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How to make a wooden ladder in summer house or gazebo: a step by step instruction

How to make a wooden ladder in summer house or gazebo: a step by step instruction

House in the country can be a single-storey or have 2-3floor - there is much determined by the financial situation of the owners. Usually, if enough resources, people prefer to build a two-storey house - usable space out more, on a plot of space it takes up as much as one-story building, and or a little more. Construction of any two-storey house will not do without a ladder. Wood - one of the most suitable materials for its manufacture. Stairs made of wood suitable for any interior decoration and it will. Wooden stairs to testify today are available in specialized firms or make your own.


Structural variations of stairs

The main types of ladders - this is, of course, the marchand revolving. Straight stairs - is marching design, assemble their easiest, but they take up a lot of space, so this option is more suitable for larger homes.


Stairway to the risers and funrailing made of beams, mesh and metal bars. Side supports little used, their lack of use of offset grid. Hall first floor space, the use of a stairway is quite appropriate

Swivel ladder is compact, it can bescrew and march. Installing the stairs to save space, particularly screw design, but a minus is that they do the most difficult.

Spiral staircase

Spiral staircases look much more original sustainers, this staircase itself - the central part of the interior but for its production need to involve specialists

The main stages of the ladder structures

Step # 1 - The choice of a suitable material

It begins work on the creation of stairs sincematerial selection. Pine, beech, birch, ash, oak - wood, which are suitable for this best of all - they look beautiful in the interior and durable in operation. Oak staircase - the most expensive and durable, but the pine - a relatively inexpensive material with good characteristics.

Step # 2 - settlement and preparation of the drawings

Before you start designing, you will needcalculate the dimensions of the stairs and make her drawing. Home can make string saddle staircase with risers, balusters and handrails. We look at how to build stairs without turning to odnomarshevym rise.

First, you need to prepare the site for installation. If we neglect this moment, a ladder may be installed incorrectly, will creak with time gaps. Irregularities of the floor and walls entail an incorrect load distribution, resulting in deformation of the structure.

Knowing the basic rules you need to make the necessary calculations. The ideal angle of the march lift equals 45 degrees, but if space is not enough, it can be reduced up to 30-40 degrees.

The circuit construction of a stairway

The circuit construction of a wooden stairway with risers. A simple design can be used indoors and outdoors in the construction of the porch

Then you need to calculate the length of the ladder. Here it is necessary to remember high-school geometry. You will be a formula for calculating the hypotenuse of a right triangle: c = v (a2 + b2). Here with - is the length of the side bases, and - the height from the floor to the second floor, b is the distance between the point where you plan to place the first step to the level of the second floor, which will need to be projected on the floor.

Depending on the height and the internal deviceHousing ladder can be odnomarshevoy or half-pace. The height of the risers is 290 mm. The width of the steps - not more than 25 cm and 3 cm out to the ledge. If the level gets high, or the number of steps in a march of more than 18, you can make a small area (700 / 1000mm). The width of the march should be at least 80cm, ideally it should be a meter.

According to the established norms of the railing height - from 90 cm to a meter. Work will be much easier if all the necessary calculations you specify in the drawing of future steps.

Step # 3 - Preparation of tools and organization of work

Tools and materials that will be needed toD: meter, pencil marking, hammer, square, to mark stringers, hacksaw, boards stages, risers, stringers, screws, nails, timber for handrails and balusters.

Initially manufactured base side. Measure out a corner abutting to the floor from the lower edge of the board, draw a horizontal line. From a square line breadth and height for each step to the top, then measure out the angle fit to the 2nd base. Similarly, do the layout of the second board. Hacksaw cut out patterns, fix in the right place with screws.

The next stage - sawing and nailing risers to the ground. They must adhere to the stringers without distortions, perfectly straight. Once the foundation is finished, it can be assembled step.

Installation of wooden steps

Steps can be made from one piece or use two narrow planks in width and 15 cm What you choose -. Your work, but the tree should lie firmly, exactly. Boards are fixed with screws and nails

Step # 4 (optional) - the unit of handrails and fences

Railing - an important part of any stairs, they dosafe ascent and descent, and perform a decorative function, giving the completeness of the ladder structure. Simple option that will look good - from a bar railing. Scrollsaw meter balusters. Two baluster legs are straight, others need to file and shorten 5-10 cm at an angle of 45 degrees. Side supports are nailed to the steps, they can saw through the grooves. Top timber is placed that performs the function of the handrail.

Options stairs to testify

Options stairs to testify: 1 - march to the risers, 2 - without risers, 3 - swivel design, 4 - light wooden staircase, 5 - light spiral staircase made of wood and metal, 6 - Spiral staircase with steps along the support pillar

If you want to create an original staircase,railings can be made of other material - to order the wooden stairs wrought iron railings, metal or tempered glass. Attractive view of the staircase give and carved details.

Turning staircase made of wood and metal

Turning staircase made of wood and metal. Wrought iron railings and metal supports are perfectly combined with wooden steps

with stairs

A stairway with a small playground. The site will be useful when a large number of steps. Stairs without risers classic looks easier. The design looks aesthetically pleasing, despite the simplicity

Stairs can be without a handrail, but this is uncommon - for a ladder is dangerous to walk the children to wear up bulky items.

Open staircase

If you wish, you can make the stairs without railings -for example, how this staircase-wardrobe where podlestnichnoe space is used for the benefit of business - in this kind of cabinet can accommodate dishes and other small items and a whole design looks very original

Here is a simple ladder will, iffollow these instructions. The design is ready, and if you cover it with varnish, choose decor skillfully, then it will look attractive and aesthetically pleasing, despite its simplicity.

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