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How to choose a garden sprayer: what models are and what better to buy?

How to choose a garden sprayer: what models are and what better to buy?

Only healthy plants can reallydacha decorate and bring a good harvest. Experienced gardeners know that to cope with pests is very difficult without the use of special tools. For the processing of fruit trees and shrubs, berries and other plants grown at the site, use garden sprayers. This equipment facilitates the application of pesticides and biological preparations, destroying harmful microorganisms. Also, they can use during the foliar application, spraying of fertilizers and bio-stimulants prepared, including, and with his own hands. Manufacturers produce different models of sprinklers, among which you can choose the most suitable option, taking into account the area of ​​a garden plot and the number of plants in need of treatment. Equally important are other specifications sprayers that have a direct impact on the functionality and ease of use of this type of garden equipment.


In this video you can get acquainted with the main types of sprayers and see how they differ from each other:

Hand sprayers models: simple and cheap

For treating plants and vegetables grown ingreenhouse and small flower beds, one or two of fruit trees suitable hand sprayer. This simple device is a small plastic container with lid with pump action pump built into it. The pump is required to manually pump the desired level inside the tank pressure, which occurs under the action of spraying the liquid solution after the special button or lever provided on the handle.

Hand model garden sprayers easilyheld in the hand, since their amount is not more than two liters. You can purchase device, whose volume is 1 liter or 500 ml. All models are equipped with manual sprayers filter prevents nozzle clogging, a safety valve, allowing to lower excess air. Marked on the container makes it easy to scale the solution flow control process. fluid flow is controlled by tip-nozzle, through which you can organize a finely dispersed spray or directed to treatment facility powerful solution jet.

Important! The value of products affect brand reputation. Garden sprayers Sadko, produced in Slovenia, is several times cheaper than similar products made by the German company Gardena.

Hand model garden sprayers

Hand model garden sprayers are equipped with small containers for volume, allowing to handle chemical and biological preparations small garden plots

Pump action model sprayers Shoulder

For the treatment of large areasplantations should buy garden sprayer pump action, the capacity of which ranges from 3 to 12 liters. To facilitate the carrying of device on a site of territory, the manufacturer supplies the data model with special straps. Pomp pump integrated in the lid of the sprayer, to create a pressure on the container equal to 3-4 atmospheres. The design of the equipment provides for a five-foot hose, which is attached to the handle bar and with a nozzle-tip. rod length may be between 1 and 3 meters.

Pump action on the belt garden sprayers

Pump action garden sprayer on a belt, facilitating their portability during the processing of plants grown at their summer cottage

The process of spraying a liquid regulated buttonor a lever placed on the handle. In some models the fixed position of the button, which allows to spray formulations for a long time. When the pressure drops in the air pumping capacity produced by the pump. Then proceed to the further atomization of the prepared solution. Pump action sprayers with 12-liter containers are popular among gardeners, as they allow for time to process up to 30 hectare land. When choosing a pump garden sprayer should pay attention to the products of the Polish manufacturer Marolex (Maroleks).

Design features backpack garden sprayers

The treatment areas to 50 hectare area betterconduct a knapsack sprayer garden, the scope of which can reach up to 20 liters. Also, manufacturers produce models with capacities of 12, 15, 18 liters. The main difference between this type of spray equipment, a method for pressurization. Achieving a desired pressure value is not in a chemicals tank and into the pump chamber. Because of this design feature increases the safety of operation of the plant, since the possibility of a rupture will not get pesticides on human camera from high blood pressure, is engaged in processing plants.

Knapsack sprayers model garden

Knapsack Sprayers reliable modelare fixed on the back of the operator conducting the processing area suburban area. The left hand is pressurized in the apparatus, and his right hand held boom spray

Knapsack sprayers models have wideStraps allow to carry them behind his back, like a backpack. To reliably fix the position the product behind the operator has provided and a seat belt is attached to the bottom of the case. This strap makes the machine move to the side and slide down, pressing on the shoulders of the man.

On the side of the sprayer is a handle thatIt allows to pressurize the pump chamber. In operation one hand of the operator involved in pressurizing the apparatus, and the second - directs a spray bar on the treated objects. Some models can be adapted for right-handers and left-handers, moving the handle in a convenient way.

Important! Cheaper total cost to the buyer knapsack sprayer Sadko (Slovenia). Further, the cost is the Chinese model of Grinda. 12-liter backpack sprayer German type Gardena Comfort Backpack Sprayer twice as much as the Chinese counterpart and the functions virtually identical.

Sprays on batteries: Silent treatment

If you have finance experts recommendget a knapsack battery sprayer, which frees the operator from the need for manual pressurization. During this process corresponds to the drive, which is powered by the battery. The operator is able to direct the bar with both hands, which is much more convenient and easier. Charging the battery by connecting to a conventional power supply (220V).

Models of electric sprayers differfrom each other, not only the volume of the tank and its ergonomic shape and duration of work without recharging. For example, the Italian 15-liter electric knapsack sprayer Stocker is able to work without any additional charge for 8 hours. This is important if the processing is carried away from the energy source. No noise is another undeniable advantage of this type of dispensers.

Model silent garden sprayer

Model silent garden sprayer with rechargeable battery to the equipment work for a few hours without recharging

Motorized sprayers for farm

Farmers engaged in crop production in majorscale, fit, motorized sprayers, carried behind the back or carried on wheels. This type of spray is powered by gasoline engines, the power ranging from 2 to 5 horsepower. The more powerful the engine, the further and higher jet ejected solution. Among the sprayer with petrol engines can find models that work not only in liquid preparations but also with powder. The process of spraying fertilizers or pesticides are automated, so the person does not have to put a lot of effort when working with this garden equipment.

Garden sprayers with gasoline engines

Garden knapsack sprayers with gasoline engines of various capacities provide spraying disinfecting solution at a distance of 8-12 meters

Instructions for selecting a particular model

When choosing a garden sprayer, note the following points:

  • hull material of manufacture, nozzles, rods;
  • quality of connections of parts and components;
  • Model grade additional nozzles;
  • availability of instruction in Russian;
  • brand awareness;
  • reliability of fastening belts;
  • maintainability;
  • availability of spare parts and consumables to the model purchased;
  • warranty period, subject to the availability of territorial service centers.

Do not forget to try on in the store sprayerto ensure that the model is easy to operate. Check the operation of all the details, paying special attention to the correct functioning of the safety valve.

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