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How to build a cottage woodsheds: Erect buildings for storage of firewood

How to build a cottage woodsheds: Erect buildings for storage of firewood

Woodsheds the country seeks to build anyzealous owner. Without it, can not do, if you have a fireplace and you like to stay at the cottage cool evenings, warming his warmth and looking at the fire. If the country has a stove, furnace heating, and a grill and barbecue always need firewood. But the firewood needs a comfortable home, so they are not damp, and were scattered in different parts of the yard. Woodsheds - not only necessary household building, if it looks aesthetically pleasing, it is decorated with the territory. And make beautiful woodsheds own hands quite possible, as you will see in the course of the article.


What are all woodsheds?

To begin with, that the size of woodsheds and its appearance is directly dependent on the amount of wood that you can use during the season.

The easiest option - to shed a little bit raised above the ground floor and three walls. Such a construction can be placed in the yard alone, or make an addition to the barn, the house.

Woodsheds of logs

Mighty strong woodsheds-overhang of logs can build if you have a strong timber for construction. The roof in this woodsheds simple - Slate laid directly on the joists

Woodsheds may also be part of the barn, if you contemplate it in terms of construction. It can also be a structure resembling a gazebo with a door or without door.


This woodsheds, and a shed for storing tools, practical structure with a gable roof and a window, the presence of which ensures constant ventilation

What materials are best to use for construction?

Most often, for the construction of woodshedsused wood (walls, floor), the roof is best done from a more practical material - easy to use polycarbonate, slate, decking. If indoors, the wood must be well ventilated. Polycarbonate - a relatively new and comfortable material for the outbuildings. Can it be used for the walls, in this case, you will need to leave gaps to ventilated wood.

And forged products always look rich andbeautiful. Woodsheds - is no exception. Forged house for firewood can be purchased ready-made or make to order. Forged woodsheds usually small, so that it can be delivered in a convenient location - on the street or in the house near the fireplace.

Forged woodsheds

Beautiful forged woodsheds with a roof made of polycarbonate. The design is quite large, plenty of room for the seasonal supply of wood, and its aesthetics makes woodsheds attractive target in the area

Options for building their own woodsheds

Freestanding design

Build a better woodsheds on a smallelevation, in a dry shaded place. it is important to maintain the quality of the wood, so that they are well purged direct sunlight only hurt them. Decide on the size - how much wood you are going to store whether woodsheds intended for storing other equipment. We start with a skeleton construction. If you are using for the construction shown in the drawing woodsheds project, you will get a shed to store firewood, where to put other things and utensils.

woodsheds project

Sample project woodsheds-barn, where you can place and garden tools, firewood, and other utensils dacha

Construction stages:

  1. First-Ground poles (they can be made of metal or wood). Poles should fill up with gravel or concrete fill, well compacted.
  2. Paul woodsheds must rise above ground level not less than 10 cm. Logs and roofing material stacked on bricks.
  3. Nailed boards and ready to frame sheathe alsoboards. Between the boards should be left gaps to provide ventilation firewood. Nailed boards can be parallel to each other, or staggered.
  4. Roof at woodsheds pent, the edge has to act on a solid distance (30 cm) in order to protect the wood from rain and snow.
  5. Working with wood, do not forget about her treatment by special agents from moisture, mildew, insects and rot.

As already mentioned, it may be very woodshedsaesthetic construction. In order to give it an attractive look, using varnishes and paint, garden decoration (carving, coloring, different figures). Remarkably will look design for storage of firewood, garden braided vines.

Frame woodsheds

Frame woodsheds - all open wall construction, which provides good ventilation firewood, raised above the ground floor keeps the bottom layer of wood from moisture

Woodsheds the wall of the shed or house

Now look at how to buildwoodsheds-extension to the barn or the house. In this case, the wall will act as insulation. This is a positive point, but the disadvantage is that the water will flow over the walls, dripping from the roof. So think over this nuance, that rain and melt water does not spoil the wood.

As in the previous embodiment, firstchoose a location. If we arrange the construction at the southern wall, the tree becomes loose under the influence of direct sunlight, and will burn quickly, so it is best to position woodsheds the north wall to the wood is well ventilated.

Construction phases coincide with the above for separately-standing building.

If you have woodsheds materials - slate,boards, it is possible to calculate the size of the size material. Firewood in it need to be laid so that the wood is naturally dried and stacked logs rows held each other.

Woodsheds on the veranda

In this case, woodsheds is part of the veranda - wood protected from the rain, well ventilated, masonry takes a lot of space

Note! Some owners believe that a floor in woodsheds do not necessarily, and make a mistake. Paul, of course, can not do, but the natural air flow in the structure without a floor will not be available random moisture will accumulate at the bottom, and the bottom layer of the wood is damp. Sex in woodsheds can perestelit and every 15 years, but the wood you will always be dry.

Frame woodsheds - the most functionaldesign, lightweight, provide good air flow. Produvaemost and coolness in this design allows you to quickly go moisture accumulated inside the tree and keeps its quality.

Alternatively, one can not completely on three sideswoodsheds sheathing, and one or two walls to sew up a wooden lattice. This house will resemble a wood gazebo, if your area has other buildings in this style, it will complement a single architectural ensemble. If you live in the country and in the cold time of the year to protect the wood from the snow can make wooden shutters.

Building a budget woodsheds

Let us consider another option - as we doI woodshed at the lowest cost. I must say that the cheapest option - a wooden frame and metal trim, but it is impractical - the metal sheets are not conducive to good ventilation, creating a greenhouse effect. It is better to spend a little more money and do shed entirely of wood. As in previous embodiments, a pair of walls can be left open, in a wooden casing it is necessary to do the ventilation gaps.

Stages of work:

  1. Digged in the ground beams for the frame, fill them with concrete, well rammed. The frame to be processed by means of moisture.
  2. Making the rafters of the boards, and process themmoisture-resistant compound. Practical roofing work, if you use a layer of roofing material and the overlapping sheets of slate put on him. Slate should protrude by 20 cm at the edges of the walls. After the construction of the house and outbuildings there is always something left - can be used ondulin and metal roofing. For fixing Ondulina and slate recommended to use nails with wide hats.
  3. To create a floor laid at a certain interval from each other brick, roofing material and put the logs. To make good use of the floor boards, tightly packed together.
  4. To be more rigid construction can be made by bracing the side walls.
  5. From the roof woodsheds will drain the water, so it is possible to arrange for removal of the drainage ditch.
  6. Woodsheds can be painted to match the rest of the buildings on the site, or varnish, preserving the color of the wood.

What else can be used as woodsheds?

If there is no desire and time to build woodsheds own hands, you can use the design for other purposes, which are great for storing firewood:

  • woodsheds can be done using the storage structure for movement of goods - they can be folded into a cube - and woodsheds ready, it only need to be covered with roofing material on top or oilcloth;
  • woodsheds can be converted under the old rabbitry, is enough to remove the grid, doors that form the front part of the structure, and can be folded inside the wood.
Woodsheds of pallets

Warehouse pallets quite suitable for creating woodsheds. We stack them one on one, top sheltering slates or oilcloth - and one of the easiest woodsheds ready

Woodsheds of rabbitry

Good woodsheds obtained from rabbitry after removal of the front wall. If you or a neighbor have unwanted old rabbit hutches, use this option

Special difficulties in creating woodsheds should arise, spending a bit of effort, you will provide a safe place to store firewood in their area.

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