or quirky ornament that will become a bright ornament playground

Classy color rug will delight hislook around them and protected from abrasions, bruises and injuries of little fidgets during outdoor games. Because of the decorative wood chips is neither scratches or splinters.

Method # 3 - decoration garden paths

Chips - ideal technical material. Covered wood dumping garden paths retain attraction throughout the year. A running and walking on such coverage is incredibly nice even bare feet. The coating layer height of 5-6 centimeters is able to retain moisture well. Through this barrier does not burst forth no weeds.

Construction of garden paths

Even in rainy weather and muddy tracks stay clean, ensuring a comfortable environment to move around the site

In areas where wood chips contain the dog and does help to reduce the odor and to facilitate cleaning the territory.

Method # 4 - dumping as an alternative to lawn (video)

Separate production of decorative wood chips

Material for decorating a wide rangeIt represented in many garden centers. Variety of colors allows you to create dumping at the site iridescent paintings, executed in bright colors. Since the production of decorative wood chips - not so complicated process, making it the strength and with his own hands. What matters is that the source material was originally quality and the paint does not react actively on the water, remaining as bright even after getting wet during the rainy season.

we need to manufacture wood chips:

  • Hardwood;
  • Woodworking Machine;
  • An aqueous solution of caramel;
  • Broad capacity for dyeing;
  • The surface to dry wood chips.

Well, when there is an opportunity to grindwood for woodworking machines. The easiest way to do this - consult the factory for the production of wood products, or at the sawmill. This way you can solve two problems at once: to obtain a homogeneous material quality and save yourself the hassle of cleaning debris from a home workshop, which in fact is the shredded wood chips.

Production of chips using woodworking machine

If the household has a woodworking machine, can and do save, chop the wood yourself

For lack of wood the machine can do a garden shredder. However, it should be prepared for the fact that the crushed material will be somewhat uneven.

Instead of caramel for coloring convenient to useand conventional stain for wood surfaces. To paint the shredded wood chips, should be diluted in water, caramel solution, then immerse the chips to a wide capacity. For uniform staining the material must be constantly stirring the solution.

Some craftsmen to make wood chipsdesired shades use the means at hand. To get the natural wood dumping, but more saturated brown tones they use onion peel. Wishing to obtain material emerald green color is usually used Zelenka and purple and pink shades infused with the help of beet broth or potassium permanganate solution. However, it should be noted that these methods do not guarantee the quality of the staining of the finished material. Saturation of colors under the influence of sunlight and precipitation gradually fades by the end of the season by purchasing a faded look. The chips, painted in such a way has to be updated annually, podsypaya fresh layers.

Painted wood chips is only carefullydried, scattering on a level surface evenly. Applying color wood mulch can be quickly and inexpensively find original solutions, making the beauty of the landscape in the area.

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