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Personal example of the construction of the frame country house: from the foundation to the roof

Personal example of the construction of the frame country house: from the foundation to the roof

Beginner summer resident, just who buysland, have to think about the construction of a small house. The choice of building materials is made taking into account the financial resources available to the developer. Low-budget projects are built on frame technology, borrowed from Western Russians builders. Additional savings can be achieved if the carcass to build a country house with their own hands with the assistance of one or two assistants to the daily wage payment. The technology of building houses and attracted more speed assembly facilities. In just a few weeks, you can build an object, and after the completion of finishing works begin to exploit it. Construction of walls, lightened by the use of modern heaters do not require a device powerful foundation. Multi-layer construction of the walls, floor and floor decks to hide utilities.


Let's take the example of a two-story frame houseconsider the main stages of its construction with their own hands. Object sizes are 5 to 10 meters. The thickness of the insulation to be placed in the wooden frame of the cell is equal to 15 cm.

Step # 1 - the device of the future house foundation

On the strip foundation was a plotthe previous structure, the dimensions of which were 5 to 7 meters. In order to save materials developer decided to use the existing foundation, increasing the area of ​​the house by installing three brick pillars. The result was a combination of the foundation structure having 5 meters in width and 10 meters in length.

Important! When using the old foundation is recommended to release him on the perimeter of the ground half a meter deep. Apply to wall modern waterproofing compounds, as well as to protect them from the ravages of moisture and temperature changes gidrostekloizolom. Then okolofundamentnoe space covered with sand, tamped, and the top is filled with previously excavated soil.

The fertile layer of land located in the zonefoundation device is completely eliminated for the intended use at their summer cottage. Instead, the layer is filled with sand which has good drainage properties. For the construction of the basement floors in the basement and make air holes drilled from 9 to 18 holes, which are necessary to contain the anchors with pins. After completion of all preparatory work surface of the basement waterproofing mixture is processed, applied in several layers. On top of the foundation is laid and gidrostekloizol film to prevent moisture from penetrating into the base, laid out in the course of further work in brick. Bottom section height of 1 m.

The device foundation frame holiday home

The device foundation frame holiday home on the basis of the old strip foundation and additionally lined with brick pillars covered with waterproofing

Step # 2 - installation of a ground slab

Operation Installation basement floors"Platform" is carried out according to the technology. On the strip foundation laid board 50-ku and timber 10? 15 cm. To secure the brick pillars on the two boards together. For fastening wooden parts used studs mounted in advance for this purpose. In order to stiffen the structure ground floors need to install two more timber in the center of the house. Thus, binding height of 15 cm.

Over the strapping placed and fixed boardKi-50, maintaining a distance therebetween of 60 cm. The bottom of the floor structure blister packed using the 25 mm thick board. The resulting cells are filled with foam, packed in two layers and a thickness of 5 to 10 cm., And slots between the foam boards is filled with foam, and then arrange the top boards of overlap (50? 300 mm).

Mounting base for the construction of the platform

Mounting base for the construction of the platform is made of timber, using anchors with pins set forth in the foundation of the house

Laying slabs of foam for thermal insulation of the floor frame house

Laying foam plates for thermal insulation of the floor frame house accompanied by mandatory foaming tile joints and cracks, which are between the material and lags

Step # 3 - the construction of pillars and walls

The assembly is made on the horizontal wallsurface mounted floor frame house. Then, the modules are fixed to the bottom plate, made of timber. The length of the first floor was 290 cm uprights considering mounting a 45-centimeter crossbar. The height of the ceiling of the first floor rooms -. 245 cm The second floor is built a little lower, and therefore taken rack length 260 cm Installation studs alone is very difficult to carry out, so to do the work involved Assistant.. For the week carry out installation angle and intermediate racks both floors, all floors and beams.

Important! Connecting the corner posts with top and bottom strapping produced by means of studs 5h5h5 see, as well as metal connectors: staples, plates, angles, etc. Make sure that within a wall surface corner and intermediate posts are in the same plane.. Compliance with this requirement will facilitate the further installation of cladding, both internal and external.

Mounting frame walls two-storey holiday home

Mounting frame walls two-storey holiday home is done by installing racks, strengthening their position with the help of slope and horizontal crossbars

The distance between adjacent frame strutsIt depends on the width of insulation chosen for placement in the piers. The account of this requirement will save the developer from having to cut the insulation, which affect not only the speed of execution of this phase of work, but also on the thermal insulation of the object as a whole. For any additional seams increase heat loss. In this project the rack set at a distance of 60 cm from each other.

Step # 4 - carcass reinforcement and assembling crossbars

Wall frameworks need to be strengthened, heldvia mounting struts and braces. The role of these elements is large, since they impart rigidity spatial frame houses. Frontal notching used in conjunction with posts and struts strapping bars. Notching poluskovorodnem used when attaching braces. Although this operation can be carried out by means of nails and bolts. Within the walls of a frame house should be installed at least two struts. More of these parts is taken in the event that excessive demands imposed force erected frame rigidity. The final rigidity of the frame design will give:

  • overlap;
  • internal partitions;
  • The outer and inner lining.

Through the construction of a country house in twofloor with the need to mount a large area of ​​overlap, you need to take care of crossbars device. Thanks crossbars possible to provide strength and rigidity lag laid on the second floor, as well as eliminate the possibility of sag throughout the lifetime of the structure. At this object bolt constructed layers, each of which consists of three 50-mm boards to length, fastened to the sides 25mm boards launched at an angle of 45 degrees and directed in opposite directions. The design gives a very robust and reliable.

Support bolt in the frame structure

Support bolt in the frame structure. Rigel is needed for laying the second floor of the lag involved in the installation of durable floors

Installation of horizontal crossbars produce overboxes, windows and doors, thereby to limit the height of the frame ground. These elements, along with their main function are additional amplifiers in the power circuit of the wooden frame. For each window opening must be installed on two pins, and for doorways - one by one.

Step # 5 - installation of roof system for roofs

The construction of the roof is carried out according to the drawing,developed by the developer in advance. Drawing allows you to make an exact calculation of the necessary materials for the installation of the roof truss system, as well as the materials going to the device roofing pie (rough coating, vapor barrier, insulation, surface finish, etc..). Installation of the roof, consisting of four ramps extending at an angle of 45 degrees, two people can do in a week. The height of the roof of the attic ceiling is 150 cm. Rough coat bevel is made of 25 mm boards. Then the coating is fixed to the Draft insulation ICOPAL, and in some places it is replaced by a conventional roofing felt nailed to the ground with nails (40 mm).

Installing roof system

Installing roof system for the type of roof covering and laying of rough edged boards having a thickness of 25 mm

It is recommended to purchase roofing Finnish production, which is only slightly more expensive than domestic counterparts, but is lighter and stronger at the break.

Step # 6 - cladding of external walls frame

All racks of a skeleton on the outside clapboard"Dyuymovka", whose thickness is 25 mm and width 100 mm. In this part of the skin is attached to the frame at an angle, making home construction even stronger. If the developer is not short of money, it is better to produce lining of cement chipboard (DSP) or other board materials. When working in cold weather it is recommended roof and window openings to tighten the plastic wrap until the installation of glass flooring and roofing finish.

Installation of the outer skin

Installation of the exterior skin start from the front side of the house, then move on to the sides and finish work on the rear wall, economically spending timber

Step # 7 - roofing and siding installation

Cover the roof of a two-story frame houseflexible shingles «Tegola Alaska." When working as an employee is engaged. On the whole roof area of ​​the house 5 by 10 meters must be 29 packs of the soft roof. Each pack is designed to cover 2.57 square meters of roof. Two of the workers under the force put on the day before the six packs of the soft roof.

Laying soft roof and gutter system installation

Laying soft roof with shingles Tegola. Installing gutter system to collect and drain rainwater

For the external cladding homessold siding, released by Mitten. With the help of artfully combined colors Ivory and Gold manages to give an unusual design dacha two-story house. Siding Mitten Gold is used to finish the four corners of the house, and the walls under the windows. As a result, unable to get an interesting picture, which gives an unusual and stylish look around the construction. Facing carried out in several steps:

  • before installing siding house "wrapped" windscreen "Izospan";
  • then packed crate, using 50h75 boards (pitch - 37 cm, thickness ventilation gap - 5 cm);
  • the corners are fixed size 50h150 mm;
  • It held immediately after fixing the siding in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Installation of the external cladding of the house siding

Installation of the external cladding of the house siding is made within a few days by two workers using metal round, store-bought or rented

Step # 8 - laying insulation and trim

Wall insulation two-story frame houseIt carried inside with padding polyester mats and rolls of the brand "Shelter Ekostroy". The web material without unnecessary joints between the frame includes struts to which it is attached staple gun. Insulation is recommended to record the details of the frame to ensure that the material is not settled in the period of operation at home. For insulation attic floor used ecowool different from other types of insulation enhanced sound quality.

For the inner liner wooden frameacquire stable planks that are nailed to the posts with nails so as to obtain a flat surface of the wall. Never allow the presence of gaps between the casing parts, otherwise the walls will be purged. Next to the wall mounted flat sheets of drywall, which hang wallpaper. You can replace the drywall wood-fiber plates or other sheet materials.

Laying insulation in the wooden frame of the cell

Laying the selected heater in a wooden frame of the cell is made inside the building, while the joints are glued sinteponovye plates scotch building

List of consumables and instruments

During the construction of the frame of the country house, the following tools:

  • Circular Saw Hitachi 7MFA;
  • Saw "alligator" PEL-1400;
  • Bort plane 82;
  • building level;
  • screwdriver;
  • Hammer et al.

From the materials used timber, Edged board,decking, gipsorkarton, insulation, fasteners:. nails, screws, metal connectors, etc. The window openings are inserted windows company Rehau. All wooden parts are treated with antiseptic "Snezh BIO". During the construction of this object requires scaffolding, as well as the purchase of metal tours.

Erection of scaffolding

Construction scaffolding - supporting facilities necessary for installation of the roof, windshield, crates and other works carried out at height

Knowing how difficult it is to build a country house with theirhands, you can make a conscious decision to start work. Perhaps, in your case it is easier to find a team of builders who know about the construction of frame houses is not hearsay.

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