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Clever tricks decoration old barrels at their summer cottage

Clever tricks decoration old barrels at their summer cottage

In the landscape of our gardeners transformed evenold, leaky barrels, becomes unusually beds and seats on the playgrounds. But even "healthy" drum set specifically for rainwater, not always fit into the landscape, especially if they are at every cornice and gutter. Then cottagers have to make sacrifices: a close eye on the unaesthetic "pictures" or remove the barrel away, depriving their beds reviver. But that's only the second option does not suit owners, on whose site there is no central water supply system or well. Only one thing: to decorate the barrel so that they become part of the landscape, not his "warts".


Methods of "dissolution" of barrels in the landscape

Before you choose a method of decoration barrels, it is necessaryconsider the overall design places where containers are installed. If there are broken flower gardens, you should look for design options that will be most harmonious and surrounded by flowers. If the container near a playground or recreation area - the decor may be completely different: bright, defiant, attracts attention.

Decor barrels for water

Even the most unprepossessing barrel can fit into the landscape, picking up the decor in keeping with the style and colors of the yard

Consider what options design drums well look in the beds area.

Decoration plants

To ugly metal drums are not rushedin the eyes of the easiest to "dissolve" in the landscape, making the most invisible. It is possible to dig a capacity of up to half of the soil, and to the top of the densely planted shrubs. They will create a green wall, hiding the old metal. But instillation container in the ground it is necessary to lower part of the roll up of several layers of the film so that moisture from the soil does not accelerate the corrosion of the walls.

Wrapping in moss

Original design options can bedecoration barrels moss. This requires a forest, well dried in the shade of moss and twine. Starting from the bottom of the moss layer is applied to the barrel and fixed twine. One such job is not to manage, since one person will hold the moss on the vessel wall, and the second to wrap twine around the circle.

Making the vine

Most often made of twigs of trees and other flexible weavedecorative fences or basket. But in this case it is possible to use a method for decorating drums. Hidden in a willow basket container will look impressive both in the background of flower beds and in the recreation area.

Shopping for barrels

Hidden inside a wicker basket barrel if dissolved in the general landscape, and most spectacularly the decor looks at sites in rustic style

Instructions for creating wicker boxes:

  1. In winter, in January, it is necessary to prepare the branches. Can willow, dogwood and other shrubs growing in your forests. Try to have time until February, so as not to weaken the tree pruning later.
  2. The lengths of the branches should be enough to braid your barrel (about 1.7-2 meters).
  3. For the base of the basket cut thick branches and smooth, with a diameter of 2-3 cm. To 1 barrel is enough 7-8 pieces. Their height must be greater than the tank height of 25-30 cm (to drive a branch in the ground).
  4. Fold the material harvested until spring under a canopy or in a cold storage room.
  5. When the soil is thawed, you can createdecor. For 2-3 days before you dropped all branches (except 8 thick) in a container of water, so that they fully immersed. Well soaked stalks bend and take the desired shape.
  6. Sharpen the knife 1 and the end of the reference branches will drive them into the ground in a circle so that fits inside the barrel. Those. bottom of the basket diameter to be larger than the diameter at the bottom of the barrel 10 cm.
  7. Capacity may already be inside (if bulky), or after it is inserted, when the finished weaving.
  8. Weave start from the back side, invisible to the eye. The ends of the thin twigs nailed to the supporting branches with small nails.
  9. weaving essence: it is necessary to pass a twig between each vertically driven into branches so that it passes the front, the rear pegs.
  10. To twigs got denser, rap them on top of a wooden mallet.

guidance camouflage

If the barrel is necessary to hide in the shortest possible time - Vykraste it in dark green or mottled (camouflage) color. On the background of such plants barrel is almost imperceptible.

Painting barrels for water

Sometimes it is enough to paint a barrel in shades of green foliage or camouflage - and it will be transformed into a trendy element of landscape design

Spectacular color ways barrels

It happens that the drums are in a place where there is nogreen areas, flower beds, and therefore immediately attract attention. In this case, it is necessary to transform the old container in a spectacular landscape element that complements the overall image.

In the area of ​​the playground

It is desirable in the children's area of ​​the barrels do notplace, for, filled with water, they are a danger to curious pranksters. Without fail such containers covered with dense covers that will not disrupt the child. Cut a round hole in the lid, so that while you are away rainwater dripped into the barrel. But in this case, the container must always be in the same place, just below the water draining from the drain.

Paint drums can be the most bright and cheerfulflowers. The easiest way to portray the funny little faces, covering the entire barrel of the same color on the background of painted eyes, nose and smile. Kids especially like the image of ladybirds, butterflies, frogs. If you cut a stencil (a lot of them on children's sites razukrashek section), you can print the entire sponge scenes from cartoons.

Funny pictures on the drums

Bright and provocative figure on a barrel to attract the attention of kids, so do not forget it as it should be strengthened and cover lid for safety

In the recreation area or patio

For adult recreation children's drawings on the caskssuitable. Too, they are absurd on the background of the barbecue, hammocks and outdoor furniture. In this area the best barrels paint cans with paint, creating for them a kind of graffiti. It just seems to be difficult to learn how to draw. In fact, everything depends on the technology and accuracy performance.

Here's how to make the barrel floral pattern. Buy a few cans of spray paint (the most reliable - for painting cars), rubber gloves and goggles to during staining tiny particles of paint from the wind does not hit in the eye. One canister should be at the maximum light paint (white, light blue and so on.). The garden narezyvayut branches of various sizes and species with a beautiful shape of the leaves.

Painting barrels

Look for trees and shrubs with a carved leaf shape, as it gives a beautiful pattern when painting and making a barrel this artistic masterpiece

Sandpaper or brush metal trimmed all corroded places on the barrel. Treat the entire surface of a rust inhibitor and allowed to dry.

The final step is carried out staining:

  • Barrels flip upside down and put on the elevation (a chair, a table, etc.).
  • Apply on the entire outer surface of the ink-container basis (the lightest), uniformly covering its walls.
  • When the paint dries, the top of it blown vertical stripes contrasting background.
  • Is applied to the wall of the branch and on top of it is applied to the darkest dye. It lies around the leaf contour, and in the middle will be the color lighter.
  • Thus decorate the entire outer surface of the container.
  • You can apply a layer of leaves, and it is possible to impose one on top of the next (when the first batch of dry patterns).
  • After drying the barrel inverted anda paint tested inner surface (about 20-30 cm from the edge). Then his eyes would not throw the old metal, which reduces the visual impact of the image.

Besides vegetable pattern, barrels can be arranged graffiti, wise sayings, printing out each word on a printer and cut out the letters to get the stencil.

Staining barrels

Multilayer composition look richer, but to create them takes more time, as each layer of paint should be allowed to dry

Floral decoration barrel

You can create on the surface of the barrel of the landscape any time of year, if will pick the right colors: for summer - green, for autumn - yellow and so on.

Luxury decor options

If the terrain near the house built solid, withsculptures, fountains, and other attributes, then painted barrel will look a little bit poor. Here it is necessary to use materials that are already found in the decoration of the territory. For example, the capacity to impose stone, pebbles or mosaics. Only when using a mosaic of small stones or pick the right glue mixture. It must be frost-proof and suitable for metal (if metal barrel). Good reviews got truckers and liquid nails. In other conventional technology, as in any laying tile decoration.

Beautiful decor barrels

Some vacationers are so cleverly hidden under the barrel wall mosaics or assembly foam, the product acquires the features of antique and expensive things

From the barrel can make a great pedestal forgarden sculpture, covering the upper part of the lid, trimmed in half. That's enough to put a gnome or a frog, and will be opening for water stack. The main decorative material is polyurethane foam. From it, you can blow any shape of the pedestal: like coasters and columns, with the expansion of the bottom or the top. It all depends on your imagination.

The main points of registration:

  1. For strong coupling with the metal mesh-wrap the barrel serpyanku, and already on it blow the foam.
  2. To make the expansion, adhere to the barrel plastic bottle and secure with duct tape on top of thin sheet of insulation, such as izolona.
  3. The foam is applied to one layer on top of serpyanku izolona and uniformly covering the barrel.
  4. Wait for 4-5 days to dry completely.
  5. Excess cut.
  6. Promazyvayut pedestal ready primer, and over - paint for exterior use.

If at least one of our ideas awakened in youimagination - try to restore your old barrels. You will see how spectacular element may be an old container, while maintaining the basic function of collecting water.

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