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How to make a good shovel for snow removal: for the manufacture of guidance

How to make a good shovel for snow removal: for the manufacture of guidance

Vacation Ownership, coated with a layer of white fluffySnow - a truly fantastic picture, which you can enjoy for hours, sitting by the window with a cup of tea. But sometimes you have to go out, but not for aesthetic reflection, and for the purpose of cleaning the snow deposits with garden paths and a parking lot. Stretch your muscles and clear the area to help shovel for snow removal - a primitive weapon, but very useful.


Step shovel manufacturing technology

Purchased products are good: strong, beautiful light. But why not make a shovel for snow with their hands? Almost all of the tools and materials can be found right at the cottage, and only 2-3 hours required to work. The result is a savings in time and money, but most importantly - the satisfaction of their own labor.

Wooden shovel

The advantages of a wooden shovel to the face: it is light compared to metal, quite durable, and most importantly - suitable for independent production

Step I - Preparation stage

The basis will be a regular piece of plywood. Its dimensions may be different if the shovel is designed for an adult - suitable square 50x50 cm for baby tool enough 30x30 cm plywood element is fixed on the segment boards cut from the workpiece, which is equal to the width of shovel length (respectively, 50 cm or 30 cm). . To handle necessary rake or a thin long bar (about 2 m).

In addition to the basic materials required finemetal plate fasteners - ordinary nails. As you can see, it's all simple things that anyone can find in the household. Special tools are not needed, required sawing (Jigsaw), planer, sandpaper, hammer, pliers.

Place of work

Place of work depends on the weather. On a good day you can sit on the street, sticking around the house carpenter's table. The bad weather will suit any household building

Step II - Production of the end part

Take raw cut and saw off the boardParts needed for the manufacture of so-called end - a basis for fixing a plywood sheet. Planer whittle the workpiece from all sides, so that it becomes smooth. Pencil plot the contours of the future parts - spend an arc on one side, the other is a straight line. The width of the middle - 8 cm, the edge - 5 cm.

Making end

Measure twice, cut once - this proverb can be very useful. For exact calculation it is necessary to use the line, square and pencil

Remove the extra wood and get ready to face.


For the treatment of wood in addition to hand tools you can use and Electric: increased efficiency, and the quality is getting better

Step III - Processing cutting

Pre-need to determine what formIt will handle the product, because the snow shovel can be found round and rectangular cuttings. We will produce a pen with a rectangular cross section, but for the convenience of the edges slightly rounded.

From the length of the relevant edging boards or railsScrollsaw to start a two-meter section of a width of about 4.5 cm Make sure that the timber does not contain knots -. it is critical, weaknesses, which at the first load of fractures. It does not matter if the entire length of a small skew (difference in width) - it does not affect the strength and ease of cutting.


If part of the shovels shovels attached to the cuttings at a right angle, it will be easier to operate. For snow removal this tool require much less power

If a side has a crust, remove it, thenpare down the workpiece, leaving but slightly rounded edges. Finally oshkurivaem stalk, giving it smoothness. Untreated parts should not be, because they can be hurt hands.

Step IV - Sawing opening

To stem is firmly fixed in the front part,you need to saw an opening. It is exactly in the middle parts, and cutting the width corresponds to the width (or diameter) of the cutting. We obtain careful when opening a jigsaw to saw, and then use a chisel.

The depth of the opening to different sides should be different: 4 cm and 4.5 cm. Polsantimetra goes to bevel that provides a perfect fit of the cutting. The angle scoop portion is totally dependent on this bevel, it may be different - depending on the growth of human and its manner of operation with a shovel. The difference in half a centimeter is very convenient for most people, so you can on it and stop.

Sawing opening

Wood - a soft and malleable material, so you need to work with it carefully. One imprecise movement - and the workpiece will be defective

The following chart, which line is necessarycut off the stalk. For this handy square. Carefully cut the unnecessary length, it should be just around the corner cutting - bevel on the handle should coincide with the opening. We connect the two parts, checking the work.

Step V - Building a shovel

All parts are prepared, can be taken as an assembly shovel snow. A piece of plywood nailed to the end part. It takes just three nails, one nail down the middle, two - on the edges.

Assembling shovel

Before connecting the plywood and the end of the need to find the middle of the two parts and the first nail nailed right in the center, and then the other two - the edges

You can use the same trick that will keep the plywood from splitting. Sharp bites of the nails, and the blunt end does not push fiber plywood, but simply burst them.

The reverse side of a shovel

All parts of the product must fit tightly to each other, or in the gaps and crevices snow will fall. Dampness quickly ruin the wood

Take a tape measure and look forward mounting locationcutting to the plywood. Hammering nails note space on the back side of the scoop, and then nailed to the plywood handle. This is a crucial moment, as the inaccurate marking of the cutting face abnormalities. Work so hard instrument - snow shovel will always lean to one side.

Step VI - Upholstery metal strips

To give the strength you need to shovel itstrengthened with metal strips. Ideal galvanized iron, the remainder of the repair of the roof. In his absence amiss ordinary tin cans of canned food.


Cans for work can always be found in the holiday refrigerator or cellar. For cutting the banks need to strip tin snips

For the manufacture of the lower edge of the cut the ribbonlength slightly more than the width of the shovel - 55-60 cm Width -.. 6 cm Bend cut piece in half lengthwise and get the edge that you need to put shovels in the bottom part and secure. To the metal tightly to the plywood, customize it with a few blows of a hammer.


When working with metal strips in order to prevent injury should wear work gloves, are also suitable canvas gloves or gardening gloves

Speakers at the sides pieces of metal buckle,then fix the edge of three nails. Nails must penetrate through plywood, spare parts Bends. Similarly, the metal studs strip end portion. Then the screws fasten the stalk in the center of the plywood, and the connection with the reverse side strengthen small piece of metal.

Protect end

In the process, it is advisable to apply the screws with an electric drill. The work will go much faster, and the holes for the screws to maintain the integrity of wood

Shovel-ready, and do not have a question, how to make a spare shovel or make a small shovel for the child.

Storage shovel

Keep wooden shovel should be in a warm room, but away from heating devices - suitable porch or hallway. When stored properly, the tool will last for more than 5 seasons


If the cottage is seen as a place of relaxation anddifficulties with materials and tools, you can buy ready-made shovel in the store. There are plenty of options for products - metal, plastic, wood.

For large areas, electric snow tools are suitable: the performance of the above, but definitely needs a power source.

In order to clear the path to the gate, quite small spade of durable plastic - it will last for many years.

Shovels made of plastic

Shovels made of plastic and aluminum, valued for their low weight - and this is important for snow removal, which is itself hard on yourself. The cost of plastic shovels - from 850 to 1500 rubles

Wooden shovels choose creative people who own "modify" them - give a beautiful view. Cloth items can be colored paint - get exclusive model in the folk style.

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