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How to make a tandoor in his country house: brick, wood or plastic barrels

How to make a tandoor in his country house: brick, wood or plastic barrels

Staying in the country - is the unity with nature. I want to cook on the fire, sit around the fire, listening to the rustling twilight. For cooking on the fire are most often used grill or barbecue, and we offer you to make your own hands tandoor. What it is? This eastern oven-roaster, which allows you to cook a lot of delicious dishes that are otherwise impossible to cook. Samsa, pita bread, meat, oriental - all this can be done in the tandoor. And the meat turns out very tasty, because it is suspended in a horizontal position, as a result of fat does not drip on the coals, and runs down the pieces of meat, making it juicy and tender.

Skewers in tandoor

Skewers in tandoor get much tastier because of the vertically arranged skewers. On the grill meat need to be watered marinade or sprinkle water, and here it turns out tender and juicy

It is very interesting, in the opinion of Europeans, in the tandoor prepared cakes and samsa - they are attached directly to the walls of the oven and baked in this way.

Oriental cakes and samosas in the tandoor

Oriental cakes and baked in the tandoor samsa, sticky to the furnace wall. Such a special taste of bread. Having at tandoor, you can oven samsa, pitas and tasty cakes


The traditional form of such a furnace - round. It may be located above ground and underground. Today Tandoor brick building many gardeners, make it not too difficult, but the oriental cuisine takes a lot of fun and family members, and guests.

In the East tandoor can be placed in the house, it is set in the center of the room to warm the air in the room during the cold season.

Option # 1 - brick manufacturing tandoor

Small tandoor can be done on a platform with wheels, you can carry it to any garden space.

Ready tandoor

Tandoor can buy and if resources permit. Here's a tandoor ready platform on wheels can be installed anywhere in the garden or in the house

If the oven is fixed, it is better positioned on stony or sandy soil, away from buildings and green spaces. Land tandyr should be dry.

How to make a tandoor? For the construction can be used blocks of stone, ceramic, clay brick or white firebrick. Initially, the foundation is laid. Tandoor brick is quite heavy, so the foundation must be solid. The base of the furnace like the foundation, which is an opening, where the fuel is laid.

You can build a tandoor right on the ground, in thisunder the base case, you need to dig a hole in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 120-130 cm. At the bottom fall asleep sand (layer of 15-20 cm), and begin to spread the brick pit.


Base under the tandoor - a sand cushion is placed on the bottom of the base area vogrug also is filled with sand. At the bottom of the grille is conveniently positioned beneath the coals

As a solution, you can use masonryready mix furnace. It consists of the plasticizer, red clay and quartz. Laying can be both horizontal and vertical, in the first case, the oven will retain heat longer, the second is more economical - bricks will need much less.

Vertical clutch

Tandoor, lined with vertical masonry chimney to remove gases. Material for making such a furnace consumes less

The horizontal masonry

Brick tandoor, laid horizontal masonry - thickness of the wall more, so long as it keeps the heat inside. In any tandoor bottom hole should be located for the flue gases

To visualize the future dimensions of the furnace, at the beginning you can do poryadovkoy - masonry without mortar. With brick working grinder with a cutting diamond wheel ceramics.


Poryadovkoy done to visualize how it will look your tandoor. After such calculations, you can start working with the solution. Tandoor may be constructed on the ground or on the basis of a brick

Making circular masonry is not easy, drawing helps you in life-size, made using a protractor and a compass, not the least important is the ability to handle the grinder.

Driving manufacturing tandoor

The scheme demonstrates the devicebrick tandoor. furnace manufacturing Features may vary, but the basic principle is always the same facilities - a base with an opening for fuel and housing, round off upwards

The pattern of bricks - the basis for the formation of the circle. Do not spare the solution at a laying, and use the level to check the horizontal position.

Building pattern

Eastern craftsmen used a similar pattern for the manufacture of tandoor. Laying bricks according to a pattern, the stove will gradually acquire a rounded tapered shape up

Tandoor narrowed upwards - this is done,so that the heat is retained inside. To achieve this effect, the bottom layer bricks need to cut, when laying form will resemble arch. After the masonry is ready, clean the oven interior space of the solution should be. The dried clay we use to fill the outside seams. The inner surface is also coated with clay, which is mixed with melkonarublennoy grass.

When the oven is dry, its heat their firstpaper, and then the firing temperature rises. This is the easiest way to make a tandoor, but if you want to refine, design can be coated with clay. In the east, the furnace is decorated with mosaic tiles, sandstone, ceramics.

Video demonstrates how to make bricks tandoor using a template:

Option # 2 - tandoor of wooden barrels

Of course, brick tandoor - the most durable and practical, but you can use other ways that we tell today. It requires skill to work with clay.

We need to find a small barrel with ill-fitting hoops. Barrel inside impregnated with refined sunflower oil to impregnate leave it overnight.

Then prepare a solution - for woolreinforcement (length 15 cm), fireclay clay, fireclay sand. The ratio, respectively - 0.05 - 1 - 2. Making a thick solution and vyleplivaem on the inner surface of the barrel of the furnace body (thickness - 20-30 cm). The solution was smoothed and dried week using incandescent lamps. Then hoops can be removed and disassembled barrel. After that, the product is subjected to a secondary firing.

Option # 3 - roaster using plastic barrels

You will need a plastic barrel classicform. Fill it with water, after filling the barrel slightly increases in size, its outer surface is coated with a solution of fireclay, it is compacted, smoothed, until they formed the furnace circuit. The product is dried as a week, and then the water should be drained. Barrel will be less, and it can be removed from the new tandoor.

On top of the furnace can be set and kettle for cooking pilaf and other dishes, but it is necessary to adjust the crown of the scope of the cauldron, the crown daubed clay.

Mounts skewers

The construction of the furnace - the highlight, but you alsoIt needs to make metal fittings for shapmura. For example - here are three brackets with a metal hoop in the center. The easiest option - to use a solid rod, placing it along the rim, and attached to it a skewer

Tandoor with decor

If you have the skills of pottery, tandoor can be made even and the decoration on the site. For example, to create here is a "house" for the preparation of delicious oriental dishes

We have seen several simple waystandoor manufacturing in the country. This is the most simple answers to the question, how can you do with your hands tandoor. More sophisticated options offer manufacturing design resembling Russian stove, but it's cumbersome structure and to build it is quite troublesome and difficult, and simple tandoor is quite suitable for cottages and dishes it out very tasty, try it and you will see for yourself.

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