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What can we build a house: an overview 3 variants of children's play houses

What can we build a house: an overview 3 variants of children's play houses

Remember your childhood. Remember how you played into adulthood, where you definitely had his own house? Suppose that in fact it was only a small space under the table, curtained from all over the world the old veil. It seems that all this happened so recently. And how many years have passed since then! Now you already have their own children, who are also dreaming about their individual tiny corner. Make it a pleasant prepare to build for their children's wooden house with his own hands. Try to do this work together. After all, common causes and interests and help bring together in dialogue.


Option # 1 - a house for young children

The house that we are going to build,It must be extremely easy. It is important. Make it beautiful inside and out is possible if to show imagination, to work not only with his hands, and head. In short, your child, and you have a front joint work. For the kid is really going to be a great rehearsal for adult life.

Children playhouses

Children love to play into adulthood. For this purpose, they just need to have their own space, which they might be equipped to your liking, to settle to their toys

Determine the need for materials

If the child is from 2 to 6 years,the large house he did not need. We have to build a building with modest dimensions, having at the base 1,7h1,7 square meters and about 2.5 meters in height.

The need for such materials:

  • Particleboard 2h1,7 m - 4 sheets;
  • For walls and roof need 13 bars length of 2.5 meters and a cross section of 2.5 × 2.5 cm. Of the 13, only 8 and bars need to sharpen one end;
  • To take the floor supports 8 bars 35 cm long and 2.5 cm section of 2.5x;
  • To seal the horizontal floor boards require 4 2 meters long, a section 15H5 cm;
  • Lay the floor boards will be (13 pieces) in 2-meter-long section 15H5 and see;
  • we plywood and any roofing material Cover the roof;
  • From consumables need screws, metal corners, paint and brush.

All that you need to prepare before you start so that there is at hand. Let the baby from childhood learns to work organized and smoothly.

building materials

Building materials for small children's house should be prepared before the start of construction. Make a drawing for it is not necessary: ​​it is very simple and easy construction

We select and mark up the place, do flooring

Yes, the child wants to have its own area for games, butcompletely lose sight of him at that age is simply dangerous. You never know what can happen to the baby? Therefore, to build a children's play house in the country should be in a location that this structure was clearly visible from the kitchen window, for example. So mom, cooking dinner, will be able to look after the youngest member of the family.

Small house

That is such a small house is enough to make a child happy. Approximately the building and we offer you to build for children aged 2 to 6 years

We have to do the layout. Take the pegs and strings, mark up the site, which is the size of 2x2 meters. The selected area should be well compacted and the surface to make it smooth. In the corners of the resulting site dig pits 20 cm deep. Put them in the boards so that the 15 cm they were above the ground.

Exactly the same needs to be done to deepenthe middle of each of the four sides of the platform. They just put the beams and strengthen them. The construction and use solution is small in this case is optional. We get eight towers: one in the four corners of the platform, and one on each of the four sides.

Once again, we measure out the height of the supports using Othmer. On how smooth floor will house the foundation depends on the quality of the entire building. Distortions us to anything. It supports four nailed boards so that the open top box left. For him and the board will be stacked tightly to one another. Boards attach screws and get ready for the deck floor.

Reason for house

It should be particularly attentive to the initial phase of the work, because the distortions at first can negate all the efforts of the builder

Build a wall construction

all four of us need to wallingsheet particleboard (chipboard) and 8 bars with pointed ends. Each sheet of chipboard on both sides is necessary to attach the beam by screws. This blunt-ended beams must be flush with the top edge of the chipboard, and pointed will be performing on two feet. Each sheet of chipboard with two bars on the sides forms one wall of the house. Let the end wall is hollow, and the one that is located in front of her, it is possible to cut the door. Side walls can be done with windows. Two or one window will be in your house, you decide.

The shape of openings for windows and doors, chooseindependently. But it is better to look in the children's books and make choices, guided by images. Kids love fairy tales, house let the child looks the most fabulous. The house should be a lot of sun, but also the shade on a hot day, too, do not forget. Have ready a sledgehammer wall mounted so that the surface of the particle board is flat against the floor flooring. Do not forget to check the vertical orientation of the walls. Between a wall is necessary to fasten using screws and parts. Slots in the building should not be!

To construct a reliable roof

The roof of the house can be high or sloping. It all depends on exactly how you imagine this building. We will do this: take 4 beams, the edges are not sharp, and cut off the ends of them at 45 degrees. Scrapie by two boards together with screws so that the internal angle between them is 90 degrees. Both angular design are part of the base of the roof. Inside each of the corners to be fasten metal corners on the screws.

The construction of the roof

It does not matter if there was no plywood sector. For crates can be used thin slats, the remnants of laminates and similar materials

One of the corner structures must be appliedthe front wall of the house. To close the space between the roof and the wall of the house, it is necessary to outline a triangle. He cut out a hacksaw. Similarly we proceed with the construction of the wall opposite. Now you can seal the roof support between a cross beam. Ready frame remains attached to the wall with metal corners.

To cover the roof, plywood required. If it is not, you can take advantage of all that remains of the building and repair of the house. Suit, for example, reechki, laminate, etc. As a roofing material can also be used Ondulina remnants, colored Slate, trapezoidal sheet or tile. Even better if they are multi-colored pieces of the same kind of roofing material. Get real "gingerbread house". There were finishing work and painting. Such a play house with their own hands can be built in one day. And it does not require special skills of the builder.

brim roof

The construction of the children's house should be taken seriously. If you manage to correctly perform all phases of work, you and large objects will be on the shoulder

Option # 2 - a house for older children

Older children must be not only a place forGames, need more and all sorts of devices and structures with which you can play. It will tell you how to build a more sophisticated children's home for children over 6 years, this video.

Option # 3 - two-storey house of reeds and willows

House can be built for children from differentscrap materials. In this case, the builders have an opportunity to use for these purposes willow trees, thickets of which are exempt local pond and cane harvested in advance. The trunks of felled trees can be used for the construction of the first floor of the house. For this purpose, they were cut into 15 cm long churbachki.

Ground floor willow lodge

old beams were used for the frame10x10 cm, which made the first floor of a geometrically accurate. Because it is the basis of the construction, such an option can be considered optimal. Fix the frame of the window of the future and begin to lay lumps on cement. For the solution needed sand (1 part), clay (2 parts), cement (1 part). Water is added so that the mass to be not liquid, and elastic.

Masonry of churbachkov

Laying should be done carefully. For this purpose, the solution was not fluid and elastic consistency. All gaps between the chocks must be carefully fill

To frame and masonry churbachkov receivedstrong coupling, we use the nails (20cm). They must be in pairs to drive in the frame structure, alternating them every 2-3 rows. For the doorway put another timber. Make sure that all gaps between the chocks on both sides of the walls were completely filled with a solution. The walls are ready.

Strengthening nails

To frame and brickwork are securely fastened to each other, it is possible not only to use nails, but also long metal pins

Now we prepare to build the floor. This requires churbachki 10 cm long. Inside the building take out soil 15 cm deep. On pour five centimeters at the bottom of the formed pit sand. In a very tight, carefully choosing, put chocks. With the wide board and hammer ramming them.

Construction of the floor

The construction of the floor made of wooden churbachkov - not easy, but the result is worth the effort. After all, your children will play house

Sand fall asleep available slots, whereuponshould sprinkle the floor with water under pressure to the sand filled the gap and firmly fixed churbachki. Cracks should be filled with a solution of sand and cement. We leave the floor to dry, after which it must be well rinsed to wood color back.

Second floor willow lodge

If the ground floor the wood was cut down tostart of sap flow, then to the second floor need willow when sokogonnym in them is already underway. It is such a timber can be easily released from the cortex. Attach the logs to the frame must be by means of two hundred nails. Between themselves, they too should shoot down in the densest areas. Do not forget about the door and window openings. To make a hipped roof, need four flat logs from which to build rafters. Along the edges of the house beat, and at the intersection of fixed screws.

Second floor

The trunks of willow during sokogonnym very easily cleaned from the cortex. That such peeled branches and trunks, and it will be built second floor

Reed roofing take young. It must grow in the spring and harvested in the winter it should be. Mowing reeds better at a time when little snow, and shore and surface water body are covered with ice. Spit On ice slides, so the reeds will be cut smoothly and look neat.

When laying a roof of reeds fix it bytightening screws of the two rails. First, put the crate in the rafters, at her stele reeds so thick as planned. Then, on top of a cane laid rail and tightens her crate with long screws. In the same way we proceed with all sides of the roof. The top is crowned with a cap construction, which is pressed by a wire to the rafters.

The roof of reeds

Here is the hipped roof covered with reeds. If done slowly, the result of the work will please all

The frame can be coated with water-based paint. Hammocks are attached to a specially dug a big log. However, you can also use an old tree whose trunk is still quite reliable. Details how to make a wooden children's lodge of the materials, that are all around us, tell the video.

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