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Waterfall in the country with their own hands - a step by step example of the construction of

Waterfall in the country with their own hands - a step by step example of the construction of

Creation of ponds, fountains and waterfallsown garden - fashion trend in landscape design. With a small body of water any garden will be transformed, it is one of the best places on a hot day, when the water is fresh and cool. The pond will be much more picturesque, if it will fall a stream of water from man-made waterfall. Waterfall in the country with their own hands, you can do this yourself, it requires some building skills, correct calculations and the presence of the creative imagination. If you have a site already has a pond, a waterfall will be easier to make. If the reservoir is not present, you need to find a place for it - the presence of a waterfall always presupposes the presence of at least a very small pond, where the water will drain.


Step 1 - Select the shape and design of the depth

Form pond, which will fall out of the waterman-made waterfall, can be arbitrary. If you like crisp geometric forms in architecture garden pond can be round or rectangular. If you prefer a more natural shape, the contours of the cup may be of any shape, but not too difficult to make it convenient to carry out the construction work.

The pond can be shallow, unless you planmake it fish and underwater plants. If you want to please you with a pond underwater flora and fauna, its depth should be at least m and better and deeper, to the fish and the plants were able to spend the winter, not froze.

Step 2 - excavation

You have decided on the size and shape of the bowl nowneeded for the intended circuit to drive the pegs and pull the rope. Earth, formed in the process, should be cleaned of rocks, roots and other debris. Fold the ground in a separate place, it is useful in the regeneration of the waterfall and the pond. Earth with the bowl walls will crumble, it is inevitable. Therefore, they need to be periodically humidify and ram. When the pit is ready, on the bottom pour a layer of sand (10-12 cm), and tamp it thoroughly.

Pit for the correct oval pond

Pit for the correct oval pond walls and bottom well rammed. The depth of a little more than one meter will allow it breeds fish and aquatic

Step 3 - waterproofing work on the pond

This is an important milestone, made from quality waterproofing depends on how long an ornamental waterfall garden.

To make better use of waterproofing filmPVC - it is long-lasting and durable. And if you choose a butyl rubber, a pond with a waterfall can last several decades. Waterproofing layer lining the trench so that a substantial portion of the material (at least 1.5 meters) located above the excavation, so that the film can be well fixed.

If you choose a waterproofing membrane, the water for the winter will need to pull - when freezing liquid volume will increase and damage the waterproofing layer.

A layer of waterproofing membrane

A layer of waterproofing membrane above the surface for a long distance, it will ensure it properly secured to the film is not slid into the pond, it is fixed with stones

Finishing pond

Just over a layer of waterproofing the shore of the pond with stone, held together by a concrete solution. It turns out quite nice, but the way this finish - a simple and practical

The most practical option - concrete waterproofingpond. First, the bottom of the pit lined with durable polyethylene film, the film is placed over the wire frame, covering the walls and the bottom of the future of the pond. Concrete will first need to fill in the bottom layer of reinforcing in the concrete bottom of the frame. When the bottom about a day will fall asleep, poured walls.

Plastic cup

To create a pond, you can use ready-made plastic cup. It is convenient to attach, waterproofing layer here you do not need, and clean this pond will be convenient and easy

Stage 4 - the creation of a waterfall

There are two possibilities:

  • Waterfall in the garden using the formulation. It can be bought in a specialty store. This can be a beautiful vessel or sculpture.
  • Large cascading waterfall. If you decide to do the design, youIt requires natural stone. Sandstone for this purpose - the most comfortable material, but you can use and small boulders. To water stream flowed evenly and smoothly, it is necessary to use flat stones to cascade.

If you want to get strong, smashingat the bottom of the rocks flow in the upper tier miss flow between the stones that fit snugly to each other, and the lower tier of the place at a distance to the water stream could be broken and foaming. Thanks to the rocks with a rough surface waterfall can be converted into several separate jets.

Selected stones stacked properly, masonry is sealed with cement mortar.

Waterfall pitcher

To create this small waterfall is usedspecial pitcher. The vessel can choose any size, it can be a sculpture, and any other you liked the song, which you can buy in the store

Cascade sandstone

When registering and creating a cascade waterfall sandstone used. This is a simple design, where the flat stones laid out in several layers, and the water flows into a waterfall stream with no barriers

Step 5 - the selection and installation of the pump

If the height of the waterfall is not more than one and a half meters(This option is preferable, because of the waterfall so easy to care), you will be enough power 70 W pump. At higher stage and require a more powerful pump. Try to choose a pump with a flow control function, then the power of the jet can be adjusted as desired.

Driving pond with waterfall

This diagram shows the location of the pump supplying water to the cascade

The pump will pump water to the top of the waterfall atHose care. Pump design is better to hide under stones, to all its parts, cables and hoses out of sight. The hose that connects to the water ejecting orifice in the pump design extends to the top of the cascade, the second hose retracting water remains on the bottom of the pond.

Step 6 - decoration design

The most pleasant phase of work - decoratingwaterfall. Artificial waterfalls in the country - this is the main decoration of your garden, the best place in the summer heat, so the shore of a small pond should be attractive and beautiful. For registration shores used rocks, plants and garden decor. Here it is useful to you and the earth, which was formed in the process of digging the pit.

Framing can be done off the coast of sandstone orrounded boulders, stones alternate, making both sides of the masonry stage like a sandstone ledges, so she held back splashes. Good stuff for the decor side of the pond - pebbles.

pond Decoration

For the decoration of the pond with a waterfall usedgravel, boulders, pebbles and alpine mountain plants. In your garden, you may receive a cozy area with a gravel garden and pond. Pebbles and gravel do not give much to grow the plants, the area around the reservoir will always look neat

The pond will be especially beautiful if you usesome aquatic plants. The artificial pond is well take root Potbelly yellow, lilies (nymphs), Piste telorezovidnaya. Flowering plants in the water will make your pond with a waterfall in a fabulously beautiful area, plus they purify water.

Along the shores of the pond will always be wet, sothere will be good to grow any flowers. If your pond with a waterfall is clearly visible from only one side of the garden, the plants need to be planted on the opposite side. If it is easily visible from anywhere, you can most of the shores left open, and the plants planted in groups.

Pond with bombarded with gravel beaches

Good will look pond bombarded with gravel banks against the background of which will be allocated for its greenery and flowers plants

At the pond with waterfall can arrange cornerholiday - put the garden bench, which can be positioned over a pergola. At the water will be good to grow a rose bush which can be used for decoration pergolas. Typically, the water area is a favorite place for all family members. For children, there can be arranged garden sculptures in the form of gnomes, funny animals.

Illumination of luminous stones can be positioned off the coast, at the bottom, highlight the stage, and the lanterns in the form of wonderful shining colors to let float on the surface.

The pond at night

Just a few colored glowing stones arranged under water - and your pond with a waterfall at night becomes a mysterious beautiful area

Garden waterfalls with their own hands to create a pleasant,and relax near the pond in the summer heat, or night, in the shade and cool, doubly enjoyable. It is necessary to think about the design of your evening a pond with a waterfall. In the evening and night time, or floating lanterns glowing stones will make your pond fantastic.

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